Cathy Denton and Shane Thomas Receive 2019 Staff Council Legacy Award

15th July 2019

(NEW ALBANY, Ind.)–Cathy Denton, office assistant in the Career Development Center and Shane Thomas, director of the Advising Center for Exploratory Students (ACES) have received the 2019 IU Southeast Staff Council Legacy Award.

The award recognizes full-time staff members for their exceptional contributions as they carry forward the campus’s mission and core values as part of a rich legacy of all IU Southeast staff, past and present, who share in the ongoing commitment to our campus community.

Lindsey Cook, IT coordinator in University Information Technology Services and Staff Council president, praised Denton and Thomas for embodying the mission, vision and values of IU Southeast.

“They go out of their way to assist students, faculty, staff and others on and around campus, and do a great job of putting others first with smiles on their faces,” Cook said. “They are dedicated to the University, devoting numerous hours on campus, all while helping make business run smoothly and making IU Southeast a great place for all.”

In her years at IU Southeast, Denton has seen and been a part of numerous campus transformations. She spent more than five years on Staff Council and was part of several committees in areas such as housing and salaries.

She described her position in the Career Development Center as a good fit and happy experience that enabled her to become personally invested in her work.

“This recognition from Staff Council is so very kind, and I am truly humbled,” Denton said.

Thomas is a relative newcomer to IU Southeast, but has made his mark as the driver of the Advising Center for Exploratory Students, leveraging his eclectic life experience as a musician and personal trainer to help students who have not declared a major navigate academic life and reach their personal goals.

“I’m tremendously grateful to be recognized by my colleagues,” Thomas said. “It means a lot.”

The mission of the Staff Council is to represent non-academic staff in University matters, provide a support system and foster a benevolent, social bond among the staff.

The Staff Council represents non-academic staff in the communication processes and the decision-making of the University, furnishes representation on administrative committees, and aims to promote the development and adoption of policies which will aid in retaining highly-qualified personnel, among other goals.

“Staff Council does a great job in helping to create a good working environment,” Thomas said. “Everybody here is working for the right reasons—to help improve the lives of students, families and the community.”

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