Pinnacle Honor Society Inducts 33 IU Southeast Non-Traditional Students

9th May 2023

by Amy Becker

(NEW ALBANY, Ind.) – Thirty-three IU Southeast non-traditional students have been inducted into the Pinnacle Honor Society.

The Pinnacle Honor Society was founded in 1989 and is now a national organization that recognizes the academic and personal achievements of non-traditional students who have overcome significant life obstacles to achieve success.

Induction is based on the following criteria:

  • Must qualify as adult or non-traditional students under locally derived and maintained definitions;
  • Must be a junior or senior student with a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.0 on a 4.0 scale for undergraduates, or 3.4 for graduate students;
  • Must demonstrate involvement in numerous campus and community activities;
  • Must demonstrate leadership, persistence, and future promise;
  • Must maintain the highest ethical standards.

This year’s Pinnacle honorees are:

  • Trisha Jean Ames
  • Jennifer L. Anderson
  • Ashley N. Bowman
  • Judy M. Brendle
  • Isaac A. Brimner
  • Madison B. Busch
  • Isaiah D. Coffey
  • Brittany D. Combs
  • Jordan T. Conard
  • Emylie Yeager Cox
  • Susan Crocker
  • Joshua L. Daddona
  • Elizabeth Dean
  • Samara Grant
  • Timothy W. Hardin
  • Lindsay A. Hoskins
  • Allyson R. Howard
  • Aimee Keeler
  • Anna Lawyer
  • Alice M. Messer
  • Jennifer G. Pavey
  • Michael P. Rathbun
  • Jasmine J. Sabet-LeBlanc
  • Amanda D. Scarberry
  • Mindi J. Slone
  • Claire Smith
  • Richard J. Stettenbenz
  • Geena Storm
  • EmmaRose Strybel
  • Thomas M. Tinsley
  • Patrick Eugene Wentworth
  • Emily R. Ziegler

Kim Pelle manages the Veteran and Military Connected Services and Family-Parent programs and congratulates the students on their achievement.

“These nontraditional students are working parents, single parents, retirees returning to higher education, mid-life adults starting second careers, disabled students, international students, and Veterans and life-long learners,” Pelle said.

“[They] have jobs, volunteer in their communities, are full time students, and have family obligations. Even so, they manage to find time to be involved in campus and/or community activities; they demonstrate leadership, persistence, and future promise and maintain the highest ethical standards.

They are wonderful role models for the IU Southeast student body, and IU Southeast is very proud of them.”

Business major Trisha Ames, a UPS Safety Supervisor and single mother of a four-year-old, said she struggled in school growing up and is proud of her achievement.

“Being asked to be part of Pinnacle allows me to prove my worth to my family, and to show my son that despite what the world throws at you, you can excel as long as your heart, mind and soul are dedicated,” Ames said. “Receiving this honor gives me hope and has restored my purpose and my goals.”

Ashley Bowman is pursuing her master’s in special education and school counseling and has been attending classes after recently giving birth and accepting a new position.

“This honor will be a reminder to myself and my son that the hard work I am currently doing now will be worth it in the future,” she said. “I also want this experience to be what inspires my son to do what he wants with his life while also being his own person.”

Veteran Isaac Brimner is a father and computer science major while working full-time. Brimner says the honor cements his accomplishments over the past four years.

“Being able to proudly wear the blue and white cord as a nontraditional student proves to myself that I can go against the conventional stream to success and accomplish what I set out to do.”

Emylie Michele Yeager Cox, graduate student, and mother of four young boys, said she is proud of the recognition.

“Returning to IUS for my graduate degree was not an easy decision,” she said. “I wanted to ensure I was giving my children the best of me. Being inducted into the Pinnacle Honor Society feels even more special because of that experience.”

Richard Stettenbenz is a married father of two teens and is pursuing a master’s degree in English.

“I have worked hard to maintain excellence in my academic, professional, and family life,” he said. “To obtain my master’s degree with this honor attached is a symbol of everything I’ve worked towards, and proof of my work ethic and dedication to future schools and employers.”

Graduating Pinnacle Honor Society students wore a special cord at Commencement.

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