Meet the Class of 2023 – A Q&A with Gracie Vanover

3rd May 2023

The IU Southeast class of 2023 is ready to take on new challenges as they say goodbye to campus life and tackle new challenges in the workplace or in graduate school. As we congratulate them on their achievements and wish them well with their future plans, we asked a few of them to share a bit of information about their journey at IU Southeast.

Gracie Vanover

Hometown: Jeffersonville, IN

Major/Minor: Major – Journalism & Multimedia Minor – Criminal Justice

During your time at IU Southeast, what activities and student organizations were you involved in?

Horizon Newspaper, Horizon Radio, and Student Government Association

Why did you choose IU Southeast?

Proximity to home and good journalism internships!

How has IU Southeast helped you to succeed in obtaining your degree?

Loving and caring staff who understand the trials and tribulations students on campus face.

Did you face any challenges during your college journey and how did IU Southeast help you through this time?

As a full-time student and worker, it got rough at times. Especially as someone who started college during the pandemic.  Many staff members were encouraging and gave me good advice, so I didn’t burn myself out.

What is the one thing you are most proud of during your time at IU Southeast?

Being the Editor-in-Chief of the Horizon! It was so fulfilling to be a stepping stone in other journalists’ stories.

Is there a faculty or staff member who has made a difference in your journey and why?

Professor Allman, Dr. Ortiz, and Dr. Overstreet have all had huge impacts on my life. They all have exhibited the best qualities in a professor such as being understanding, insightful, and honest.

What are your plans after graduation?

I’m moving to Cincinnati to pursue my journalism career and support my fiancé in graduate school!

Thinking back to your first year at IU Southeast, what advice would you give yourself?

Go to more events and meet the people around you!

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