Alumni Board Q&A: Jodie Spencer-Lethgo

25th October 2021

Meet the new president of the Indiana University Alumni Association, Kentuckiana Region

Meet Jodie Spencer-Lethgo, a 2013 graduate of Indiana University Southeast with a Bachelor of Science in business with a concentration in management and marketing.

Spencer-Lethgo currently serves as the president of the Indiana University Alumni Association, Kentuckiana Region (IUAKKR). She enjoyed her experience at IU Southeast so much, she came back and received her MBA in 2017. Today, she works as a Continuous Improvement and Organization Development manager at a local transportation conglomerate.

Outside of her professional life, she spends her free time working out on Peloton and playing tennis at a Louisville Tennis Club. She is married and has two fur babies: a French bulldog, Wrigley, and a cat, Catrick Swayze.

Get to know her and how she is serving IU Southeast:

Why did you choose to complete your degree at Indiana University Southeast?

Initially, my decision to complete my degree at IU Southeast was primarily because of the class sizes. I attended a small high school, and the idea of sitting among hundreds of students in a lecture hall did not feel natural to me. I wanted to learn in an environment that encouraged engagement and participation. I wanted to be able to walk up to my professor before or after class and chat – and not have to wait until strict office hours.

Additionally, I happened to be applying for college right as IU Southeast opened the very first lodges on campus. I toured a couple of campuses prior to enrollment at IU Southeast, and the lodging at IU Southeast is premier in comparison to other college dormitories.

Who were the faculty and staff that influenced or inspired you during your time at IU Southeast?

I always enjoyed classes with Ken Harris in the Business School. What I learned in his classes not only ignited interest in me in the Organizational Development area, but his class was never boring! 

How have you built your career since graduation?

After completing my degree, I worked in Marketing for a few years before realizing it was not the right fit for me. Fortunately, my diverse education across all areas of business that I got with my business degree from IU Southeast allowed me to transition into a role in continuous improvement. Since receiving my MBA, I have taken the role of director of continuous improvement and organizational development at my company and am currently transitioning into the role of COO.

What advice would you give students looking to get into your field?

Constantly be curious! Regardless of your area in business, be curious about how and why things happen the way they do in your place of work. I have been very lucky to have been exposed to the holistic view of business – from marketing, to accounting, to operations. Step back from your area of expertise and take the initiative to understand other areas of your business so you can see it as a whole and how all the moving parts and pieces each contribute to the overall picture and success of the company. Once you understand the business holistically, you will easily recognize opportunities for improvement.

Think back to a time on campus. What was your favorite IU Southeast moment?

Move-in day on campus my freshman year. What should have been a terrifying day, was a very welcoming experience. Although it was a chaotic day, everyone in the building was helpful, and I got to meet many faces that would be spending the next year in the same lodge. Move-in day set the tone for my experience at IU Southeast.

Were you involved as a student? If so, how did your experiences help advance your professional and personal life?

I was involved in the Marketing Club. I made a small group of friends that were also pursuing a business degree with a concentration in marketing, and we signed up for many classes together. We ended up completing a few large projects together in those classes, and I still claim those projects are some of my best marketing work! Being involved in this way allowed me to connect with people who I still stay in touch with today.

What is the Indiana University Alumni Association, Kentuckiana Region?

The Alumni Board is a board of volunteer alumni who are dedicated to alumni engagement and institutional advancement at Indiana University. The members of the board volunteer their time to develop, serve and support our fellow alumni in this region. Not only do we focus on alumni, but we also fundraise and create scholarships that will assist our future alumni in completing their education with IU.

Why did you choose to get involved with the IUAAKR?

I have always been an advocate for education and building professionally. IU contributed to my education and personal development in a huge way, and I feel it’s my turn to pay that back to the university and to do whatever I can to help future alumni.

What goals do you have for your presidency?

I am ready to see alumni engagement happen face-to-face. I aim to help my fellow alumni volunteers execute events that we have not been able to put on this past year. It’s a year to re-engage alumni who would be involved with us in the past, and to ignite the spark with new alumni. All the while, supporting the growth of our scholarship fund.

How can someone become involved with the IUAAKR?

There are many ways! The simplest way is to engage with us on social media. Join our group on Facebook ‘IUAA – Kentuckiana Region’ and interact with us. You will find any events that we plan this year on the page. If you are signed up for emails from IU, keep an eye out for events showing up in your inbox. And of course, we encourage all alumni to sign up with the IU Alumni Association. Alumni can sign up at:

I hope to see you at an event soon!    

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