IU Southeast announces Fall 2017 Dean’s and Chancellor’s lists

31st January 2018

Indiana University Southeast is proud to announce members of the Fall 2017 Dean’s List and Chancellor’s List.

For the fall 2017 semester, 244 students made the Chancellor’s List, while 825 students were named to the Dean’s List.

The Dean’s and Chancellor’s lists recognize students who have completed at least 12 graded credit hours each semester and have achieved outstanding semester honors in academics. To qualify for the Dean’s List, students must maintain a grade point average of 3.5 or higher on a 4.0 scale. Those named to the Chancellor’s List received highest academic honors in the spring semester.


Maria Abbott Clarksville IN
Destiny Abell Louisville KY
Jennifer Ackerman Louisville KY
Allison Allen Louisville KY
Nicholas Amy Ramsey IN
Craig Andrews Louisville KY
Kimberly Andrews Louisville KY
Whitney Bailey Jeffersonville IN
Rachael Bailey New Albany IN
William Bailey Sellersburg IN
Madeline Baird Henryville IN
Robert Baltzell Louisville KY
Brenna Bane Salem IN
Claudia Barea Cheda Louisville KY
Alexis Barnett Sellersburg IN
Noah Bates Charlestown IN
Adam Beasley English IN
Brandon Beaven Louisville KY
Samuel Beckort Borden IN
Michael Bell Greenville IN
Karen Bentfield Floyds Knobs IN
Madison Berry Sellersburg IN
Kristen Bishop Campbellsburg IN
Katrina Blakesley Sellersburg IN
Brett Blevins Orleans IN
Heather Boehm Evanston IN
Jill Book Palmyra IN
Ashton Bowles Lexington IN
Katherine Bradford New Albany IN
Aaron Braunecker Huntingburg IN
James Brent Corydon IN
Paola Brex Sellersburg IN
Cheyenne Brooks Sellersburg IN
Courtney Brown Clarksville IN
Kelsey Brown New Albany IN
Allison Burch Louisville KY
Justice Burda Louisville KY
Emily Cain Lanesville IN
Carson Casey Borden IN
Amanda Casey Louisville KY
Meeta Cesler Louisville KY
Taylor Clan Louisville KY
Brian Clark Louisville KY
Kathryn Combs New Albany IN
Chandler Cooper Louisville KY
Charlyn Corum Sellersburg IN
Megan Crawford Charlestown IN
Kaylee Crawley Louisville KY
Jessica Crim Georgetown IN
Kent Criminger Vallonia IN
Evan Cripe Louisville KY
McKenna Curry Brownstown IN
Josie Daigneault Crestwood KY
Lindsey Dailey Jeffersonville IN
Julia Dattilo Louisville KY
Zachary Davidson Borden IN
Abigail Dester Saline MI
Drew DeWitt Sellersburg IN
Daring Didat Floyds Knobs IN
Brendan DiTeresa Jeffersonville IN
Kenedi Divine Loogootee IN
Brittany Dixon New Albany IN
Rayneisha Doak Shelbyville KY
Tiffany Downing Greenville IN
Minh Tri Druin Borden IN
Tracy Dupaquier Georgetown IN
Zoe Dyer Clarksville IN
Kyla Elble Floyds Knobs IN
Katelyn Elmore Fairdale KY
Kaitlin Embrey Austin IN
Preston Ezell Jeffersonville IN
Joshua Faulkenburg Corydon IN
Kandace Fell Louisville KY
Eric Finney Louisville KY
Alysha Flaget Borden IN
Kristi Fleenor Pekin IN
Whitney Fortner Louisville KY
Joshua Frost Jeffersonville IN
Lina Gao Louisville KY
Benjamin Garrett Floyds Knobs IN
Brandon Garriott Louisville KY
Andrew Goeppner Hanover IN
Cassandra Goodridge Floyds Knobs IN
Emily Grubs Louisville KY
Jayla Hahn Scottsburg IN
Eric Hammett Charlestown IN
Annamae Harmon Madison IN
Ronald Hatfield Sellersburg IN
Savannah Hatton Greenville IN
Heather Hawkins Palmyra IN
Tonya Hebner Charlestown IN
Michelle Hedges Louisville KY
Rebecca Hellinger Clarksville IN
Danielle Hempel Louisville KY
Dakota Hendrick Floyds Knobs IN
Deysi Herrera Molina Jeffersonville IN
Justin Horney Loogootee IN
Jordan Hubbuch Louisville KY
Hani Iskadarwati Louisville KY
Tracy Joe Clarksville IN
Hope Johnson Floyds Knobs IN
Kelsey Johnson Henryville IN
Samantha Johnson Louisville KY
Leah Karins Louisville KY
Colin Kemker Salem IN
Michael Kenney Louisville KY
Kate Kimbel Clarksville IN
John Klem Jeffersonville IN
Sarah Knight New Albany IN
Mikayla Koch Floyds Knobs IN
Casandra Koevoets Louisville KY
Erin Korb Floyds Knobs IN
Karissa Korinek New Albany IN
