Campus Inclement Weather Notification Policy

5th January 2024

With the arrival of colder weather, the IU Southeast administration reminds every one of the procedures for in-person class changes and delays due to inclement weather.

The decision to delay or cancel classes is taken very seriously. The decision is made only after reviewing weather forecasts, checking with local agencies, and working with our own police and facility operations personnel to ensure everyone’s safety.  Normally, the campus will not close during inclement weather. However, we realize there may be a time when you cannot travel to campus, may arrive late, or may need to leave early.


While you are traveling to and from campus, please use your best judgment and respect the statements and travel advisories issued by local officials. Weather and road conditions can vary considerably throughout the region we serve. If you are unable to attend class, whether virtually or in person, or must arrive late or leave early, please contact your professor by email and inform them about your circumstances. 


The lodges will remain open even when classes are canceled.

Timing of Notifications

Any decision to cancel or delay in-person classes is made as early as possible (6 a.m. for morning classes and 3 p.m. for evening classes) and we immediately begin the process of notifying the local TV stations. We have no control over when or how the media announce the decision.

We will also post notices on the campus website ( and the campus phone system (812-941-2567). Messages will also be posted to official university social media channels including Facebook (, Instagram (@iusoutheast), and X (formerly Twitter) (@IUSoutheast).

IU Notify

The best way to receive weather-related announcements is to verify your IU-Notify information (in the search box, enter “Emergency Notification Settings”). If you have downloaded the RAVE Guardian safety app, you can also receive IU-Notify messages there. The IU Guardian safety app is free and available for download at the Apple App Store or Google Play.  If no announcement is sent, the university is open and operating on its regular schedule.  

Off-Campus Classes

While we do not coordinate our decisions with those of area school corporations, if we have a class that meets in a school corporation building and that school is closed, the class will not meet, even if the IU Southeast campus is open. If classes on campus are canceled, all off-campus classes are also canceled.

Evening Classes

A decision to cancel evening classes includes any class that starts before 6 p.m. but is still in session at 6 p.m., as well as any class that starts at 6 p.m. or thereafter.

Online Classes

Courses that have synchronous content will need to follow the delay schedule posted on the website to ensure those who have courses that use IU Southeast equipment may run as planned. Asynchronous courses should continue as planned. However, please be gracious about the wide-ranging conditions in our region (e.g., potential loss of internet connections).

2-Hour Delay

In the event of a 2-hour delay, please refer to the delayed academic schedule on the Bad Weather Policy page.   

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