Reflections of the MLK Day of Service

19th January 2024

By Olivia Bruce

Indiana University 2030 Strategic Plan icon for service to the state and beyond, showing an outline of the state of Indiana.

New Albany, IN — I chose to volunteer for MLK Day of Service because I wanted to actively serve and give back to my community and others. Volunteering is a way to advocate for what Martin Luther King Jr. believed in. I loved being able to connect with others while making a positive impact. No matter who you are, what you look like, or what your beliefs are you can help make a difference in others’ lives for the better, that is why I choose to volunteer.

On MLK Day of Service, our group cleaned and organized the IU Southeats Food Pantry. Our tasks included cleaning and drying totes, sweeping the floor, and wiping down shelves,
refrigerators, freezer, and can organizers. We also organized and restocked food and other
essential products within the pantry.

Dr. Karen Richie and Chancellor Ford join student volunteers who cleaned and restocked the main Southeats Food Pantry on MLK Day.
Olivia Bruce

Olivia Bruce is a junior from Hanover, Indiana, majoring in General Studies- Mathematics and Science. In addition to her studies she works on campus as a Senior Student Ambassador, Head Orientation Leader, Student Liaison, and Resident Assistant. Activities include PEER Mentor, Phi Sigma Sigma and Campus Activities Board (CAB)

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