IU Southeast pre-med students have hands-on learning opportunity

21st February 2024
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New Albany, Ind. – IU Southeast pre-med students are getting an inside look at what it’s like to be a physician. 

Chief Medical Officer for Baptist Health Floyd Richard Phillips recently spoke on campus to pre-med students about a doctor’s daily life and about the hospital’s PreMed Academy.

Dr. Phillips shared his experiences about the day-to-day life of a physician and the importance of not only academic preparation for students, but also the self-care needed to develop the stamina needed for work in the healthcare field.

Dr. Richard Phillips, wearing a suit with an orange striped tie, talks with three male IU Southeast pre-med students.
Dr. Richard Phillips speaks with IU Southeast pre-med students.

“College can be tough,” said Phillips. “And for those who are interested in careers in healthcare there can be intense academic pressure. For that reason, it is so important that these students take the time to eat properly, rest and exercise. Before one can be a caretaker, (s)he has to take care of himself/herself.” 

Dr. Phillips believes it’s important to reach out to IU Southeast students who are preparing for a medical career.

“I view IU Southeast and its students as our neighbors, and the best way to foster those communal ties is by reaching out. I hope to establish closer ties between the university and the hospital,” said Phillips.

Dr. Phillips also shared information about the PreMed Academy offered by Baptist Health Floyd. The summer program offers hands-on experience for students studying to be doctors. IU Southeast student Alex Settles has participated in the academy.

 “The program has allowed me to meet physicians who have been great mentors throughout my experience,” said Settles. “They allow us to shadow them because they want to teach and inspire the next generation. Moving forward in my education, it is encouraging to know that I have physicians who want to see me succeed.” 

IU Southeast pre-med student Wade Elliott also found the program valuable.

“I was able to look at patient care from the physician’s perspective,” said Elliott. “This consolidated rotation allowed me to look at what actually is involved with being a physician in their respective settings.”

Dr. Phillips considers IU Southeast students as an important aspect of the PreMed Academy.

“IU Southeast is our local university and there is an inherent kinship I feel for the students who choose to study there,” said Phillips. “For those students interested in careers in medicine, the PreMed Academy serves as an excellent opportunity to get real life exposure to life as a physician.”

Baptist Health Floyd Senior Manager for Physician Recruiting Amy Popp-Katter says IU Southeast students have done well in the PreMed Academy.

“Baptist Health Floyd enjoys partnering with Indiana University Southeast faculty and students,” said Popp-Katter. “The IUS students that have rotated in previous PreMed Academy years have been professional, well-educated, kind and eager. We look forward to the continued relationships that we build with the school, students, and staff.”

Interested students can apply to the program with a recommendation from a professor.

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