IU Southeast now offers a Fresh Start to students returning to complete their degrees

31st August 2020

By Steven Krolak

(NEW ALBANY, Ind.)–IU Southeast now offers a new way for students to return to college–with a clean academic slate.

It’s called Fresh Start, and here’s how it works: Students who got off to a poor start at an IU campus will get to keep the credit for every class in which they earned a C or better. Credits earned as a non-degree student will continue to count towards their degree and/or program requirements. Their cumulative GPA gets reset to zero.

Fresh Start puts students resuming their studies at IU Southeast–from any IU campus–on the same GPA footing as transfer students.

“We think it provides better and more complete relief to the burden of prior poor academic performance at IU than the old system of Academic Bankruptcy/Grade Forgiveness, which only allowed the removal of up to two semesters of prior poor grades,” said Jay McTyier, IU Southeast registrar. “Fresh Start can apply to all semesters predating the return, and to all campuses.”

Students may apply to Fresh Start if they are pursuing their first baccalaureate degree, and if they have not been enrolled at any IU campus for 24 or more consecutive months (two years).

Students who left any IU campus in less-than-good academic standing, such as academic probation or dismissal, are still eligible for Fresh Start as long as they are otherwise eligible for readmission to IU Southeast.

To learn more about Fresh Start, and conditions or limitations that apply, please visit the grade forgiveness webpage of Student Central here.

As circumstances change, IU Southeast believes that nothing should stand in the way of a student seeking a degree, especially a student who has the determination to earn a degree. Through Fresh Start, the achievements of the present can step out of the shadows of the past.

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