IU Southeast to hold full-scale active shooter exercise on July 26

18th July 2016

NEW ALBANY, Ind. — A full-scale active shooter exercise will be conducted on the IU Southeast campus on Tuesday, July 26, from 9 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

The IU Southeast Police Department – as well as local, county and state police and fire rescue – will be involved in the exercise. More than 40 IU Southeast staff, employees and students will also be involved.

During the exercise, law enforcement, fire rescue and EMS personnel will enter into buildings on campus and transport the “injured” actors away from the incident site to a simulated hospital drop off.

Do not be alarmed by sirens or uniformed first responders on the IU Southeast campus during this exercise. IU Southeast students will play the role of victims with make-up to simulate realistic-looking injuries. It may look real to you, but it is part of the drill. The “injured” will be transported by first responders to a simulated hospital drop off. Please do not attempt to intervene or assist in the exercise.

While the campus as a whole will not need to take shelter as part of the exercise, IU Southeast encourages students, faculty and staff to use tomorrow to review the quick guide of what to do in event of an emergency on campus. A full version of the Comprehensive Emergency Action Plan is available on the IU Southeast Police Department web page.

The exercise will focus on development of a common operating picture, alert notification, recovery operations implemented by the campus and interoperability communication between police, fire, EMS and local Emergency Management Agencies.

The exercise is being facilitated by the IU Office of Emergency Management and Continuity in support of IU’s commitment to maintain a safe environment for working, learning and living.

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