What’s New: Bachelor of Science in Neuroscience

21st November 2016

What’s New at IU Southeast?

We are excited to offer a new Bachelor of Science in Neuroscience—the only neuroscience program for undergraduates in the greater Louisville area. Neuroscience is the field that investigates how the brain and nerves of the body function.

When is it offered?

This degree will be offered beginning in the spring 2017 semester.

What does it look like?

This is a multi-disciplinary 120-credit hour bachelor’s degree that includes coursework in psychology, biology and chemistry. The required courses provide skills in:

Written and oral communication

Research methodology and statistical analysis

Laboratory investigation

Locating and evaluating information

In addition to the required courses, this degree provides a lot of flexibility for students to choose courses that will best prepare them for their future goals, for example choosing more biology courses if interested in medicine or choosing more psychology courses if interested in psychological conditions.

Who benefits?

This program is a great fit for anyone who is interested in better understanding the roots of human behavior, including psychological conditions. Students interested in pursuing medical school or advanced training in related fields such as psychology, occupational therapy or physical therapy will find this degree beneficial.

What can you do with a degree in neuroscience?

This degree prepares students to work in research laboratories, the neurotechnology industry, and the medical field. Since the nervous system is the basis for all human behaviors and thoughts, understanding the nervous system provides insight into everything that people think, do and feel.

Words of wisdom

“Neuroscience is an exciting field that has real promise for curing ailments such as Alzheimer’s disease and paralysis and for understanding such complex human processes as love and aggression. As the only program of its kind in the area, we are providing a unique opportunity for Kentuckiana students to enter a growing and innovative field.”

—Dr. Meghan Kahn, associate professor of psychology and neuroscience faculty member

Learn more

To learn more about this program, contact Dr. Diane Wille, psychology program coordinator, at dwille@ius.edu or 812-941-2300 or Dr. Meghan Kahn, neuroscience faculty member, at mckahn@ius.edu or 812-941-2174.

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