IU Southeast professor published by Oxford

26th February 2014

Professor Kelly Ryan's book Regulating Passion.

IU Southeast Associate Professor of History Kelly Ryan’s book titled Regulating Passion: Sexuality and Patriarchal Rule in Massachusetts, 1700-1830 was recently published by Oxford University Press. It is set to be on shelves this month.

The themes discussed within the non-fiction book are the changes that affected the social and political life styles that happened to be centered on sexual behavior during the late eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries in Massachusetts.Ryan also discusses the stories of individuals accused of sexual crimes and how the social elites of the time hoped to exploit such sexual behavior.

“A lot of my former and current students are pretty excited about this book,” Ryan said.

John Gilbert McCurdy, author of Citizen Bachelors said that students and readers will be impressed by the amount of research that went in to the book.

Regulating Passion adds a refreshingly new dimension to the literature of race and gender in Revolutionary America,” McCurdy said.

On April 16 at 6 p.m. at the Carnegie center in New Albany, Ryan will be giving a book talk. The book is currently available to purchase at http://ukcatalogue.oup.com.