Julianne Kramer Corydon IN
Baylee Krueger Scipio IN
Nicole Kruer Floyds Knobs IN
Amy Landenwich Louisville KY
Isaac Langdon Georgetown IN
Brenda Lazaro Martinez New Albany IN
Natasha Lewis Commiskey IN
Ty Lewis Lexington IN
McKenna Lewter Louisville KY
Rachel Libbert Ferdinand IN
Haley Logsdon Salem IN
Makenzie Long Austin IN
Cody Main Sellersburg IN
Callie Manias Floyds Knobs IN
Chelsea Mason Mount Washington KY
Evan Matthews Louisville KY
Andrew Mattingly Floyds Knobs IN
Matthew McClellan Scottsburg IN
Lindsey McClure Georgetown IN
Rachel McCrorey Shepherdsville KY
Constance McQueen Corydon IN
Michael Melchor Sellersburg IN
Alexis Meriwether Floyds Knobs IN
Katrina Messmer Celestine IN
Garrett Mestel New Albany IN
Ariel Middleton La Fontaine IN
Eric Miller Charlestown IN
Lauren Mirick New Albany IN
April Mixon English IN
Amber Moore Georgetown IN
Sidney Morgan Jeffersonville IN
Courtney Morgan Louisville KY
Taylor Myers Corydon IN
Dawson Nale Borden IN
Reuben Nehrt Brownstown IN
Cozette Offutt New Albany IN
Aril Offutt New Albany IN
Ethan Palazzo Charlestown IN
Jessica Papenhaus Jeffersonville IN
Annabelle Parsons New Albany IN
Matthew Paul Floyds Knobs IN
Elizabeth Payne Georgetown IN
Michael Pelayo Pekin IN
Daniel Perkins Louisville KY
Madison Persinger Brownstown IN
Dung Phan Indianapolis IN
Casey Polk Jeffersonville IN
Brent Potter Clarksville IN
Hunter Potts New Albany IN
Rebekah Raisor Sellersburg IN
Ashley Reardon Hanover IN
Madison Reed New Albany IN
Kevin Rees New Albany IN
Peyton Rhodes Columbus IN
Brian Robinson Goshen KY
Mary Jane Robinson Louisville KY
Brenda Roller Louisville KY
Yesenia Rosales New Albany IN
Rachel Rozenboom Lafayette IN
Victoria Sallee Elizabeth IN
Ariana Sandefur Greenfield IN
Michael Sauffer Sellersburg IN
Katelyn Schafer Borden IN
Dylan Schafer Louisville KY
Claudia Scharrer Georgetown IN
Kyra Schneider Henryville IN
Hannah Shaffer Lexington IN
Rahul Shah Louisville KY
Scott Shrout New Albany IN
Loren Sieg New Albany IN
Nathaniel Sigafoos New Albany IN
Morgan Smalley Floyds Knobs IN
Catherine Smith Clarksville IN
Clayton Smith Memphis IN
Nathan Smith Pekin IN
Kassidy Smith Salem IN
Reza Soltani Louisville KY
Anna Soto Louisville KY
Arielle Spangle New Albany IN
Jessica Spayd Louisville KY
Emily Spellman Austin IN
Paige St. Germain Georgetown IN
Briar Stark Elizabeth IN
Jonathan Steininger Clarksville IN
Jordyn Stengel Jeffersonville IN
Neil Stephanus Louisville KY
Logan Stephens New Salisbury IN
Samantha Stephens Sellersburg IN
Alexandra Stepp New Albany IN
Elizabeth Stewart Georgetown IN
Matthew Street Sellersburg IN
Emily Sturgeon New Albany IN
Sabra Swank Scottsburg IN
Halee Tanner Floyds Knobs IN
Angela Tevis Floyds Knobs IN
Caley Thomas Jeffersonville IN
Raven Thomas Louisville KY
John Thomas Louisville KY
Doug Thompson New Albany IN
Nicholas Tinsley Sellersburg IN
Nicholas Triplett New Albany IN
Katherine Tyler Louisville KY
Heidi Urban Connersville IN
Kealey Vance Jeffersonville IN
Katelyn Vance Louisville KY
Nicholas Veith Elizabeth IN
Colton Wade Mode IL
Sara Wardrip Greenville IN
Alexandra Warner Sellersburg IN
Kaitlyn Watkins Francisco IN
Danielle Watt Sellersburg IN
Jordan Webb Jeffersonville IN
Emily Weiss Evansville IN
Laken White Salem IN
Scott Wiles New Albany IN
Sean Williams Louisville KY
Caleb Williams Louisville KY
Emily Williams Milltown IN
Darrel Williamson Georgetown IN
Kelsey Willinger Bloomfield KY
Kreg Wingham Madison IN
Melissa Wiseheart New Albany IN
Leanna Wood Charlestown IN
Olivia Worland New Albany IN
Kuan-Chieh Wu New Albany IN
Laura Wyrosdick Goshen KY
Darrell Yonts Charlestown IN
Jacob York Jeffersonville IN
James Young Old Hickory TN
Nicholas Zoeller Borden IN


Samantha Abrahamson Jeffersonville IN
Zach Adair Bedford KY
Jacob Adam Underwood IN
Mark Adams Jeffersonville IN
Maria Adams Tell City IN
Cody Ahern Clarksville IN
Ahmad Ahmadzai Charlestown IN
