IU Southeast announces Class of 2013

14th May 2013

NEW ALBANY, IN, (May 14, 2013) – Members of Indiana University Southeast’s largest graduating class – 1,189 students – became alumni at the University’s 45th Commencement ceremony on May 6.

Students eligible to participate in the May 2013 ceremony were comprised of students who earned a degree in December 2012 and those who were expected to earn degrees in May and August 2013.

More than 25,000 IU Southeast degrees have been awarded since 1968. Nearly 90 percent of graduates remain in Indiana and the Greater Louisville Metropolitan Region.

Included below is the list of graduates alphabetically by hometown and state.

Last Name, First Name City State
Fuller, Elliott Allen Clayton CA
Hare, Jonathan William Colorado Springs CO
Tymensen, Rylan Denver CO
Humphrey, Megan Taylor Oak Brook IL
Dayton, John Allen Paris IL
Couch, Crystal Marie Austin IN
Durham, Rosie Austin IN
Fox, Wallace Dale Austin IN
Lowe, Tiffany Kay Austin IN
Storms, Samantha Kay Bedford IN
Zimmer, Sarah Elizabeth Bedford IN
Murphy, Megan Rene’ Bloomington IN
Bishop, Shelbi Lyn Borden IN
Book, Ashley Brooke Borden IN
Craig, Krystal Ann Borden IN
Edrington, Heather Nicole Borden IN
Fetko, Miri Christine Borden IN
Myers, Melissa Dee Borden IN
Pangburn, Amber Catherine Borden IN
Roll, Carl Anthony Borden IN
Shutt, Raymond Tyler Borden IN
Stonecipher, Charla Kaye Borden IN
Weatherford, Katie Elizabeth Borden IN
Gehlhausen, Audra Rose Bristow IN
Allen, Ashley Ann Brownstown IN
Briner, Brandon Michael Brownstown IN
Broughton, Media Dawn Brownstown IN
Wischmeier, Lindsey Ann Brownstown IN
Jenkins, Kayla Marie Campbellsburg IN
Maudlin, Danielle Dawn Campbellsburg IN
Snyder, Jessica Renee Campbellsburg IN
Strange, Claudia Rose Campbellsburg IN
Schneider, Erin Nicole Cannelton IN
Vandiver, Bradley Bryant Carmel IN
Spooner, Nathan Edward Celestine IN
Elswick, Sheila Lynn Central IN
Alexander, Todd Edward Charlestown IN
Balmer, Linda Sue Charlestown IN
Carroll, Rebekah Marie Charlestown IN
Dattilo, Jeremy Logan Charlestown IN
Doherty, Adam Ray Charlestown IN
Flood, James T Charlestown IN
Francisco, Andrew James Charlestown IN
Hall, Meghan Lynn Charlestown IN
Jackson, Katelyn Marie Charlestown IN
Koressel, Josef T Charlestown IN
Lord, Adam Tyler Charlestown IN
Marr, Trae Andrew Charlestown IN
McCain, Ryan Anthony Charlestown IN
McDaniel, Molly Jane Charlestown IN
Miller, Jacqueline Nichole Charlestown IN
Miller, Nicole Reneé Charlestown IN
Oyler, Melissa Ann Charlestown IN
Parkerson, Crystal Michelle Charlestown IN
Petters, Landon Anthony Charlestown IN
Pritchard, James Virgil Charlestown IN
Reid, Rebecca Marie Charlestown IN
Rudolph, Jessica Lee Charlestown IN
Schlageter, Kimberly Lynn Charlestown IN
Smith, Ashley E. Sullivan Charlestown IN
Tipton, Stephanie Lynn Charlestown IN
Wesley, Felicla Gail Charlestown IN
Wood, Brittney Danielle Charlestown IN
Woods, Susan Foster Charlestown IN
Worthington III, Joseph A Charlestown IN
Almeida, Andrea L Clarksville IN
Amick, Heidi Michelle Clarksville IN
Bailey, Michael Darrin Clarksville IN
Beeler, Alexander Victor Clarksville IN
Bisinger, Jessica Leigh Clarksville IN
Bisinger, Josh Aaron Clarksville IN
Braden, Jenilyn B Clarksville IN
Brown, Telesha Candice Clarksville IN
Chiang, Chi Che Clarksville IN
Clements, Krystle Marie Clarksville IN
Ferguson II, Robert William Clarksville IN
Field, Beatrice Adella Clarksville IN
Flores, Savannah Joyce Clarksville IN
Forrester, Vanessa Rene Clarksville IN
Galligan, Doug Allen Clarksville IN
Glaab, Ashley Rose Clarksville IN
Hamilton, Alisa Rene Clarksville IN
Hopkins, Jasmine Renee Clarksville IN
Kane, Brianna N Clarksville IN
Lenfert, Audra Darlene Clarksville IN
Loos, Anastasia Lucille Clarksville IN
McCoskey, Timothy J Clarksville IN
McIntire, Sarah Elizabeth Clarksville IN
McLochlin, Christopher Ayron Clarksville IN
McLochlin, Natalie Marie Clarksville IN
Moody, Jonathan Robert Clarksville IN
Murry, Matthew Robert Clarksville IN
Picache Altamirano, Brenda Clarksville IN
Ramsey, Erica Laine Clarksville IN
Rayborn, Carolyn Michelle Clarksville IN
Richert, Amanda Lynne Clarksville IN
Sands, Stephanie Michelle Clarksville IN
Schleker, Sarah Jean Clarksville IN
Smith, Janae Nicole Clarksville IN
Snyder, Chris Roger Clarksville IN
