IU Southeast Ranks Highly in State For Mathematics Teacher Licenses

4th June 2024
A male mathematics professor in a dark suit instructs students with two female students to his side.
IU Southeast Professor of Secondary Mathematics Education Alan Zollman instructs students.

IU Southeast is one of the leading universities in the state for mathematics teacher education. Data from the Indiana Department of Education shows that IU Southeast ranked fourth highest in the total number of mathematics teacher licenses earned during the past two years compared to all 46 colleges and universities in the state.

IU Southeast had more mathematics teacher education graduates during the past two years than any other IU campus, with 29 students qualifying for licenses. IUS Professor of Secondary Mathematics Education Alan Zollman says the university has a student-centered focus that prioritizes the needs and well-being of its students, creating a supportive and compassionate learning environment.

Zollman also credited quality instruction for the university’s success in the mathematics teacher education program, saying undergraduates at IUS benefit from excellent and caring professors, ensuring a strong educational foundation.

“Mathematics education students receive dedicated instruction from both university mathematics and education professors, as well as public school teachers, emphasizing practical, student-focused training,” said Zollman.

Flexible class schedules have also contributed to IU Southeast’s success in the program, with classes offered in the evening or in a hybrid format to accommodate students who work during the day. Zollman says students at IUS are dedicated and hard-working, which contributes to a positive educational setting.

IU Southeast’s commitment to mathematics teacher education program extends to the graduate level as well. The university offers a practical and efficient program for post-baccalaureate students seeking mathematics teaching credentials, supported by empathetic secondary education professors.

Zollman says a key factor in the success of IU Southeast’s mathematics teacher education program is the financial support provided by the Indiana Commission for Higher Education for math and science education students that makes education more accessible.

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