6th annual Digital Marketing Conference brings cutting edge to campus

26th April 2021

By Steven Krolak

(NEW ALBANY, Ind.)–The countdown to the 6th Annual Digital Marketing Conference has begun.

This year’s “DigiMarCon”, in a Zoom webinar format, is scheduled for Thursday, April 29 (to register, visit the webpage here).

As in years past, the conference brings together professionals and students to learn about the ongoing trends in digital marketing.

This year’s presenters are experts in a broad spectrum of digital practices:

Ellen Ernstberger, Product Manager at Microsoft Edge, has experience in marketing strategy for prototype devices, market research on hybrid cloud and data analytics solutions, and much more. She is currently involved in launching, marketing and driving growth for the new Microsoft Edge browser.

Ernstberger shares her experiences in her presentation, “From Launch to Growth: My Crash Course in Digital Marketing.”

Dominique Robinson, Digital Media Strategist at Doe Anderson, sees his fascination with emerging technologies as a guiding force in his career, which involves crafting detailed digital marketing plans for advertisers.

Robinson shares his know-how in his presentation, “Digital Media Planning: Winning the Hearts and Minds of Online Consumers.”

Amanda Turner, President and Director of Social Media Marketing at Red Tag Digital, works alongside a team of social media content and buying professions, deploying social strategies for national and international brands.

Reflecting on the turbulence of doing business during the pandemic, Turner will share her thoughts on how to overcome external challenges through internal strengths in her presentation, “Agency Resiliency: Strengthening Clients and Community in Uncertain Times.”

Each speaker occupies a unique market niche, but all share the goal of using advanced digital tools to expand market share of their own companies or the clients they represent.

The diverse subject matter reflects not only tactical variety, but also the range of possible employment settings that students may find themselves in.

“I wanted the conference speakers to represent a wide variety of companies and industries, as large as Microsoft and as nimble and dynamic as Red Tag Digital,” said Dr. Saeed Tadjini, assistant professor of marketing and co-organizer of the event. Tadjini said.

Each presentation will be followed by a question-and-answer period, and there will be a panel discussion.

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