IU Southeast orientation returning to normal

22nd June 2021

By Ericia Henry

Orientation season has begun at IU Southeast. Orientation serves as a bridge for first-year and transfer students to learn more about registering for classes, navigating campus and accessing free resources. Things have looked very different this past year due to COVID-19. Last year all orientation sessions were held virtually. 

 Similar to last year, this summer orientation will have an online component, however, the vaccine has opened up more opportunities that allow people to gather in person. All orientation sessions will switch from virtual to in-person in July. Students will be able to attend both a virtual and an in-person meeting if they are interested.

“There will be safety precautions that will be taken in order to keep everyone safe during these academic school meetups. Students will sign waivers saying ‘I am not sick, I am going to wear a mask, and I will abide by the rules and policies set forth from IU Bloomington,’” said Cayla Maurer, director of New Student Programs at IU Southeast.

Orientation leaders are excited to be able to meet with students in person again.

New Student Program Leader Breanna Doss, an IU Southeast senior and a second-year orientation leader, said, “I am so excited for orientation this summer. Last year’s orientation was via zoom. This year students can attend an orientation via zoom and/or come to orientation in person when that option is available in July.”     

According to Maurer, orientation is a key component to making sure new students feel comfortable, connected and knowledgeable as they transition to college. When students can meet staff and faculty and get familiar with campus, they feel better prepared for the upcoming school year.

“I am looking forward to meeting all the new students and connecting with them. It has been a long, hard year where we haven’t been able to meet people like normal, so I am happy that we are able to bring back a little bit of normalcy with in-person orientations,” said Maurer.

Orientation sessions are held from June to August this year. Upcoming sessions are listed below.

  • Friday, June 25 (virtual)
  • Monday, July 12 
  • Tuesday, July 13 
  • Wednesday, July 14 
  • Thursday, July 15 
  • Saturday, July 17 
  • Monday, July 19 
  • Tuesday, July 20 
  • Wednesday, July 21 
  • Thursday, July 22 
  • Friday, July 23
  • Monday, July 26
  • Tuesday, July 27
  • Wednesday, July 28 
  • Thursday, July 29
  • Monday, August 2 
  • Wednesday, August 4
  • Thursday, August 5
  • Saturday, August 7
  • Monday, August 9
  • Tuesday, August 10 
  • Wednesday, August 11 (virtual and in-person)
  • Thursday, August 12
  • Thursday, August 19 
  • Friday, August 20 

For more information about orientation or volunteering, contact Cayla Maurer at caymaure@iu.edu or (812) 941- 2366. 

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