Senior Spotlight – Alizae Claxton

24th April 2024
Alizae Clayton stands in McCullough Plaza on the IU Southeast campus in her graduation regalia.
Alizae Claxton

Hometown:  Corydon, Indiana                                                           

Major: Psychology                             

During your time at IUS, what activities and student organizations were you involved?  

21st Century Scholars, Psychology (4 years)  

Why did you choose IU Southeast?                                     

I chose IU Southeast because of the opportunities within the campus. I have made so many connections since attending IU Southeast. 

How has IUS helped you to succeed in obtaining your degree?  

IUS has set me up for success. There are many reasons as to why, some of them being the constant support IU offers. Such as free counseling, tutoring, always providing someone or something to help you.

Did you face any challenges during your college journey and how did IUS help you through this time? 

Covid was really hard for me, especially coming into a college and the world shutting down. I struggle with anxiety and I overcame it by listening to others who also struggled and connecting with one another.

What is one thing you are most proud of during your time at IUS?  

I am most proud that I took chances and went for opportunities whenever I got the chance. 

Is there a faculty or staff member who has made a difference in  your journey and why?  

Dr. Adams and Dr. Manson have helped me a lot by just supporting me and showing up 

What are your plans after graduation? 

I have accepted a position at a company where we will use applied behavioral analysis therapy to help children succeed and empower them to be true to themselves. 

Thinking back to your first-year at IUS, what advice would you give yourself? 

I would tell myself to slow down. I know everyone says that and  you think that it isn’t true but it is. I don’t feel like I’ve spent four years studying and  taking tests even though I have worked my butt off, but it goes fast. Slow down, take it all in, you’re doing great.

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