IU Southeast faculty members receive IU Trustees Teaching Awards for classroom excellence

2nd June 2017
Recipients of the Trustees Teaching Award for 2017: Kenneth Harris, David Taylor, Anne Allen, Beth Rueschhoff, Ranida Harris.

Recipients of the IU Trustees Teaching Award are (from l) Kenneth Harris, David Taylor, Anne Allen, Beth Rueschhoff, Ranida Harris.

By Steven Krolak

(NEW ALBANY, Ind.)—Seven IU Southeast faculty have received IU Trustees Teaching Awards for the 2016 calendar year.

The IU Trustees Teaching Awards were first awarded in 2000-2001 to recognize and enhance excellent teaching, especially at the undergraduate level. The awards are open to tenured and tenure-track faculty, as well as full-time lecturers and clinical faculty primarily involved in teaching. Faculty who receive the awards have distinguished themselves as educators in the broadest sense during the calendar year, providing excellent and innovative classroom experiences while also offering students opportunities for further immersion and maintaining their own presence in their fields, such as through peer-reviewed publications and presentations at scholarly conferences, in order to inform and enliven their instruction with the most current ideas and practices.

This year’s IU Trustees Teaching Award recipients at IU Southeast are:

Anne Allen, Professor of Fine Arts, School of Arts and Letters

Kenneth Harris, Associate Professor of Management, School of Business

Ranida Harris, Associate Professor of Management Information Systems, School of Business

Paul Pittman, Professor of Operations and Supply Chain Management, School of Business

Beth Rueschhoff, Assistant Professor of Biology, School of Natural Sciences

Lisa Russell, Assistant Professor of Strategic Management and Entrepreneurship, School of Business

David Winship Taylor, Professor of Biology, School of Natural Sciences

Lisa Russell, School of Business

Lisa Russell.

Each year recipients are recommended to the Chancellor and Executive Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs by the Improvement of Learning Committee (IOLC) based on dossiers submitted by faculty. These dossiers give faculty the opportunity to express their teaching philosophy and goals, provide evidence of the impact of their approach on student learning outcomes, detail their contribution as leaders for the enhancement of teaching and learning, and show how they have facilitated learning outside the classroom. Peer and student evaluations may also play a role in determining the award. The final determination is made by the Chancellor.

Paul Pittman, School of Business

Paul Pittman.

“At Indiana University Southeast, we pride ourselves on the high quality of our teaching staff,” said Dr. Angela Salas, associate vice chancellor for academic affairs. “Thus, being recognized with a Trustees Teaching Award means that, during the year of the award, an individual faculty member has achieved at an extraordinary level, delivering excellent and informed instruction and mentorship, while exhibiting a consistent  interest in continuous improvement, both of their students and of their own pedagogy.”

Homepage photo (from left): Kenneth Harris, David Winship Taylor, Anne Allen, Beth Rueschhoff, Ranida Harris. Not pictured: Paul Pittman, Lisa Russell.

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