What’s New: B.A. in Physics

5th November 2015

What’s new at IU Southeast?

The new B.A. in physics, giving IU Southeast a comprehensive array of undergraduate science degree programs.

When is it offered?

Beginning Fall 2016.

What does it look like?

Physics tells us how the world works. The major requirements include credits in physics, mathematics, chemistry and computer science besides general education and B.A. coursework, including foreign language.

Who should check it out?

Students who want a classic undergraduate degree in physics, but also students who want to combine physics with mathematics, chemistry, computer science, geosciences or other options to create their own double majors.

What can you do with a degree in physics?

Many industries seek physics graduates, including aerospace, telecommunications, electronics, quality control testing and computing, but also banking, insurance, management, urban planning and the Armed Forces.

Words of wisdom

“Demand for people trained in physics and other STEM fields is rising. No other school on this side of the river in our area offers a bachelor’s degree in physics. Our classes are small, with personal attention from faculty who are focused on teaching.”

–Kyle Forinash III, Ph.D., professor of physics

Learn more:

Contact Jessica Sarver, academic advisor in the School of Natural Sciences at jsarver@ius.edu.



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