Joseph Alford New Albany IN
Ashton Allbright Shoals IN
Angela Allen Lanesville IN
Mary Ames Louisville KY
Emylee Anderle New Albany IN
Kaitlin Anderson Charlestown IN
Emma Anderson Georgetown IN
Alexis Applegate Greenville IN
Andrew Arbuckle Lanesville IN
Jordan Armes Lanesville IN
Delaney Arnold Fairland IN
Ciera Ashley Louisville KY
Anthony Ashlock Jeffersonville IN
Savannah Atchley Jeffersonville IN
Savannah Atwood Palmyra IN
Lydia Ausherman New Albany IN
Damon Bader Sellersburg IN
Hollie Bailey Lanesville IN
Gregory Bailey Louisville KY
Alexander Baker Floyds Knobs IN
Kylene Baker Paoli IN
Hannah Baldauf Louisville KY
Brooke Ballard Columbus IN
Boyeong Bang Floyds Knobs IN
Kaitlin Banta Louisville KY
Mckayla Barbour Borden IN
Lillian Barczynski Borden IN
Albert Barger New Albany IN
Jeannine Barr Lanesville IN
Emily Barton Charlestown IN
Bethany Barton Corydon IN
Cassandra Bazis New Albany IN
Emily Bealer Jeffersonville IN
Celeste Beatty Indianapolis IN
Jayce Beavin Sellersburg IN
Daniel Becht Floyds Knobs IN
Ashton Becht New Albany IN
Julie Beckort Borden IN
Tara Bedwell Austin IN
Brian Beers New Albany IN
Stevi Begley Freetown IN
Lindsay Begley New Albany IN
Leah Belleville Henryville IN
Justin Berning Louisville KY
Tatum Berry Pekin IN
Michael Beumer Memphis IN
Hannah Bickel Louisville KY
Maria Bierly New Albany IN
Jessica Biggerstaff Floyds Knobs IN
Callie Bills Salem IN
Lindsey Bishop Louisville KY
Morgan Black Sellersburg IN
Chelsey Blair Louisville KY
Sidney Blair Louisville KY
Zachary Blasko Louisville KY
Elizabeth Blevins Jeffersonville IN
Hannah Bloyd New Albany IN
Walker Bolen Milltown IN
Tracy Bond Louisville KY
Alexis Boone Sellersburg IN
Jayden Bowden Corydon IN
Nathaniel Bowers Greenville IN
Sydney Bowling Lexington IN
Amy Boyd Evansville IN
Grant Bradley Lawrenceburg IN
Jordan Branham Shepherdsville KY
Jordan Branz Clinton IN
Tara Bratcher Charlestown IN
Amber Bratcher New Albany IN
Stephanie Bratcher Tell City IN
Christopher Braun Charlestown IN
Dakota Braunecker Louisville KY
Kacy Brenneman Austin IN
Dakota Brooks Corydon IN
Montana Brooks New Albany IN
Kirsten Brophy Louisville KY
Justin Broshears New Albany IN
Ashley Brown Corydon IN
Mikayla Brown Corydon IN
Mckenzie Brown Georgetown IN
Kayla Brown Georgetown IN
Margaret Brown Louisville KY
Rose Brown New Albany IN
Austin Brown Salem IN
Joshua Brown Salem IN
Patricia Brumback New Albany IN
Brooklyn Bruner Jeffersonville IN
Brandon Burns Corydon IN
Andrew Burns Georgetown IN
Rachel Burton Louisville KY
Linza Busick Orleans IN
Ashley Butler Louisville KY
Abigail Butler Sellersburg IN
Katelyn Butler Sellersburg IN
Michaelan Butt Palmyra IN
Cheyenne Byerley Corydon IN
Cory Byers New Albany IN
Cicely Calilung New Albany IN
Shelby Campbell Jeffersonville IN
Jamie Campbell Louisville KY
Abigayle Carothers Seymour IN
Bryce Carpenter New Albany IN
Logan Carrico Loogootee IN
Jacob Carter New Albany IN
Jance Carter Sellersburg IN
Gregory Carver Corydon IN
Sydney Casabella Lanesville IN
John Casey New Albany IN
Joshua Cassin Henryville IN
Lucinda Cathcart Floyds Knobs IN
Caroline Cato Lanesville IN
Zachery Caudill Louisville KY
John Cecil Louisville KY
Richard Chapman Louisville KY
Yolette Charles Louisville KY
Christopher Cheever Peru IN
Brian Cherrington New Albany IN
Jennifer Childers Clarksville IN
Kimberly Chiquito Depauw IN
Karli Chocholek Dyer IN
Paige Chocholek Dyer IN
Aleah Chow Jeffersonville IN
Sidney Chumbler New Albany IN
Yi-ting Chung Jeffersonville IN
Stephanie Clark Louisville KY
Cameron Clark Louisville KY
Robert Clements Floyds Knobs IN
Natalie Cline Shepherdsville KY
Allison Cloud Louisville KY
Alexandra Colburn Louisville KY
Jennifer Collier New Albany IN
Dalton Collins Sellersburg IN
Kelly Colvin Jeffersonville IN
Eric Colwell Salem IN
Jordan Compton Sellersburg IN
Bobby Conley Louisville KY
Savannah Conrad Georgetown IN