Vaughn, Sarah Elizabeth Clarksville IN
Wade, James Matthew Clarksville IN
White, Timothy Adam Clarksville IN
Wilton, Christopher Paul Clarksville IN
Woodson Jr, Michael Dale Clarksville IN
Dattilo, Haily Dawn Commiskey IN
Manning, Lauren Commiskey IN
Allen, Kari Rae Corydon IN
Ayers, Scott Marshall Corydon IN
Bachman, Taffany C Corydon IN
Banks, Samantha Lee Corydon IN
Bottorff, Brandie-Rae Danielle Corydon IN
Brown, Isaac Dean Corydon IN
Coburn, Tamara L Corydon IN
Conrad, Mary Katherine Corydon IN
Driver, Christopher Joel Corydon IN
Eastridge, Kerry Sean Corydon IN
Goller, Mariya Nicole Corydon IN
Goodwin, Constance Mary Corydon IN
Hawkins, Nathan Ryan Corydon IN
Henderson, Chelsea Lynn Corydon IN
Inman, David Anthony Corydon IN
Longest, Jessica L Corydon IN
Mc Collum, William Vernon Corydon IN
Meunier, Lauren Elizabeth Corydon IN
Pennington, Gordon David Corydon IN
Saulman, Calvin Michael Corydon IN
Schneider, Felicia Nichole Corydon IN
Self, Jennifer Ann Corydon IN
Smith-Wilkins, Dana Lynn Corydon IN
Stark, Benjamin Jerome Corydon IN
Strickland, Patricia Lynn Corydon IN
Ward, Lindsey Michelle Corydon IN
Wellman, Amber Marie Corydon IN
White Jr, William James Corydon IN
White, Chelsea Tyn Corydon IN
Windell, Amber Dawn Corydon IN
Wolfe, Maria Louise Corydon IN
McConnell, Jennesy Lynn Crandall IN
Baker, Tesia Renae Crothersville IN
Brandenburg, Rita Faye Crothersville IN
Lanning, Lacey Joe Crothersville IN
Overgaard, Nickolas Allen Crothersville IN
Scifres, Courtnee Joan Crothersville IN
Spicer, Ashley Jean Crothersville IN
Copelin, Lydia Ann Depauw IN
Harmon, Timothy Lee Depauw IN
Smith, Kari Marie Depauw IN
Stowers, David Lee Depauw IN
Law, Lindsey Marie Deputy IN
Newton, Christopher Edward Eckerty IN
Biesel, Gina Marie Elizabeth IN
Bower, Lillian Michelle Elizabeth IN
Clark, Jenna Kay Elizabeth IN
Kaiser, Derek Scott Elizabeth IN
Kincaid, Sarah Alizabeth Elizabeth IN
Sadler, Caitlin Elizabeth Elizabeth IN
Steele, Bryce Patricia Elizabeth IN
Martin, Tracy Lee Elizabethtown IN
Bullington, Alicia Nicole English IN
Laswell, Megan Ann English IN
McLain, Nancy Marie English IN
Record, Angela Chirstein English IN
Anderson, Timothy Bradford Floyds Knobs IN
Camp, Brittney Christine Floyds Knobs IN
Conley, Erika Nicole Floyds Knobs IN
Crone IV, George Theodore Floyds Knobs IN
Cupp, Matthew Troy Floyds Knobs IN
Cyr, Madison Fay Floyds Knobs IN
Dauby, Danielle Jean Floyds Knobs IN
Dean, Michael Eugene Floyds Knobs IN
Dukes, Darra Leigh Floyds Knobs IN
Engle, Natalie Brooke Floyds Knobs IN
Fee, Kristine Louise Floyds Knobs IN
Ferguson, Cody David Floyds Knobs IN
Flener, Billie Jo Floyds Knobs IN
Hancock, Brett Jason Floyds Knobs IN
Heishman, Hailey Victoria Floyds Knobs IN
Hutchens, Cody Patrick Floyds Knobs IN
Jackson, Brett Alexander Floyds Knobs IN
Kirchgessner, Jordan Floyds Knobs IN
Krammes, Kellen Frank Floyds Knobs IN
Kruer, Adam Joseph Floyds Knobs IN
Kruer, Duane Anthony Floyds Knobs IN
Loop, Brittany A Floyds Knobs IN
McGee, Rhonda Lea Floyds Knobs IN
McMillin, Kaitlyn Marie Floyds Knobs IN
Nelson, Teresa Marie Floyds Knobs IN
Nunier, Natalie Michelle Floyds Knobs IN
Orange, Wesley Thomas Floyds Knobs IN
Parnell, Tyler Niles Floyds Knobs IN
Patty, J Brendan Floyds Knobs IN
Rodden, Jennifer Nicole Floyds Knobs IN
Scalf, Joshua Donald Floyds Knobs IN
Schroering, Cameron Thomas Floyds Knobs IN
Stiller, Lauren Michelle Floyds Knobs IN
Wilbert, William Spencer Floyds Knobs IN
Woolbright, Ryan Dale Floyds Knobs IN
Young, Derek James Floyds Knobs IN
Galloway, Emily Elaine French Lick IN
Schaefer, Kendra Marie Fulda IN
Allen, Aaron James Georgetown IN
Barnes, Morgan Keely Georgetown IN
Blevins, Brittany Sarah Georgetown IN
Brown, Audrey Dawn Georgetown IN
Cockerell, Daniel Edward Georgetown IN
Freiberger, Kathryn Ann Georgetown IN
Fulkerson, Whitney Denise Georgetown IN
Garber, Shelby Leah Georgetown IN
Glomb, Christine Frances Georgetown IN
Gold, Angel Erin Georgetown IN
Harbison, Randa Lee Georgetown IN
Holderman, Abbey Louise Georgetown IN
Kraus, Stephanie Marie Georgetown IN
Lingross, Larry Lee Georgetown IN
McKinley, Courtney Danielle Georgetown IN
Meredith Jr, Michael Edward Georgetown IN
Merritt, Kacy Paige Georgetown IN
Murray, Gale Frey Georgetown IN
Pedolzky, Amber J Georgetown IN
