What’s New: Graduate Certificate in Modern World History

28th July 2017

What’s new at IU Southeast?

The graduate certificate in Modern World History is a career-focused program that provides advanced training in the methods and skills of historians, helping high school teachers satisfy new state guidelines for instruction in dual-credit programs, and giving other admitted graduate students insights into world history  from a broad, comparative perspective.

When is it offered?

Beginning Fall 2017.

What does it look like?

The certificate encompasses six courses: one required course in historical methodology, one elective and four courses covering at least three areas of the world—Asia, Europe, Latin America and the United States—to total 18 credit hours. Students complete an original research project alongside coursework that immerses them in historical geography, actors, social movements and ideas. Many of the courses are taught as seminars and colloquia, encouraging active participation and the sharing of diverse points of view.

Who benefits?

This certificate is designed to meet the needs of high school teachers who are teaching dual-credit history courses in the State of Indiana, and who are required by the Higher Learning Commission to earn 18 credit hours in this field in order for their students to receive the full benefit of those courses. It also fulfills the requirements for a concentration in the Master of Science in Education (secondary) program at IU Southeast, for students pursuing that degree and hoping to expand their portfolio of credentials. But it is open to anyone with a bachelor’s degree who would like advanced training but isn’t seeking a full master’s degree at this time.

What can you do with a certificate in Modern World History?

Besides being qualified to teach dual-credit high school history courses, the certificate enables students to broaden their awareness of the historical roots of the contemporary events, and through exploring numerous cultures in a comparative format, to understand the interconnectedness of global humanity. Historical research skills—including the use of primary sources, critical analysis, citation, writing—are universally applicable, and are frequently the foundation for careers in law, government, journalism and business.

Words of wisdom

“A survey of local high school teachers and our former graduates showed that great interest and need existed in our community to expand historical knowledge and credentials.  The certificate is an excellent opportunity for individuals to think globally and historically as they work one-on-one with faculty in developing their writing, research, and critical thinking skills.”

—Dr. Kelly A. Ryan, associate professor of history and dean, School of Social Sciences

Learn more

For information on this program, please contact Dr. Yu Shen, professor of history & international studies at 812-941-2533 or yshen@ius.edu.

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