IU Southeast Faculty Dominate 2021 FACET Awards

28th July 2022

IU Southeast faculty seemingly swept the 2021 Faculty Academy on Excellence in Teaching (FACET) awards.

The awards recognize faculty throughout Indiana University who bring passion, innovation, and creativity to the classroom to promote student success. It also helps FACET share and disseminate best practices in teaching for the benefit of the entire IU community.

The categories included:

  • Collaborative activities: Do you or your colleague(s) have an effective collaborative classroom activity? What does this activity look like, and how does it promote peer-to-peer engagement in addition to student learning?
  • Community engagement: Do you or your colleague(s) have an effective community engagement activity? What does this activity look like, and how does it promote community engagement in addition to student learning?
  • Creative uses of online tools: Do you or your colleague(s) have a particularly effective method or activity that uses online tools (applications, programs, or Canvas tools) to promote student learning? What does this activity look like, how does it work, and how does it impact student learning?
  • Skills across the curriculum: any activity that empowers students by teaching them how to learn skills across the curriculum, such as reading, writing, speaking, critical thinking or others.
  • DEIJ-informed pedagogy: any activity that centers DEIJ-informed pedagogy, for example, effective revisions of course learning outcomes to center equal access to learning, especially through culturally and socially meaningful course work, assessments that increase sense of belonging, based on micro-affirmations, or re-thinking of course activities or resources that promote or increase understanding of diversity, equity, inclusion, and justice. 

Winning three of five categories, IU Southeast faculty led in the categories of Creative Uses of Online Tools, Skills Across the Curriculum and DEIJ-Informed Pedagogy.

Creative Uses of Online Tools: Sumreen Asim 

  • Assistant Professor of Elementary Science and Technology, IU Southeast
  • Bringing Augmented Reality to Deepen Learning leverages free online tools to enhance students’ process and thinking skills to improve overall understanding of science content and how immersive technology can help transform pedagogy to help deepen learning of science content.

Skills Across the Curriculum: Rebekah Dement and Steffany Maher

  • Rebekah is a Lecturer of English and Steffany is an Assistant Professor of English Education at IU Southeast
  • Reading, Writing, and Peopling: Essential Skills for College Success allows incoming and returning students to dust off social skills and practice essential strategies for success. Students weary with remote learning rekindled interpersonal skills by participating in theater games and practicing foundational skills of college-level reading and writing.  

DEIJ-Informed Pedagogy: Donna Albrecht 

  • Associate Professor of Education, IU Southeast
  • Using I Am from Poem Creation to Inform DEI Practices and Build Community allows students to explore their identities and to share the human experience. Students examine I Am From poems​ for patterns and imagery, then brainstorm memories from their home, childhood, relatives, foods, and more. They share descriptive powerful words using a Gallery walk or Flip-Grid.

“I am so proud of our talented faculty and our outstanding showing at the 2021 FACET Awards,” said Dr. Kelly Ryan, Interim Chancellor of IU Southeast. “More importantly, these practices demonstrate our commitment to excellence in teaching and learning while providing our students the best education possible.  Congratulations to our four winners.”

The 2021 winners were announced at the Innovate Award Ceremony during the annual retreat on June 8, 2022.

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