Petty, Michael James Georgetown IN
Schmelz, Sara Francis Georgetown IN
Shackelford, Jonathan Christopher Georgetown IN
Stillman, Benjamin Joseph Georgetown IN
Teigland, Brita Louise Georgetown IN
Villiger, Amie N Georgetown IN
Wells, Justin Ray Georgetown IN
Williams, Alisha Nicole Georgetown IN
Wilson, Katherine Michelle Georgetown IN
Weathers, Tessa Kay Marie Grantsburg IN
Brewer, Juliana Dye Greenville IN
Cherry, Nicholas Adam Greenville IN
Cook, David Wayne Greenville IN
Craycroft, Monica Elizabeth Greenville IN
Duffy, Nathan Forrest Greenville IN
Jager, Brian Allan Greenville IN
Lambert, Robert Arthur Greenville IN
Masden, Erica Michelle Greenville IN
Munn, Claire Anne Margaret Greenville IN
Nevin, Ashley Kay Greenville IN
Niles, Kasceio Ann Greenville IN
Richardson, Stephanie Kaye Greenville IN
Rowell, Amy Annalise Greenville IN
Sirles, Barry L Greenville IN
Sullivan, Emily Ruth Greenville IN
Price, Heather Michelle Greenwood IN
Weaver, Mitchell Thomas Greenwood IN
Brawner, Erin Michelle Hanover IN
McGarry, Colin Christopher Hanover IN
Miller, Traci Michelle Hanover IN
Peacock, Heather Anne Hanover IN
Stephens, Dakota J Hanover IN
Trapp, Rebeka Hanover IN
Hardesty, Elizabeth Ann Hardinsburg IN
Hill, Kassandra Nicole Hardinsburg IN
Wininger, Amber Michelle Hardinsburg IN
Dickerson, Heather Dawn Henryville IN
Forehand, Samantha Jo Henryville IN
Gilstrap, Maggie Aleen Henryville IN
Horton, Jacob Miles Henryville IN
Kannapel, Ryan Seth Owen Henryville IN
Schneider, Anthony Lee Henryville IN
Walker, Kara Leigh Henryville IN
Berwick, Zachary Christopher Indianapolis IN
Norris, Brittany Lynn Indianapolis IN
Rodeheffer, Emily Katherine Indianapolis IN
Schroering, Jason Cyril Jasper IN
Allen, Stephanie Lynn Jeffersonville IN
Amburgey, Trenton Daryl Jeffersonville IN
Barlar, Zachary Ray Jeffersonville IN
Barnett, Jocelen Ann Jeffersonville IN
Batsaikhan, Delgertsetseg Jeffersonville IN
Bhatt, Abhijana P Jeffersonville IN
Bisinger, Kayla Rechelle Jeffersonville IN
Blagaia, Natalia Jeffersonville IN
Borelli, David A Jeffersonville IN
Bostock, Adam Ray Jeffersonville IN
Bradley Jr, Christopher Dean Jeffersonville IN
Burton, Adam Dale Jeffersonville IN
Caldwell, Lindsay R Jeffersonville IN
Caple, Amanda Tiffany Jeffersonville IN
Carchano, Stevie Michelle Jeffersonville IN
Carlton, Philip Thomas Jeffersonville IN
Chenault, April C Jeffersonville IN
Clements, Stephen Daniel Jeffersonville IN
Collins, Brian Grant Jeffersonville IN
Compton, Michele Marie Jeffersonville IN
Cooley, Jessica Lynn Jeffersonville IN
Cross, Nathaniel Paul Jeffersonville IN
Davidson, Beth Lynette Jeffersonville IN
Davis, Phillip Steven Jeffersonville IN
Davis, Sarah Lynn Jeffersonville IN
Dearing, Christina Louise Jeffersonville IN
Densford, Cory Tyler Jeffersonville IN
Densford, William Kenneth Jeffersonville IN
DeWitt, Bradley Ray Jeffersonville IN
Dorman, Aaron Lee Jeffersonville IN
Dunn, Evelyn W Jeffersonville IN
Duvall, Heather Lorraine Marie Jeffersonville IN
Eger, Jessica Renee Jeffersonville IN
Faulkner, Alexander Brady Jeffersonville IN
Fortson, Ashley Marie Jeffersonville IN
Frederick Jr, Robert Ray Jeffersonville IN
Fullmer, Stefanie Gayle Jeffersonville IN
Gibbs, Derrick Paul Jeffersonville IN
Gilbert, Kristin Marie Jeffersonville IN
Glover, Joseph Michael Jeffersonville IN
Grangier, Jerry Dale Jeffersonville IN
Griffin, Amber Marie Jeffersonville IN
Hansford, Alexis Nicole Jeffersonville IN
Harper, Erin Elizabeth Jeffersonville IN
Harris, John Robert Jeffersonville IN
Henderson, Toni Beth Jeffersonville IN
Hensley, Kimberly Ann Jeffersonville IN
Hoffman, Jennifer Lynn Jeffersonville IN
Ingram, Matthew Wayne Jeffersonville IN
Keithley, Kristopher Martin Jeffersonville IN
Labor, Frances Ann Jeffersonville IN
Lawrence, Lindsay Barrett Jeffersonville IN
Leavell, Joshua Mark Jeffersonville IN
Lewis, Kristen M Jeffersonville IN
Mabe, Sarah Elizabeth Jeffersonville IN
Maggard, Bryan Justin Jeffersonville IN
Mannix, Brian David Jeffersonville IN
Marquez, Erick Noel Jeffersonville IN
McAndrews, Paul David Jeffersonville IN
McCarthy, Angela Ilene Jeffersonville IN
McCoy, Kirsten Marie Jones Jeffersonville IN
McPherson, Emily Alayne Jeffersonville IN
Morgan, Michael Eugene Jeffersonville IN
Morris, Sondra Bertel Jeffersonville IN
