What’s New: Certificate in Core Competencies

18th December 2015

What’s New at IU Southeast?

The certificate in core competencies gives people a pathway to better jobs or higher education by satisfying LEAP requirements and delivering in-demand “soft” skills in communication, critical thinking, adaptability, teamwork, leadership and more.

When is it offered?

Every semester.

What does it look like?

The program is designed so that full-time students can complete their general education in one calendar year. It includes courses in English, speech, mathematics, natural and social sciences. Courses can be taken on campus, online or in combination (hybrid).

Who should check it out?

Students – especially adult learners with some or no college credits — who wish to acquire general education or soft skills that will allow them to increase their earning power or access a university degree program.

What can you do with a certificate in core competencies?

Simply put: you can advance. Some 90 percent of employers believe that soft skills are becoming more important, according to a survey by Talent Q/Hay Group. And 77 percent say that these skills are just as important as specialized “hard” skills in the increasingly team-oriented workplace. The certificate in core competencies demonstrates your proficiency in desirable interpersonal skills that can be the final piece of your career puzzle.

Words of wisdom

“Learning more about how to communicate, how to write, and how to think critically will be beneficial to anyone, whether they want to advance in the workplace, get a university education, or just prove to the kids that they can do it!”

—Samantha Earley, Ph.D., dean of the School of Arts and Letters

Learn more:

The certificate is open to all people with a high school diploma or GED, and high school students who are specially admitted to take the required courses. For more information, contact Gregory Roberts, advisor in the School of Arts and Letters, at 812-941-2342 or grobert3@ius.edu, or Jennifer Daniels, advisor in the School of Arts and Letters, at 812-941-2342 or jdaniel2@ius.edu.

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