What’s New: Bachelor of Interdisciplinary Studies

24th April 2017

What’s new at IU Southeast?

The Bachelor of Interdisciplinary Studies in Arts and Humanities (B.I.S.) at IU Southeast is the only undergraduate liberal studies degree program in the Louisville metro area. It provides excellent multidisciplinary preparation in the Arts and Humanities while allowing students the flexibility to concentrate in areas that are relevant to their personal interests or career goals.

When is it offered?

This degree will be offered beginning in the fall 2017 semester.

What does it look like?

The degree is primarily face-to-face, but there are also hybrid components and online options for interested students. Students obtain 30 credits in General Education, 9 additional credits in the Arts and Humanities or Social Sciences, then 45 credits—15 credits in three specific areas—in the Arts and Humanities (English, philosophy, fine arts, music, communication, modern languages, theatre and women and gender studies). The remaining 36 credits of electives may be selected from the Arts and Humanities and disciplines across campus.

Who benefits?

Anyone with goals or interests not encompassed by a traditional degree. Students who have completed an A.A. degree should be interested, since all of their credits count and they can enter the program as juniors, ready to focus on their concentrations. The program is attractive for veterans, transfer students, late major-switchers and others who may have lots of accumulated credits without enough to apply to an undergrad degree in one particular field—the B.I.S. will allow them to complete their degrees on time, without taking on additional debt or delaying employment.

What can you do with the Bachelor of Interdisciplinary Studies degree?

The B.I.S. degree prepares students for selective graduate programs and a new work environment. The B.I.S. gives students the skills that employers in a variety of fields are looking for, while laying the foundation for successful entry into careers that value research skills, communication skills, team project experience, innovation, computer and multi-media competency, critical thinking, time management and generally informed perspectives about the world.

Words of wisdom

“Employers across disciplines are increasingly looking at prospective employees’ “soft skills”: Do these job candidates speak well and communicate clearly? Are they leaders with the ability to work within a group? Do they problem-solve using sensitivity, creativity and common sense? The B.I.S. degree will help students be able to answer ‘yes’ to all of those questions. Current statistics say that the average person will change careers five to seven times throughout her or his lifetime. This degree will support this mobility and flexibility by enabling students to hone their skills in their chosen area of expertise. This is a degree of the future!”

Jim Hesselman, Dean of the School of Arts and Letters

Learn more

To learn more about this program, contact Gregory Roberts, lead academic advisor in the School of Arts and Letters, at 812-941-2342 or Jessica Thomas, academic advisor in the School of Arts and Letters, at 812-941-2342.