Mour, Mary Katherine Jeffersonville IN
Murphy, Jessica Michal Jeffersonville IN
Myers, Erica Rochelle Jeffersonville IN
Nugent, Jennifer L. Jeffersonville IN
Olin, John Mark Jeffersonville IN
Olivio, Stepfanie Renee Jeffersonville IN
Olson, Jessica Scott Jeffersonville IN
Parker, Joshua Daniel Jeffersonville IN
Patty, Amber Leigh Jeffersonville IN
Priest, Kourtney Kyle Jeffersonville IN
Richards, Alyssa Paige Jeffersonville IN
Riggs, Anna Irena Jeffersonville IN
Robinson, Amanda Renea Jeffersonville IN
Roller, Brandon Michael Jeffersonville IN
Salazar, Jonathan Jeffersonville IN
Schaefer, Holly Nicole Jeffersonville IN
Scott, Richard Allen Jeffersonville IN
Sellers, Erica Michelle Jeffersonville IN
Senter, Cynthia Lanise Jeffersonville IN
Shingleton, Allan Dale Jeffersonville IN
Smith, Abbey Ann Jeffersonville IN
Smith, Alexa Danielle Jeffersonville IN
Smith, Sonya Lee Jeffersonville IN
Steele, Janee’ Chenelle Jeffersonville IN
Syed, Abrar H Jeffersonville IN
Torres, Angela D Jeffersonville IN
Townsend, Taquitta S Jeffersonville IN
Valek, Lori Ann Jeffersonville IN
Wallace, Alexandria Nicole Jeffersonville IN
Weidner, Virginia R Jeffersonville IN
White, Chrissi J Jeffersonville IN
White, Jeremy Russell Jeffersonville IN
Wieck, Christopher Richter Jeffersonville IN
Williams, Ashley Brooke Jeffersonville IN
Wimsatt, Lauren Christine Jeffersonville IN
Wood, Cierra Morgan Jeffersonville IN
Worthington, Rebecca Jean Jeffersonville IN
Wyman, Ali Elizabeth Jeffersonville IN
Barnickle, Alicia Dawn Lanesville IN
Boone, Sara Ellen Lanesville IN
Bridges, Evan Boone Lanesville IN
Coffey, Ashleigh Jade Lanesville IN
Ferrari, Angela Renee Lanesville IN
Fonda, Shelby Nicole Lanesville IN
Gayhart, Brittney Jo Lanesville IN
Keith, Brittany Nicole Lanesville IN
Lamon, Elizabeth Mae Lanesville IN
Miller, Elisha Ann Lanesville IN
Newman, James Christopher Lanesville IN
Raderstorf, Katlyn Rene Lanesville IN
Riley, Shelby Renae Lanesville IN
Rivers, Sarah Jean Lanesville IN
Schulze, Eric Timothy Lanesville IN
Stark, Amy Leigh Lanesville IN
VanBree, Erika Nichole Lanesville IN
Wolfe, Jill Marie Lanesville IN
Vicars, Caitlain Nicole Lapel IN
Koopman, Roxanne I Leavenworth IN
Dwyer, Kelley Elizabeth Lexington IN
Durham, Heather Faye Madison IN
Ebinger, Abby Camille Madison IN
Ford, Natalie Brooks Madison IN
Higgins, Ryan K. Madison IN
Howard, Brianna S Madison IN
Lessley, Kasie M. Madison IN
Manaugh, Amanda Brooke Madison IN
Manning, Michael P Madison IN
Miller, Sherry Pauline Madison IN
Broughton, Christopher Duane Marengo IN
Roberts, Ashton L Marengo IN
Jenkins, Dawn M Marysville IN
Moore, Amy Jo Marysville IN
Rosenbarger, Samantha Marie Marysville IN
Burgin, John Mark Memphis IN
Collins, Amanda Diane Memphis IN
Cowles Jr, Jerry Lee Memphis IN
Frazier, Christy Ann Memphis IN
Hentrup, Kaci Memphis IN
Hodge, Shelby Nicole Memphis IN
Linne, Kelly Dawn Memphis IN
Reeder, Bethann Nichole Memphis IN
Sanders, Kevin Lee Memphis IN
Sotelo, Luis Enrique Memphis IN
Winans, Jennifer Ann Memphis IN
Schuman, Stephanie Renee Michigan City IN
Cunningham, Alan Gene Milltown IN
Trobaugh, Heather Dawn Milltown IN
Sanders, Morgan R Mitchell IN
Nelson, Matthew David Mount Vernon IN
Bays, Ashley Nicole Nabb IN
Abrell, Eden Karinn New Albany IN
Akers, Bryan Jennings New Albany IN
Alford, Alexandra New Albany IN
Amaya, Andres Enrique New Albany IN
Amos, Steven W New Albany IN
Atkins, Nicholas Tyler New Albany IN
Bagby, William Travis New Albany IN
Barker, Zachary Cloyd New Albany IN
Barnes, Edward Dwayne New Albany IN
Barnes, Thomas Andrew New Albany IN
Barrett, Katelynn Alayne New Albany IN
Bennett, Victoria Lynn New Albany IN
Bilyeu, Jade Rhapsodie New Albany IN
Bizer, Emily A New Albany IN
Bloom, Elizabeth Jane New Albany IN
Bodine, Preston Lloyd New Albany IN
Bohl, Nicholas Tyler New Albany IN
Borrego, Reuben Gene New Albany IN
Brown, Lauren Elise New Albany IN
Brown, Robert Warren New Albany IN
Brown, William David New Albany IN
Bruce, Casey Leigh New Albany IN
Bryant, Jessica Leigh New Albany IN
Byrne, Courtney Lynn New Albany IN
Calbert, Angela Dawn New Albany IN
Caldwell, Joshawa D New Albany IN
Carroll, Andrea Danielle New Albany IN
Carson, Jonathan New Albany IN
Caruso, Laura Anne New Albany IN
Case, Kelli Ann New Albany IN