Jennifer Conrad Jeffersonville IN
Seth Conte Sellersburg IN
Olivia Cook Corydon IN
Christie Cooke Louisville KY
Makenzi Cooley Jeffersonville IN
Jacob Coomes Henryville IN
Nicholas Cooper Memphis IN
Jacob Copler New Albany IN
Reagan Cory Jeffersonville IN
Michael Covino Perry Hanover IN
Victoria Cowell La Grange KY
Shannon Cox Sellersburg IN
Jonathan Cropper Georgetown IN
Bradley Cross Jeffersonville IN
Lauren Cunliffe Sellersburg IN
Dcoryia Cunningham Louisville KY
Devin Cupo Jeffersonville IN
Suzanne Curts Sellersburg IN
Clairissa Dailey Pekin IN
Jennifer Daniel Louisville KY
Zachary Daniel New Albany IN
Brittany Daugherty Jeffersonville IN
Joshua Daugherty New Albany IN
Mark Daugherty New Albany IN
Jennifer Daugherty New Albany IN
Seth Daugherty New Albany IN
Alaina Davidson Salem IN
Roshell Davidson-Voegborlo Louisville KY
Sami Davis Clarksville IN
Emily Davis Corydon IN
Hannah Davis Floyds Knobs IN
Kara Davis Louisville KY
Misty Davis Nabb IN
Ellen Davis New Albany IN
Hannah Davis Scottsburg IN
Kirstyn Davis Sellersburg IN
Samantha Dawson Louisville KY
Autumn Day Louisville KY
Bassem Debbabi Jeffersonville IN
Janessa Decker Corydon IN
Jacob Delaney Louisville KY
Rachel Denison Georgetown IN
Daren Denker Sellersburg IN
Tamra Dennis Louisville KY
Zachary Densford Sellersburg IN
Lisa DeSilvey Louisville KY
Rebecca Dever Louisville KY
David Devore Jeffersonville IN
Megan DeWeese English IN
John Dillman Clarksville IN
Brianna Dixon New Albany IN
Peighton Dobbins Anderson IN
Lily Dobbs Louisville KY
Cyrus Dodson Hardinsburg IN
Meagan Doggett Fairdale KY
Meagan Dohoney Memphis IN
Tye Dominguez Highland IN
Lauren Downs Floyds Knobs IN
Robert Drew Bloomington IN
Dalton Drexler Georgetown IN
Marcus Dudas New Albany IN
Tessa Duncan Evansville IN
Mariah Dunn Paoli IN
Serey Eav Sellersburg IN
Kimberly Eckart Floyds Knobs IN
Shelbi Edinger Jeffersonville IN
Aaron Edwards Campbellsburg IN
Payton Eihusen Jeffersonville IN
Emily Eisenback Pekin IN
Caroline Elders Louisville KY
Kenda Eley Louisville KY
Emily Elliotte Louisville KY
Kenton Embrey Austin IN
Sarah Embrey Charlestown IN
Brooke Epple Jasper IN
Erica Erickson New Albany IN
Rachel Esarey Jeffersonville IN
Brittany Esposito Louisville KY
Alleson Estar Georgetown IN
Kimberly Evans Louisville KY
Kyle Ezell Jeffersonville IN
Kymber Ezell Jeffersonville IN
Alexandria Faith Sellersburg IN
Lauren Falk Louisville KY
Leah Farris Charlestown IN
Seth Farris New Albany IN
Jena Fath New Albany IN
Lakiegha Fawks Jasper IN
Taylor Fedders Crestwood KY
Kaylee Ferguson New Albany IN
Savannah Ferrell Louisville KY
James Ferriell Louisville KY
Allison Fey Louisville KY
Shanaia Figueroa Nunez Taylorsville KY
Damian Finley Louisville KY
Sarah Fischer Jeffersonville IN
Micah Fitzpatrick Jeffersonville IN
Emily Fleming Louisville KY
Kaitlyn Flowers Elberfeld IN
Alyssa Ford Georgetown IN
Cameron Forrester Louisville KY
Brooke Foster Clarksville IN
Kristina Foster Georgetown IN
Sarah Fougerousse Floyds Knobs IN
Laina Foushee Battletown KY
Justin Fowler Orleans IN
Adara Fox New Albany IN
Timothy Fraley Sellersburg IN
Dana Frank Floyds Knobs IN
Yazmyne Franklin Jeffersonville IN
Alnisha Franklin New Albany IN
Abigail Franklin Paoli IN
Madison Frederick Charlestown IN
Donald Frederickson Bedford IN
Brady French Jeffersonville IN
Garrett French Sellersburg IN
Chelsey Frith Louisville KY
Sierra Fruchtenicht Louisville KY
Amy Fry Jeffersonville IN
Kenya Fugit Clarksville IN
Davie Fulks-Bishop Sellersburg IN
Ciara Furlong Hobart IN
Emily Gabele Crestwood KY
Kaitlin Gagel Louisville KY
Emma Galligan Clarksville IN
Ethan Galloway French Lick IN
Mason Galvin Salem IN
Samantha Gardner Shepherdsville KY
Abigail Garrett Hanover IN
Salena Garrett Jeffersonville IN
Eric Gasper North Vernon IN
Wesley Gatlin Louisville KY
Holly Gavin Georgetown IN
Jessie Gay Scottsburg IN
Devin Geraghty Georgetown IN
Alexa Gerling Charlestown IN
