IU Southeast Alumni Association awards scholarships

24th January 2014

NEW ALBANY, IN (Jan. 24, 2014) – The Indiana University Southeast Alumni Association is paying it forward with the awarding of $25,000 in student scholarships.

The Alumni Association recently presented 16 students with a total of $25,000 in scholarships for the spring semester.

“The decision was difficult, but we feel all of these students truly represent what we stand for as the Alumni Association,” Lynn Prinz, president of the IU Southeast Alumni Association said. “These are hard working individuals with a commitment to excellence. We are glad to help current students, who will one day, hopefully be in our position and able to help the next generation of Grenadiers.”

The students who received scholarships are:

  • Jacob Barnett, Senior, Business, Sellersburg, Ind.
  • Kelsey Brown, Junior, Business, Salem, Ind.
  • Joshua Crase, Senior, Biology, Sellersburg, Ind.
  • Kyle Sweetland, Senior, Business, New Albany, Ind.
  • Samanta Calloway, Sophomore, Pre-Dental Hygiene, Salem, Ind.
  • Jazmin Oliver, Junior, Secondary Education and Spanish, Georgetown, Ind.
  • Taylor Troncin, Senior, Education and English, New Albany, Ind.
  • Morgan Williams, Sophomore, Business, Corydon, Ind.
  • Alexander Bush, Freshman, Advertising, Newburgh, Ind.
  • Carolyn Pellman, Senior, Nursing, Milltown, Ind.
  • Chuck Rogers, Sophomore, Computer Science, Sellersburg, Ind.
  • Jacob Watrous, Freshman, Special Education, Fishers, Ind.
  • Alison Blessett, Sophomore, Special Education, Salisbury, Ind.
  • Caitlyn Janes, Senior, Education, Salisbury, Ind.
  • Ladybird Nwogu, Sophomore, Business, New Albany, Ind.
  • Ethan Robbins, Junior, Geosciences, Salem, Ind.

The Alumni Association is again offering $25,000 in student scholarships for the fall 2014 semesters. For more details and to apply for scholarships, please visit ius.edu/alumni.

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