Clay, Theresa Ann New Albany IN
Clifford, Victoria Lee New Albany IN
Cochran, Meagan Elizabeth New Albany IN
Combs, Samantha Jean New Albany IN
Combs, Victoria Michelle New Albany IN
Cooper, Allison Nicole New Albany IN
Crawford, Sara Ann New Albany IN
Creamer, Amanda Marie New Albany IN
Cron, Kyle William New Albany IN
Crowder, Jordan Wayne New Albany IN
Cunningham, Phillip Kyle New Albany IN
Davis, Angela Maria New Albany IN
Davis, Eric McKinley New Albany IN
Davis, John Knight New Albany IN
Deckard, Robin Renee New Albany IN
Del Valle III, Michael New Albany IN
Dietrich, Erica Jo New Albany IN
Dilger, Ted New Albany IN
Donahue, Ruth A New Albany IN
Donaldson, Rebecca Louise New Albany IN
Drake, Kelsi Danielle New Albany IN
Driggers, Jessica Lauren New Albany IN
Drumm, Shane Ross New Albany IN
Eaton, Carlene Janelle New Albany IN
Evans, Kevin Wade New Albany IN
Farris, Shawn Robert New Albany IN
Ferguson, Pearl Mae New Albany IN
Firkin, Jessica Leigh New Albany IN
Fish, Ceaira Star New Albany IN
Gaines, Brandi Nicole New Albany IN
Garcia-Arellano, Omar New Albany IN
Garner, Dulce Esmeralda New Albany IN
Green, Angela Nicole New Albany IN
Hall, Joshua Michael New Albany IN
Harbeson, Cleyton Joseph New Albany IN
Hardin, Timothy Wayne New Albany IN
Hartman-Overstreet, Scarlet Lynn New Albany IN
Harvey, Gabrielle Jordan New Albany IN
Haulter, Crystal Ann New Albany IN
Haulter, Patrick Scott New Albany IN
Hawkins, Amanda Michelle New Albany IN
Henderson, Angela Denise New Albany IN
Henry, Erin Marie New Albany IN
Hill, Matthew Thomas New Albany IN
Huffines, Taylor Alan New Albany IN
Hutton, Geoffrey Stephen New Albany IN
Johnson, Erika Rhea New Albany IN
Juodikis, Katharine Danute New Albany IN
Kaiser, Patrick Andrew New Albany IN
Kakadie, Beda Yves Martin New Albany IN
Kellams, Alaina Ann New Albany IN
Kirsch, Caleb Evan New Albany IN
Kirtley, Kristi C New Albany IN
Kota, Stephanie New Albany IN
Kraft, Stephen Louis New Albany IN
Laasanen, Erik James New Albany IN
LaCoursiere, Michael David New Albany IN
Lawson, Tyla Ashley New Albany IN
Libert, Lauren M New Albany IN
Litkenhous, Hannah Marie New Albany IN
Love, Nathan Kyle New Albany IN
Luff, Courtney Anne New Albany IN
Lukes, Ashton Nichole New Albany IN
Markland, Kelsey Marie New Albany IN
Martin, Brooke Kelly New Albany IN
McDonald, Brian Thomas New Albany IN
McKain, Joshua Thomas New Albany IN
McKain, Nicholas D New Albany IN
McMahel-Lynch, Rene Nicole New Albany IN
Merten, Barbara Leigh New Albany IN
Miller, Viviane Cunha New Albany IN
Miller-Brengle, Shelby Diana New Albany IN
Miville, Kayla Crosby New Albany IN
Moore, Darrell Lee New Albany IN
Morehous, Kimberly Dawn New Albany IN
Morris, Maria Elizabeth New Albany IN
Mueller, Jalina Marie New Albany IN
Murphy, Jarren E New Albany IN
Norris, Katherine Dana New Albany IN
Otstot, Michelle Lorraine New Albany IN
Parry, Aimee Renee New Albany IN
Penland, Zachary Lawrence New Albany IN
Popp, Crystal Marie New Albany IN
Potts, Megan Lynn New Albany IN
Powell, Brittany Ann New Albany IN
Quinkert, Tia Lin New Albany IN
Ragan, Esther Ruth New Albany IN
Reidinger, Justin M New Albany IN
Reinert Jr, Thomas Peter New Albany IN
Rice, Rachel Hogan New Albany IN
Rios, Brian Allen New Albany IN
Risse, Callie Sue New Albany IN
Ritchie, Alicia Dian New Albany IN
Rodriquez, Christina Marie New Albany IN
Rogier, Erica Michelle New Albany IN
Rutherford, Tonye Allen New Albany IN
Sadler, Amber Nicole New Albany IN
Saulsberry, Regina M New Albany IN
Seamon, Blair Elizabeth New Albany IN
Sears, Allyson LeighAnn New Albany IN
Sesar, Mary Rochelle New Albany IN
Shafer, Brittanni Lea New Albany IN
Shiner, Katie Louise New Albany IN
Simons, Matthew Alan New Albany IN
Smith, Janelle Marie New Albany IN
Smith, Lauren Elise New Albany IN
Smith, Monique New Albany IN
Snyder, Elizabeth Gayle New Albany IN
Sorg, Sarah Elizabeth New Albany IN
Spencer, Jodie Marie New Albany IN
Stark, Lindsay Paige New Albany IN
Swango, Serena Ann New Albany IN
Taylor, Christopher Garrett New Albany IN
Thomas, Chastity Nicole New Albany IN
Thomas, Lynette Joan New Albany IN
Thompson, Dana K New Albany IN
Todd, Hilary Katherine New Albany IN
True, Devon Christopher New Albany IN
Tunnell, Kelly Jo New Albany IN
Vernia Jr, Charles Patrick New Albany IN