Daniel Germak Sellersburg IN
Dakotah Gibson Clarksville IN
Travis Gibson Jeffersonville IN
Kelsey Gibson Lanesville IN
Garrett Gilles Jeffersonville IN
Megan Gilley Palmyra IN
Lucas Gilmore New Albany IN
Jacqueline Goff Shepherdsville KY
Brennen Goodin Sellersburg IN
Amanda Goodridge Floyds Knobs IN
Camrie Goodson New Salisbury IN
Tyler Goodwin Charlestown IN
Ryan Gosling Louisville KY
Aubrey Graham New Albany IN
Courtney Grammer Scottsburg IN
Lance Grant Clarksville IN
Cameron Graves Georgetown IN
Amber Graves Henryville IN
Cheyenne Gray Oaktown IN
Camille Greenwell Fort Branch IN
Hannah Gribbins Louisville KY
Alyson Griffith New Albany IN
Anthony Griffiths Sellersburg IN
Jonathan Grimes Corydon IN
Clayton Gulley Georgetown IN
Nadia Guzman Charlestown IN
Rachel Gwin Marengo IN
Matthew Hagan Louisville KY
Caitlyn Hale Charlestown IN
Preston Hall Laconia IN
Eric Hall Louisville KY
Kristina Hall Louisville KY
Stephen Hamby Jeffersonville IN
Matthew Hamby New Albany IN
Brittany Hammock Birdseye IN
Rachel Hancock Lexington IN
Jeanette Hansen Louisville KY
Macy Harber Sellersburg IN
Austin Harbeson Greenville IN
Cameron Hardesty Henryville IN
Natalie Hardy Louisville KY
Jenna Harmon New Albany IN
Kelsey Harrell Pekin IN
Brittany Harris Georgetown IN
Cody Harris Jeffersonville IN
Jenney Harris Marengo IN
Dakota Harris New Albany IN
Kylie Harris New Albany IN
Gwendolyn Harris Salem IN
Kimberly Harrison Louisville KY
Matthew Hartman Salem IN
Alicia Hartweck Tell City IN
Mathew Haskell Louisville KY
Mallory Hatcher Charlestown IN
Vincent Hawkins New Albany IN
Gabrielle Hawkins New Albany IN
Jessica Hayden Sellersburg IN
Alayna Hazelwood Louisville KY
Wendy Headrick Jeffersonville IN
Allison Hedge Paoli IN
Emma Hedrick Clarksville IN
Gregory Heil Jeffersonville IN
Konner Heil New Albany IN
Mason Helgeson Charlestown IN
Jayla Helton Scottsburg IN
Emily Henderson Charlestown IN
Stephanie Hensen Seymour IN
Alex Hensley Henryville IN
Robin Herrington Louisville KY
Ridge Hess Lanesville IN
Anthony Hester Seymour IN
Ryan Hettinger LaGrange KY
Daniel Higgs Louisville KY
Tuyuq Hightower Corydon IN
Angel Hill Charlestown IN
Adam Hill Louisville KY
Felicia Hill Tell City IN
Bridget Hilton Evansville IN
Bibi Ho Louisville KY
Chloe’ Hodges New Albany IN
Daran Hodges Shepherdsville KY
Audrey Hoke Georgetown IN
Jamie Hoke Pekin IN
Leroy Holden Louisville KY
Hunter Holloway Louisville KY
Leah Holsclaw Floyds Knobs IN
Ashley Hoover Silverdale WA
Courtney Hopper Corydon IN
Wendy Hopper Pekin IN
Chase Howard Sellersburg IN
Lindsey Howell Louisville KY
Adam Hudson Floyds Knobs IN
Bryna Huerta Jeffersonville IN
Patricia Huerta Jeffersonville IN
Logan Humphrey Leavenworth IN
Ashley Hunt Floyds Knobs IN
Casey Hussong Lexington IN
Jacqueline Ijames Shepherdsville KY
Hayley Jackey Louisville KY
Courtney Jackson Louisville KY
Caleb Jackson Shepherdsville KY
Breanna Jaggers Louisville KY
Meagan Jaggers New Albany IN
Mark Jallayu Jeffersonville IN
Logan Jankosky Sellersburg IN
Carly Jarboe Cannelton IN
Michelle Jecker Floyds Knobs IN
Jonathon Jeffries Jeffersonville IN
Kye Jenkins Charlestown IN
Eryn Jochim Santa Claus IN
Sydney Johnson Franklin IN
Megan Johnson Georgetown IN
Kameron Johnson Jeffersonville IN
Brandon Johnson Jeffersonville IN
Ashley Johnson Nabb IN
Hayley Johnson New Albany IN
Ethan Johnson Sellersburg IN
Marie Johnston Louisville KY
Jacob Jones Louisville KY
Chaireth Jones New Albany IN
Madison Jones Scottsburg IN
Kristyn Jones Sellersburg IN
Haley Jordan Shelbyville KY
Kayler Jurgensmeyer Floyds Knobs IN
Jessica Justice Sellersburg IN
Kinley Kaelin Louisville KY
Riley Kaiser New Albany IN
Hussnatu Kamara Louisville KY
Aliccia Kasper Madison IN
Alexis Kaufer Corydon IN
Isaiah Kay Pekin IN
Brianna Kazmierzak Floyds Knobs IN
Mason Keeling Ramsey IN
Natalie Keene Louisville KY
Carolyn Keeney Jeffersonville IN
Chris Kenney Louisville KY
