Faculty Innovator: Kent Edmonds6th December 2019

By Steven Krolak (NEW ALBANY, Ind.)—It’s urinalysis day in the Physiology 215 Lab, taught by Professor of Biology Dr. Kent Edmonds. Over the course of the two-hour lab, students consume specified amounts of water, saline and bicarbonate solutions, and then, every half hour, collect their own personal urine specimen in the nearby restroom. They subject …

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Dr. Suparna Mukhopadhyay is 2019 Faculty Innovator of the Year29th April 2019

Dr. Suparna Mukhopadhyay, lecturer in biology, has been recognized as 2019 Faculty Innovator of the Year by the Institute of Learning and Teaching Excellence (ILTE). “Dr. M,” as she is known to her students, was chosen from among a field of eight colleagues from across the disciplines, each of whom was the subject of an …

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Faculty Innovator: Linda Christiansen11th February 2019

By Steven Krolak (NEW ALBANY, Ind.)—In 2001, when employees of the firm Arthur Andersen were found guilty of obstruction justice after shredding financial documents implicating them and their client, Enron, in possible federal crimes, several business students at IU Southeast reached out to Linda Christiansen. “You are clairvoyant!” they said, more or less in unison. …


Faculty Innovator: Gary Pinkston12th December 2018

Gary Pinkston Associate Professor of Education School of Education               By Steven Krolak (NEW ALBANY, Ind.)—Gary Pinkston, associate professor of education and educational technology instructor, asked a volunteer to grip his arm, as the class looked on. The volunteer gripped hard. Pinkston tried to free himself by pulling back, …

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Faculty Innovator: Yunmi Choi21st November 2018

Yunmi Choi Assistant Professor of Strategic Communication School of Arts and Letters               By Steven Krolak (NEW ALBANY, Ind.)—Yunmi Choi, assistant professor of strategic communication, can explain why classic rock is used in beer and truck commercials during football games. It’s because of the reminiscence bump, an advertising term …

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Faculty Innovator: John Ross7th September 2018

John Ross Assistant Professor of Management School of Business               By Steven Krolak When it comes to classroom innovation, John Ross has a simple mantra: “It’s fun to do different.” As assistant professor of management in the School of Business, Ross teaches small business management, organizational behavior and leadership. …


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