Vernon, Chris Lee New Albany IN
Wachtel, Ashley Marie New Albany IN
Waldrews, Chelsea Anna Maureen New Albany IN
Webber, Tyson Robert New Albany IN
Welch, Sean Lee New Albany IN
Wheeler, Bethany June New Albany IN
White, Mariah Nicole New Albany IN
Whyte, Megan Irene New Albany IN
Wieck, Michael Richter New Albany IN
Wilburn, Evan Thomas New Albany IN
Willis, Kendra Nicole New Albany IN
Wilson-Mayfield, Amanda Lynn New Albany IN
Wiseheart, LeeAnn New Albany IN
Wohlenhaus, Hannah Grace New Albany IN
Woods, Kenneth LaVon New Albany IN
Youngs, Tabor Olivia New Albany IN
Zahn, Jeremy Alan New Albany IN
Zelivetz, Brentt Michael New Albany IN
Zheng, Cheng Wu New Albany IN
Zimmerman, Logan John New Albany IN
Zumhingst, Karolyn Amelia New Albany IN
Benz, Kristan R New Salisbury IN
Davis, Scott Andrew New Salisbury IN
Dean, Rebecca Christine New Salisbury IN
Mills, April Davina New Salisbury IN
Thevenot, Kelly Elizabeth New Salisbury IN
Ebinger, Todd North Vernon IN
Shadle, Leann Orleans IN
Street, Dustin Wesley Orleans IN
Dickey, Ryan W Otisco IN
Dieterlen, Amanda K Otisco IN
Dieterlen, Daniel Steven Otisco IN
Meredith, Justin Wayne Otisco IN
Stutesman, Brandon Robert Otisco IN
Trump, Casey Lynn Otisco IN
Edwards, Jessica Lynn Palmyra IN
Edwards, Kathyrn Lynn Palmyra IN
Geswein, David Christie Palmyra IN
Hilt, Corey Austin Palmyra IN
Johnson, Jennifer Lynn Palmyra IN
Thomas, Gregory Michael Palmyra IN
Turner, Deanna Renee Palmyra IN
Calzada, Gabriela Paoli IN
Cole, Jessica Lynn Paoli IN
White, Michelle Lynn Paoli IN
Hatton, Hannah Dawn Paris Crossing IN
Barnes, Valerie Ann Pekin IN
Bates, Craig Dean Pekin IN
Bobo Jr, Mark Anthony Pekin IN
Floyd, Keyshia May Pekin IN
Futter, Steven Carl Pekin IN
Green, Eric Robert Pekin IN
Pask, Kathryn Lee Pekin IN
Purlee, Laura Elaine Pekin IN
Thomas, Virginia Ginnie Pekin IN
Wise, Sarah Faye Pekin IN
Biesterveld, Evan Petersburg IN
Kramer, Andrew Jared Ramsey IN
Knies, Katherine Alma Saint Anthony IN
Borden, Amber Kathleen Salem IN
Call, Nathan Q. Salem IN
Cudmore, Wende Lou Salem IN
Davis, Cainen L Salem IN
Dowen, Jacob Clare Salem IN
Dunn, Kaila J Salem IN
Dye, Travis Michael Salem IN
Haendiges, Curtis Trey Salem IN
Jackson, Sheryl Blevins Salem IN
Lamanna, Melissa Mae Salem IN
Madden, Jamie Dewyane Salem IN
Maness, Laquitta Dawn Salem IN
Miller, Shalynda Nichole Salem IN
Motsinger, Tyler Brooke Salem IN
Powers, Caleb Don Salem IN
Riddle, Jesse Aaron Salem IN
Schmidt, Kortney Nichole Salem IN
Troutman, Kayla Lynn Salem IN
Troutman, Shelby Rae Salem IN
Turner, Thomas Anthony Salem IN
Walker, Adam Scott Salem IN
Greenwell, Ariel Kristine Santa Claus IN
Akemon, Crystal Dawn Scottsburg IN
Allen Jr, James Stephen Scottsburg IN
Bray, Angela Renee Scottsburg IN
Brewer, Todd Scottsburg IN
Burch, Amy Renee Scottsburg IN
Dalton, Nathaniel Edward Scottsburg IN
Frost, Kenneth Wayne Scottsburg IN
Griffith, Adam Miles Scottsburg IN
Hagan, Janee La Kay Scottsburg IN
Jones, David L. Scottsburg IN
Linde, Justin Allen Scottsburg IN
McIntosh, Dakota D Scottsburg IN
Parker, Rachael Maxine Scottsburg IN
Rances, Dominique Scottsburg IN
Reschar, Stewart Scottsburg IN
Ries, Anna Ruth Scottsburg IN
Ritchison, Rhonda Renee Scottsburg IN
Tasher, Sarah Marie Scottsburg IN
Thomas, Ashley Leigh Scottsburg IN
Bamforth, Jessica Jean Marie Sellersburg IN
Beyl, Rachelle Denise Sellersburg IN
Bickel, Megan Sellersburg IN
Boudreaux, Candice Rose Sellersburg IN
Bridges, Blake Evan Sellersburg IN
Brown, Alexandra Louise Sellersburg IN
Carver, Emilee Ann Sellersburg IN
Clark, Abigail Nicole Sellersburg IN
Dailey, Chase M Sellersburg IN
DeGroat, Brandy Sellersburg IN
Everage, Erica Jayne Sellersburg IN
Flower, Jennifer Lynn Sellersburg IN
Folger, Renee Dawn Sellersburg IN
Gibson, Lisa Renae Sellersburg IN
Griffey Jr, Nicholas Lee Sellersburg IN
Heinz, Ryan William Sellersburg IN
Henley, Amanda Kaye Sellersburg IN
Hensgen, Chelsey Marie Sellersburg IN
Humphrey, Richard Benjamin Sellersburg IN
Jones, Sara Jo Sellersburg IN
Keinath, Sara Lynn Sellersburg IN
Kochevar, Michael Andrew Sellersburg IN
Lemaster, Katie Brown Sellersburg IN
LeVato, Heather Louise Sellersburg IN
Meza, Sarah Ann Sellersburg IN
Miller, Samuel Clay Sellersburg IN
Mobley, Kimberly D Sellersburg IN
Morgan, Lisa Carol Sellersburg IN