Brett Kerlin Louisville KY
Eric Ketterer Louisville KY
Chancela Key Scottsburg IN
Sarah Kimball New Albany IN
Marlena Kinder Bloomington IN
Rachel King Clarksville IN
Reagan King Scottsburg IN
Juliette Kinkle New Albany IN
Shelby Kirchgessner Floyds Knobs IN
Stephen Kirtley Floyds Knobs IN
Mary Klein Floyds Knobs IN
Michael Klein Louisville KY
Veronica Klingsmith Jeffersonville IN
Laura Klosterman Louisville KY
Victoria Klotz Louisville KY
Kaitlyn Knight English IN
Marissa Knoebel Charlestown IN
Joann Konermann Memphis IN
Travis Konermann Memphis IN
Sarah Korcz New Albany IN
Justice Kraft Clarksville IN
Sydni Kratz Charlestown IN
Marissa Kress Ferdinand IN
Kelbie Krieger LaGrange KY
Kimberly Lada Pekin IN
Gavin Lagle Mitchell IN
Nelson LaHue Salem IN
Brianna Lampton Corydon IN
Londyn Lanning Jeffersonville IN
Bayleigh Laster New Albany IN
Olivia Lawhorn Louisville KY
Ciara Lawson Sellersburg IN
Taylor Lay Jeffersonville IN
Whitney Leanhart Bagdad KY
Jacob Ledbetter Otisco IN
Merlin Lee Louisville KY
Jamie Leek Evansville IN
Molly Leffler Depauw IN
Denisea Lewis Lexington IN
Raechel Lewis Tell City IN
Andrea Libretto Clarksville IN
Karissa Light Scottsburg IN
John Linder Goshen KY
Brooke Linder Jeffersonville IN
Allyson Lindley Memphis IN
Oleksiy Linov Louisville KY
Stephen Lionetti Louisville KY
Johnny Litzinger La Grange KY
Sydney Livers Louisville KY
Karli Long Lexington IN
Evan Longacre New Salisbury IN
Richard Longest Corydon IN
Christopher Loos Clarksville IN
Luke Lottes Jasper IN
Hayley Love New Albany IN
Jesse Lowery Louisville KY
Maci Lubker Seymour IN
Benjamin Luken New Albany IN
Ashley Lyninger New Albany IN
Lindsey Maddox Hanover IN
Desiree Magginnis Floyds Knobs IN
Dacqueri Mahar Sellersburg IN
Nathaniel Makowsky New Albany IN
Kaitlynne Manley Jeffersonville IN
Yuening Mao Louisville KY
Macy Marksberry Seymour IN
Derek Mart Sellersburg IN
Mollie Martin New Albany IN
Sydney Martin Ramsey IN
Kaileen Martin Salem IN
Morgan Martin Salem IN
Jessie Martin Sellersburg IN
Alma Martinez Torres Louisville KY
Kirstin Mason Charlestown IN
Melanie Masterson Louisville KY
Shawn Matthews Greenville IN
James Mattingly Corydon IN
Noah Matzke Borden IN
Jacob Mauck Milltown IN
Matthew McBride New Albany IN
Kimberly McCarter Floyds Knobs IN
Edward McCarty Jeffersonville IN
Emma McCullough Brownstown IN
Paula McCutcheon Greenville IN
Haylee McEvoy Jeffersonville IN
Tyler McGeorge Floyds Knobs IN
Andrew McGill Crestwood KY
Hunter McGiveney Louisville KY
Kendra McKnight New Albany IN
Megan McNelly New Albany IN
Allison McPeak Jeffersonville IN
Jerany Medina Ramsey IN
Molly Medlock Henryville IN
Steven Medlock New Albany IN
Kyle Medlock Salem IN
Mikayla Meek Lexington IN
Nicholas Mensendiek Columbus IN
Evan Merida New Albany IN
Stephanie Merkley Ferdinand IN
Brittany Merritt West Baden Springs IN
John Merten New Albany IN
Summer Messer Jeffersonville IN
Madison Miles Boonville IN
Natasha Miller Bardstown KY
Kelsey Miller Corydon IN
Carmen Miller Jeffersonville IN
Aric Miller Lanesville IN
Markos Miller Louisville KY
Reese Miller New Albany IN
Dante Mills New Albany IN
Taylor Minteer Louisville KY
Idrees Mohammed Mirani New Albany IN
Emily Mitchell New Albany IN
Kayla Mollet Salem IN
Alexandria Montgomery Marengo IN
Aubrey Moore Borden IN
Ashley Moore Louisville KY
Karen Moran Memphis IN
Heather Morgan Louisville KY
Taylor Morphis New Albany IN
Andrew Morris Louisville KY
Madelyn Morris Louisville KY
Morgan Morrow Hebron IN
Brooke Morrow Louisville KY
John Moss Greenville IN
Barbara Moss Holland IN
Paige Mosson Palmyra IN
Chantil Mudd Louisville KY
Samantha Mullins Louisville KY
Alexis Munk Pekin IN
Joel Murphy Greenville IN
Mary Murphy New Albany IN
Kashay Murray South Bend IN
Sarah Nasr Louisville KY
Nicole Navarra New Albany IN
Amber Neal Charlestown IN
Emiliyan Nedelchev New Albany IN
Amanda Neff Sellersburg IN
