A Great Beginning

25th August 2014

The IU Southeast 2014-15 academic year officially  begins today, and the campus is already off to a big start.

Move-In Day
The campus welcomed 400 residents on Thursday as the five residential lodges opened for the new year. As students converged on the campus from as far away as Florida, California and Europe, members of staff and faculty, in neon yellow “Movers” shirts, helped students check-in, move boxes and find their way around the campus they will call home for the next four years.

There was a new face this year –  the leader of IU Southeast, Chancellor Ray Wallace. He was at the check-in location in UC North when the doors opened. As students waited their turn to check-in, Chancellor Wallace spent time engaging with them, learning more about the students who make up the campus he took leadership of just last month.

The day concluded with an address from Chancellor Wallace to on-campus residents, and the completion of the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge by Jason Meriwether, Vice Chancellor for Enrollment Management and Student Affairs. During the event, Chancellor Wallace accepted the challenge as well, and will complete it this week with coaches from the athletics department.

Induction Day
The largest greeting of the IU Southeast incoming freshman class occurred on Friday in the Activities Building. Approximately 650 students participated in the annual Induction Ceremony, that included remarks from Chancellor Wallace to the Class of 2018, and the official pinning ceremony. As students and parents exited the building to make their way to McCullough Plaza, dozens of faculty and staff members lined the walkway to cheer and high five students in celebration of this milestone.

Week of Welcome
Today, the entire student body returns to campus to begin the fall semester. Coordinated by the Student Program Council, Week of Welcome is packed with daily activities that include cookouts, free soft drinks, live music, donuts, directions and opportunities to get involved in the campus community.

Monday, Aug. 25
Donuts and Directions (7:30 a.m. in McCullough Plaza)
CSF Day – Free Lunch & Music (Noon in McCullough Plaza)

Tuesday, Aug. 26
Donuts and Directions (7:30 a.m. in McCullough Plaza)
GSA Day – Free Lunch & Music (Noon in McCullough Plaza)
Musician Joey Hyde (Noon in McCullough Plaza)

Wednesday, Aug. 27
Greek Day – Free Lunch & Music (Noon in McCullough Plaza)
Musician Preston Pugmire  (Noon in McCullough Plaza)

Thursday, Aug. 28
Free Lunch – Richard Stottman (Noon in McCullough Plaza)
DJ Cyntrix (8 p.m. in the Hoosier Room)

Friday, Aug. 29
Louisville Worldfest Bus Trip (5:30 p.m. in McCullough Plaza)

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