Northern, Kayla Brooke Sellersburg IN
Palmer, Amy Beth Sellersburg IN
Popp, Samantha Lorene Sellersburg IN
Renn, Abigail Laura Sellersburg IN
Richie, Brandon Keith Sellersburg IN
Schmidt, Kassi Alyse Sellersburg IN
Shartzer, Russell Bradley Sellersburg IN
Shuck, Alyssa Nicole Sellersburg IN
Smith, Emily Renee Sellersburg IN
Smith, Tiffany Michelle Sellersburg IN
Sonner, Christina Renee Sellersburg IN
Street, Christopher John Sellersburg IN
Weber, Ronald Eugene Sellersburg IN
Windell, Amanda Jeanien Sellersburg IN
Romilus, Evens Seymour IN
Ruzicka, Kyle William Seymour IN
Wessel, Whitney Nicole Seymour IN
Sparks, Erica Dawn Starlight IN
Forbes, Shelly Rene Sulphur IN
Davis, Kristopher Tell City IN
Goffinet, Travis Daniel Tell City IN
Hedinger, Clint Charles Tell City IN
Johnson, Kailey Anita Troy IN
Paswater, Kayla Underwood IN
Roberts, Kara Leigh Vallonia IN
Hickman, David Benjamin Vevay IN
Kerby, Kim D West Baden Springs IN
Morin, Tyler Seth West Baden Springs IN
Murray, Daniel Paul Winslow IN
DiSantis, Danny Christopher Buckner KY
Hollinden, Meredith Lynn Crestwood KY
Jones, Clayton Montana Crestwood KY
Kimbell, Neal Allen Crestwood KY
Ramser, Scott Crestwood KY
Richie, Jamaal L. Crestwood KY
Stragand, Trisha Heitfeld Crestwood KY
Wheatley, Tara Sue Fairdale KY
Sowder, Jason D Fisherville KY
Harbin, Jaclyn Suzanne Goshen KY
Owens, Kelly Elizabeth Goshen KY
Sokolova, Irena Andreevna Goshen KY
Walcott, Daniel Douglas Goshen KY
Yanke, Julia M Goshen KY
Albert, Tiffany Renee LaGrange KY
Cannon, Heather Marie LaGrange KY
Cays, Danielle Nicole LaGrange KY
Heim, Justin Mitchell LaGrange KY
Kraus, Abbigail Christine LaGrange KY
Felice, Peter J. Lexington KY
Holland, Stephanie Renae Lexington KY
Acevedo, Jeronimo Louisville KY
Adams, Timothy Joseph Louisville KY
Albrecht, Robert James Louisville KY
Anaya, Consuelo Nicole Louisville KY
Anderson-Smith, Diane Nicole Louisville KY
Arencibia-Pino, Eduardo Louisville KY
Arnold, Kristina Marie Louisville KY
Artman, Leah Gayle Louisville KY
Augustus, Emily Elizabeth Louisville KY
Babcock, Deanna Glen Louisville KY
Badek Lee, Agnieszka Emilia Louisville KY
Baker Jr, Barry L Louisville KY
Baker, Blake Adam Louisville KY
Baker, Daniel Louisville KY
Barnes, Kellen M Louisville KY
Barnes, William Daniel Louisville KY
Barnett, Joseph Ranson Louisville KY
Batalevic, Haris Louisville KY
Beatty, Andrea Paige Louisville KY
Ben, Natasha N Louisville KY
Benson, Karmen D Louisville KY
Berlejung, John M Louisville KY
Bertrand, Christopher Mark Louisville KY
Bilewicz, Matthew A. Louisville KY
Black, Andrew Christopher Louisville KY
Blessinger, Amber D Louisville KY
Bloyd, Zach Louisville KY
Bocking, Katelyn Rose Louisville KY
Bohannon, Lindsey Shea Louisville KY
Boice, Jessica Renee Louisville KY
Boone, Jacob Christopher Louisville KY
Borer, Amy N Louisville KY
Bowling, Sean Alan Louisville KY
Bowling, Theresa Christine Louisville KY
Braun, Emily Rose Louisville KY
Breckenridge, Brittney Lashay Louisville KY
Brents, Autumn Sierra Louisville KY
Bronger, Cody Jacob Louisville KY
Brown Jr, Michael David Louisville KY
Brown, Christina Marie Louisville KY
Brown, Lester David Louisville KY
Bruck, Emily Samantha Louisville KY
Brumback, Heather Jean Louisville KY
Burk, Angel Nicole Louisville KY
Burke, Morgan Alyse Louisville KY
Burnett, Tiffany Ann Louisville KY
Burrus, Amber Michelle Louisville KY
Burry, Emmalee Hope Louisville KY
Burtel, Jeremy David Louisville KY
Cain, Deborah Nicole Louisville KY
Calhoun, DeRenda Lynn Louisville KY
Callahan, Heather Lynn Louisville KY
Calloway, Dustin Christopher Louisville KY
Carby, Laura Louise Louisville KY
Carney, Joshua Tyler Louisville KY
Carter, Sara Aline Louisville KY
Casagrande, Daniel John Louisville KY
Casey, Bobbie Rose Louisville KY
Cassin, Matthew Douglas Louisville KY
Chappars, James T Louisville KY
Chesher, Jessica Renee Louisville KY
Chitwood, Nicholas Sims Louisville KY
Claybern, Samantha Elaine Louisville KY
Clem, Meghann Lee Louisville KY
Clemons, Cristie Ellen Louisville KY
Cole, Christopher M Louisville KY
Coleman, Daniel Patrick Louisville KY
Collignon, Michael Todd Louisville KY
Colon, Emily Allison Louisville KY
Cook, Jason Leon Louisville KY
Cook, Kathleen Louisville KY
Coomer, Matthew S Louisville KY
Cooper, Aaron Christian Louisville KY