Rebeccah Nesbitt Jeffersonville IN
Tyler Neuman Dale IN
William Neutz Louisville KY
David Neville Danville IN
Larissa Neville Jeffersonville IN
Darci Nevitt Jeffersonville IN
Samantha Newby Charlestown IN
Y Nguyen Louisville KY
Jared Nierman Brownstown IN
Ulises Nieto New Albany IN
Garland Noel Greenville IN
Jennifer North Lanesville IN
Megan Nzombi Sellersburg IN
Kristopher O’Bryan New Albany IN
Tessa O’Loughlin Louisville KY
Cassidy Oak Crothersville IN
Marc Oca Sellersburg IN
Miranda Ochoa Richmond IN
Caleb Oglesby Marengo IN
Beatriz Ojeda Alberteris Louisville KY
Savannah Oldham Bloomington IN
Kyndyl Olds Commiskey IN
Joseph Olin Corydon IN
Rachel Olson Floyds Knobs IN
Karl Olsson Louisville KY
Michael Onstott Corydon IN
Kyia Oppel Depauw IN
Jared Ostrader New Albany IN
Whittney Pait Sellersburg IN
Samantha Parker Crestwood KY
Patrick Parris Simpsonville KY
Emma Patmore Seymour IN
Matthew Paul Floyds Knobs IN
Tyler Pavey Henryville IN
Laikyn Pavey New Albany IN
Abigail Peacock Vincennes IN
Jonathan Pearce New Albany IN
Cortney Perkins New Albany IN
Cody Perry New Albany IN
Lacey Peter Tell City IN
Belinda Petri Jeffersonville IN
Cathleen Petty Scottsburg IN
Hailey Peyton Louisville KY
Caitlynn Pfaadt Louisville KY
Destiney Phillips New Albany IN
Steven Pierce Lanesville IN
Caleb Pinney Orleans IN
Brianne Pinnick Corydon IN
Brandi Pirtle New Salisbury IN
Macy Plaiss Floyds Knobs IN
Brennyn Pollert Seymour IN
Sierra Poole Sellersburg IN
Jenna Previtera New Salisbury IN
Kristen Price Louisville KY
Kayla Prince Sellersburg IN
Mackenzie Pritchett Louisville KY
Rebecca Puckett New Albany IN
Matt Purlee Jeffersonville IN
Madison Query Eckerty IN
Quintera Quinn Jeffersonville IN
Alexis Radcliffe Jeffersonville IN
Cara Rafferty Louisville KY
Allisha Rainbolt Jeffersonville IN
Nicholas Ramos Sellersburg IN
Arley Ramsey Orleans IN
Caitlin Randall New Albany IN
Megan Ransdell Paoli IN
Courtney Rappe Henryville IN
Jillian Recchio Prospect KY
Derrick Redlin Columbus IN
William Reed Jeffersonville IN
Macy Reynolds Crestwood KY
Grant Reynolds Lanesville IN
Emily Riedling Louisville KY
Hannah Righthouse Jeffersonville IN
Madeline Rigsby Crestwood KY
Garrett Ritter Ramsey IN
Jessica Roberts Clarksville IN
Ashley Roberts Floyds Knobs IN
James Roberts New Albany IN
Bryan Roberts New Albany IN
Toni Rodriguez Louisville KY
Richard Rodriguez New Albany IN
Ryan Roehrig Louisville KY
Keera Roelfson New Albany IN
Veronica Roessler Louisville KY
Monica Roman Louisville KY
Carson Roos Floyds Knobs IN
Zachary Roseberry Jeffersonville IN
Courtney Ross Jasper IN
Donald Royce Madison IN
Angela Sabo Mitchell IN
Hannah Sadler New Albany IN
Thomas Sager New Salisbury IN
Jared Sanders Borden IN
Katerin Sanders Louisville KY
Charles Sandifer Georgetown IN
Cassidy Sawyer Seymour IN
Daniel Saydera New Albany IN
Kevin Saylor Georgetown IN
Ethan Schafer Charlestown IN
Brooklyn Schindler Floyds Knobs IN
Audrey Schlegel Mitchell IN
Michael Schnieders Pekin IN
Melanie Schnobrich New Albany IN
Timothy Schoettmer New Albany IN
Michelle Scholtz Mount Washington KY
Jeremy Schrader-Dobris Carmel IN
Haley Schroeder Greenville IN
Braden Schroeder Greenville IN
Scott Schuchardt Borden IN
Amber Schuler Floyds Knobs IN
Morgan Schultz Georgetown IN
Eric Schulze Louisville KY
Samantha Schutt Clarksville IN
Barbara Schwartz English IN
Melissa Sears Clarksville IN
Sydney Seger New Albany IN
Theresa Seidenkranz Louisville KY
Branden Seifried Jeffersonville IN
Michal Seitz Louisville KY
Autumn Sellers Jeffersonville IN
Daniel Selter Louisville KY
Holly Sewell Louisville KY
Nabila Shaeri New Albany IN
Bailey Sharp Clarksville IN
Ashtyn Sharp Evansville IN
Andrea Shelton New Washington IN
Michaela Shelton Palmyra IN
Jordan Shepherd Lanesville IN
Jenna Shine New Albany IN
Michael Shipley Louisville KY
William Shipley Louisville KY
Katherine Shircliff Louisville KY
Audrey Short Louisville KY
