Gallup-Indiana Survey shows IU Southeast alumni are some of the most satisfied

6th January 2021

NEW ALBANY, Ind. – According to the results of a 2020 Gallup-Indiana Graduate Satisfaction Survey, Indiana University Southeast produces some of the most satisfied alumni, with 92 percent indicating that they are satisfied or extremely satisfied with the education they received.

According to the survey, 76 percent of IU Southeast alumni agree or strongly agree that IU Southeast prepared them well for life outside of college, and 92 percent overall agree or strongly agree that their education from IU Southeast was worth the cost.

The survey reached out to more than 600 IU Southeast graduates in 2020. Comparison groups were derived from the Gallup Alumni Survey National Database, which includes 58,256 national college graduates.

According to the survey, IU Southeast graduates thrive across all areas of wellbeing. Wellbeing is associated with numerous positive health and employment outcomes, including lower medical and health expenditures, fewer emergency room visits, lower absenteeism, etc.

IU Southeast graduates also show strong emotional attachment to their Alma Mater, with 50 percent strongly agreeing that IU Southeast was the perfect school for people like them and 39 percent in strong agreement that they could not imagine a world without IU Southeast.

The survey also showed positive employment outcomes for IU Southeast alumni. Of the graduates surveyed, 48 percent strongly agree that they are deeply interested in the work that they do, 45 percent strongly agree that their job gives them the opportunity to do work that interests them and 36 percent strongly agree that they have the ideal job for them.

“This survey has made it clear that we continue to produce alumni that are thriving in their careers and lives,” said IU Southeast Chancellor Ray Wallace. “Our faculty and staff are more dedicated than ever to ensuring our students have a great learning experience. We will continue to work diligently and make our alumni proud of their Alma Mater.”

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