Channell Barbour’s research on gay and lesbian college athletes published by NASPA

16th April 2014

Channell_BarbourNEW ALBANY, IN (April 16, 2014)–Channell Barbour, associate director of student life at Indiana University Southeast, leads a very busy life helping students. She’s a vivacious presence on the New Albany campus. Off the clock, Barbour has been a busy student herself working toward her doctorate degree.

Barbour began researching gay and lesbian college athletes in 2008 at Indiana State University in Terre Haute; she began writing her dissertation in 2010. Recently her research titled “The Lived Experiences of Gay and Lesbian College Athletes: A Research Proposal” was one of three scholarly papers selected by the National Association of Student Personnel Administrators (NASPA) Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, and Transgender Knowledge Community.

NASPA helps to advocated for the GLBT community and promote campus outreach programs. Barbour’s paper will be published in their National Conference edition of the White Paper.

Barbour said she is honored to have her paper published by NASPA. “I did feel a big sense of pride that a topic that has been so taboo is getting noticed. After my interviews, my participants thanked me so much that someone took an interest in their voices and that they were actually asked how they feel instead of people assuming how a gay or lesbian college athlete might feel,” said Barbour. “For me to know that I am serving a population whose voices are hushed, this is a great way for me to be their voice and advocate.”

Jason Meriwether, vice chancellor of student affairs, said that he is very proud of Barbour. “This is a huge deal as the NASPA GLBT White Paper is one of the most submitted to, but the hardest to be selected for,” Meriwether said.

Barbour said that she did not understand what a great accomplishment this was at first. “I thought everyone who submitted an essay got chosen,” Barbour said. “I couldn’t believe when I was just one of three.”

While excited about NASPA, Barbour said that she still has quite a bit of work to do for her doctorate, including defending her research in June or July. “When everything is over and done with, then I will get excited,” Barbour said.

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