Lauretta Shouse New Albany IN
Reynaldo Sierra-Escobedo Jeffersonville IN
Dana Silver Louisville KY
Victoria Simmons New Albany IN
Troi Simms Louisville KY
Tyler Simms Sellersburg IN
Nolan Simpkins Louisville KY
Jessica Skaggs-Renn Charlestown IN
Kacey Slone Nabb IN
Laura Slucher Louisville KY
Chelsey Smith Corydon IN
Kaylee Smith Corydon IN
Daniel Smith Fisherville KY
Anna Smith Jeffersonville IN
Cameron Smith Palmyra IN
Courtney Smyth Jeffersonville IN
Hailey Soard Henryville IN
Litha Sonner Lanesville IN
Catherine Sorrell Borden IN
Makenzie Spalding Corydon IN
Tanner Spalding New Albany IN
Zachary Spalding Salem IN
James Spaulding Georgetown IN
Mercedes Spears Henryville IN
Landon Speer Mitchell IN
Noah Spencer Sellersburg IN
Hannah Spires Bedford IN
Emily Sprinkle Branchville IN
Katie Sproles New Albany IN
Ezra Staggers New Albany IN
Andre Staley Memphis IN
Alexander Stanhope Louisville KY
Emily Steir Louisville KY
Kenneth Stepp Madison IN
Kendra Stevens Goshen KY
Keaton Stiller Floyds Knobs IN
Mallory Stinnett Mt Washington KY
Jeffrey Stolworthy Sellersburg IN
Samuel Stoner Floyds Knobs IN
Hope Storie Madison IN
Kelsey Straub Jeffersonville IN
Katherine Streeter Terre Haute IN
Jared Stuckwisch Seymour IN
Mark Sturgeon Louisville KY
Ashley Suddendorf Corydon IN
Lisa Sullivan Sellersburg IN
Madison Summers Corydon IN
Corey Summers New Albany IN
Taylor Sutton Seymour IN
McKenna Taylor Clarksville IN
Kelsey Tear Louisville KY
Tatum Tedtman Louisville KY
Aubrey Tennyson Scottsburg IN
Matthew Terry Austin IN
Zoe Terwilliger Louisville KY
Jessica Theis Tell City IN
Mamadou Thiello Louisville KY
Shelby Thomas Pekin IN
Trinity Thomas Tennyson IN
Emily Timberlake Ramsey IN
Erika Tischendorf Santa Claus IN
Melanie Titzer Charlestown IN
Jennifer Toby Jeffersonville IN
Patricia Torres Floyds Knobs IN
Leah Trail Louisville KY
Sara Treat Crestwood KY
Margaret Tribbey Clarksville IN
Carrianne Troncin Henryville IN
Griffan True Orleans IN
Jackson Tull New Albany IN
Wesley Tutt Louisville KY
Jeremy Tyree Corydon IN
Taylor Uria Louisville KY
Derek Vaal New Albany IN
Logan Vaught Clarksville IN
Liliana Velasco Sellersburg IN
Giovanni Villar Mendez Louisville KY
Lydia Villiger Georgetown IN
Brandon Visetchaisri Scottsburg IN
Ryan Voignier Jeffersonville IN
Kelci Voyles Georgetown IN
Lauren Voyles Scottsburg IN
Kevin Wade Floyds Knobs IN
Madison Walston Lanesville IN
Michelle Walton New Albany IN
Lorna-Mae Ward Clarksville IN
Amber Wariner Jeffersonville IN
Kaitlyn Washnock Palmyra IN
Cassidy Waters Palmyra IN
Samantha Waymire Scottsburg IN
Brandi Weant Louisville KY
William Weathersby Charlestown IN
Paige Webber New Salisbury IN
Dyane Webster English IN
Kayla Weidman New Albany IN
Shayla Weppler Louisville KY
Rebecca West Greenville IN
Madyson White Austin IN
John White Clarksville IN
Felicia White Louisville KY
Carey White Louisville KY
Emily Whitmer Brooks KY
Mari Whitten Jeffersonville IN
Lydia Wieczorek New Albany IN
Natalie Wiederkehr Ferdinand IN
Nicolaas Wiese Jeffersonville IN
Kacy Wilkerson Corydon IN
Taylor Williams Charlestown IN
Hailey Williams Lanesville IN
Cierra Williams Louisville KY
Tylar Williams Tell City IN
Kirby Williamson LaGrange KY
Jared Willis New Albany IN
Regan Wimsatt Corydon IN
Beau Wimsatt New Albany IN
Teaunna Wise Corydon IN
Brooklyn Woertz Elizabeth IN
Matthew Woeste Aurora IN
Amanda Wood Louisville KY
Ethan Wood New Salisbury IN
Joseph Woods Crestwood KY
Josie Woods Louisville KY
Trey Woodward Charlestown IN
Abigail Woodward Clarksville IN
Luke Woolbright Scottsburg IN
Mackenzie Wortham Floyds Knobs IN
Brittany Wright Floyds Knobs IN
Kimberly Wrigley New Albany IN
Kayla Young Louisville KY
Makayla Young New Albany IN
Ashley Zink Salem IN
Madisyn Zipper New Albany IN
Jacob Zoeller Borden IN
Laura Zoeller Greenville IN
Chad Zoll Greenville IN

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