Grenadier Student-Athletes Achieve Highest Department Academic-Year GPA In History

1st June 2020

NEW ALBANY, Ind. – Indiana University Southeast student-athletes overcame the abrupt changes to their education in the spring semester and recorded the highest department GPA for the academic year in history at 3.2. A record-setting fall GPA of 3.3 for the department and a 3.1 GPA for Spring 2020 resulted in the highest academic year GPA on record.

Sixty-six percent of IU Southeast student-athletes earned recognition on the spring 2020 Athletic Director’s Honor Roll. To earn recognition, student-athletes must achieve at least a 3.0 grade point average during the semester. Below is an index of each student-athlete who is earning Athletic Director’s Honor Roll recognition this semester. Seventy-nine IU Southeast student-athletes were named to the honor roll this semester.

Five Grenadier athletic programs recorded GPAs of 3.0 or higher. Women’s Basketball led the way with a 3.48 GPA, followed by women’s tennis at 3.46, softball at 3.40, volleyball at 3.06 and baseball at 3.05.

“Our Grenadier student-athletes have overcome many obstacles to achieve their goals this semester,” Director of Athletics Joe Glover said. “I am so proud of all their hard work in these challenging times. They continued to be successful even as their seasons of competition were ended prematurely, but they focused on what was important and excelled academically.”

The complete Athletic Director’s Honor Roll is listed below. 4.0 GPAs are denoted with an asterisk.

Chas Adams (Baseball)

Parker Andres (Volleyball)

Alexis Bassett (Volleyball)*

Drew Bishop (Men’s Tennis)

Brenden Bube (Baseball)

Cade Burman (Men’s Tennis)

Kenna Burman (Volleyball)

Sebastian Burman (Men’s Tennis)

David Burton (Men’s Basketball)

Grace Carver (Softball)

Brookelyn Clark (Volleyball)

Katie Cook (Softball)

Sami Cook (Softball)

Graci Cornett (Softball)

Hannah Corus (Women’s Basketball)

Alyssa Cosgrove (Volleyball)

Bradley Cross (Men’s Tennis)*

Daunte Decello (Baseball)

Emma Ellis (Women’s Tennis)

Santrel Farmer (Baseball)

Garrett Fensler (Men’s Tennis)

Natalie Fichter (Women’s Basketball)

Blake Fisher (Baseball)

Kaitlyn Flowers (Softball)

Ysa Fox (Softball)*

Jacob Frankel (Baseball)

Conner Fries (Baseball)

Camille Greenwell (Women’s Tennis)

Allison Hayes (Softball)

Eli Helton (Baseball)

Drew Hensley (Baseball)

Kate Heuchan (Women’s Tennis)

Glenn Hill (Men’s Basketball)

Jacy Hughes (Women’s Basketball)*

Ellie Jackman (Softball)*

Morgan Jenks (Softball)

Connor Kelly (Baseball)

Hunter Kloke (Baseball)

Maddie Knight (Women’s Basketball)

Lauren Lambdin (Women’s Basketball)

Maggie Lubbehusen (Softball)

Gaby Mahoney (Softball)

Jennie Malone (Volleyball)

Zach Mann (Baseball)

Hallee Miller (Women’s Tennis)

Miranda Miller (Softball)*

Tyler Mills (Baseball)

Jacob Morley (Baseball)

Lindsey Nelson (Softball)*

Delaney Nichols (Volleyball)

Hannah Ogg (Softball)

Kasey Pearson (Softball)

Madeline Probus (Softball)*

Emmy Ralph (Women’s Basketball)

Trevor Reynolds (Baseball)

Ashlie Ripperdan (Softball)

Jathan Ritter (Men’s Basketball)

Ariana Sandefur (Women’s Basketball)*

Alec Saulman (Baseball)

Natalie Schapker (Softball)

Jake Scott (Baseball)

Ethan Shafer (Baseball)

Ashtyn Sharp (Softball)

Hannah Sipe (Volleyball)

Jeannie Soto (Women’s Tennis)*

Brody Tanksley (Baseball)

John Ullom (Baseball)

Sarah VanIsenberg (Women’s Tennis)

Sam Venter (Men’s Tennis)

Derek Wagner (Baseball)

Kelsey Warman (Softball)

Kalani Washington (Baseball)

Madison Wilcox (Softball)

Lauren Winchell (Women’s Tennis)

Austin Wise (Baseball)

Clay Woeste (Baseball)

Josie Woods (Women’s Basketball)

Madi Woods (Women’s Basketball)

Chloie Yost (Women’s Tennis)

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