Biology professor awarded Fulbright scholarship, leaves for Jordan

25th April 2014

Omar Attum, assistant professor of biology, prides himself on taking his students off the beaten path for research. This year he himself will take the road less traveled for his studies, immersing himself in the culture of Jordan.

Attum was awarded the full Fulbright scholarship to further his research. This scholarship will pay for him and his family to live, tax free, in Jordan for a year. This includes housing, salary and travel expenses.

Attum was honored when he found out that he received the scholarship through an email.

“I was in a conference and I immediately forwarded the email to my wife,” Attum said. “This is such a great opportunity, not only for me but for my family as well.”

While there Attum plans on studying the wildlife indigenous to the area, specifically the Nubian Ibex goat.

In addition to researching wildlife and the environment, Attum is a freelance photographer. Recently his work has been published with the American University in Cairo Press, for his work with Sinai, Egypt. His book is titled “Sinai Landscape and Nature in Egypt’s Wilderness,” will hit the shelves in September of this year.

While in Jordan Attum said he will photograph his experience and hopes to publish another book about it.

Attum will return to IU Southeast after a year, he is most excited to bring back with him what he has learned and incorporate it into the classroom.

“This experience will allow me to better train my students for when they are out in the field doing their own research,” Attum said.

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