Corle, Gretchen Kay Louisville KY
Cottrell, Jeri Lynn Louisville KY
Cox, Michelle Casackkar Louisville KY
Crayton, Marcella Louisville KY
Cruthird Jr, William A. Louisville KY
Darnell, Gregory Michael Louisville KY
Davenport, Nicholas Andrew Louisville KY
Dawson, Shane Joseph Louisville KY
Deadmon, Kristen Marie Louisville KY
DeVore, Joseph N Louisville KY
Dodd, Rebecca Myrle Louisville KY
Drake, Amanda Nicole Louisville KY
Drinovac, Ana-Marija Louisville KY
Duke, Holli Jo Louisville KY
Earley, Stephen Keith Louisville KY
Eckman, Caitlin Mackenzie Louisville KY
Edwards, Susan Martha Louisville KY
Eltzroth, Noah Caleb Louisville KY
Evans, Andrew Phillip Louisville KY
Faust, Whitney Nicole Louisville KY
Feather, Laura Nicole Louisville KY
Filippazzo, Amanda Renee Louisville KY
Fischer, Alexandria Marie Louisville KY
Floyd, Alesia Council Louisville KY
Forde, Lora Ann Louisville KY
Fowler, Anne Marie Louisville KY
Fox, Melissa Ann Louisville KY
Freshley, Karyn Auben Louisville KY
Fugate, Ryan James Louisville KY
Garr, Tierra Marshee Louisville KY
Gassman, Natalie Elizabeth Louisville KY
Geary, Karyl Anne Louisville KY
Geiger, Robin Lynn Louisville KY
Gerkins, Rachel Emily Louisville KY
Gibson, David Anthony Louisville KY
Gibson, Dianne Brown Louisville KY
Gibson, Stephen Floyd Louisville KY
Gil Mendoza, Rolando Louisville KY
Gilbert, Rebecca Mariel Louisville KY
Gillespie, Aaron Lyle Louisville KY
Glaab, Robert Eliot Louisville KY
Glaab, Samantha Jo Louisville KY
Goodlett, Marki L Louisville KY
Goodman, Sarah Brooke Louisville KY
Goodman, Ta’Keyah Sheila Louisville KY
Gottlieb, Gwen L Louisville KY
Grant, Virginia Page Louisville KY
Gregory, Melissa Carolyn Louisville KY
Griesshaber, Kristina S Louisville KY
Griffith, Lisa Michelle Louisville KY
Griggs, Luke Louisville KY
Grimm, Tyler Thomas Louisville KY
Hack, Ashley Roxanne Louisville KY
Hamilton, Stephanie Marie Louisville KY
Hardin, Donald Lee Louisville KY
Harry, Lucas Louisville KY
Hart, Jessica Noel Louisville KY
Hauser, LeAnn Eden Louisville KY
Hazel-Skrodenis, Molly Anne Louisville KY
Heerdink, Joseph Lee Louisville KY
Heinrich, Robert Grant Louisville KY
Helm, Shannon Michelle Louisville KY
Helm, Todd C Louisville KY
Hicks, Kyle Christopher Louisville KY
Hillenbrand, Brooke Ashley Louisville KY
Hodapp, Anna K Louisville KY
Hogan, Katelyn Elizabeth Louisville KY
Hogan, Tobias William Louisville KY
Holdener, Mark Steven Louisville KY
HollinsDrinkard, Jasmine Marie Louisville KY
Hougland, Kristi Leigh Louisville KY
Huff, Ian Pendleton Louisville KY
Humphrey, Marlana Leigh Louisville KY
Hutchens, Stephen Paul Louisville KY
Hyberger, Agnes Teresa Louisville KY
Iafrate, Andrew Albert Louisville KY
Imhof, Theresa C Louisville KY
Ivanova, Mariya Ivanova Louisville KY
Ivey, Walter R Louisville KY
Jackson, Lauren Nicole Louisville KY
Jackson, Nichole Leann Louisville KY
Jennings, Thomas Michael Louisville KY
Johnson, Christina Shaneen Louisville KY
Johnson, Tiffany Burks Louisville KY
Jones Sr, M L Rocky Louisville KY
Jones, David Bradley Louisville KY
Jones, Megan Lynn Louisville KY
Jordan, Amanda Michelle Louisville KY
Judd, April C Louisville KY
Jung, Jinhee Louisville KY
Kaeser, Eduviges Louisville KY
Kappesser, Christopher Joseph Louisville KY
Karamehmedovic, Mirza Louisville KY
Kemp, Carissa A Louisville KY
Kemper, Brian C Louisville KY
Khandpur, Sanjeev Louisville KY
Kim, Young-Won Louisville KY
Koller, James Patrick Louisville KY
Koressel, Angela Michele Louisville KY
Kovacs, Lauren Ashley Louisville KY
Kowalski, Caleb Daniel Louisville KY
Kristofeck, Theresa Francis Louisville KY
Kuntz, John Paul Louisville KY
Kurzendoerfer, Nicholas Martin Louisville KY
Lacefield, Cortney Lynn Louisville KY
LaDuke, Brian Adam Louisville KY
Lange, Erica Heather Louisville KY
Lantz, Sally Garrett Louisville KY
Lawson, Georgette Monique Louisville KY
Le, Hoa Louisville KY
Lee, Kelsey Elizabeth Louisville KY
Lee, Teresa Kathrynne Louisville KY
Lockard, Brittany Gayle Louisville KY
Loop, Meghan Marie Louisville KY
Lowery, Catrina Renee Louisville KY
Lucas, Lauren Teresa Louisville KY
Lucas, Veeko A Louisville KY
Lunja, Nejra Louisville KY
Mager, Marcus Kamaryn Hunter Louisville KY
Magill, James Edward Louisville KY
Magyar, Mathew Ray Louisville KY
Mahnesmith, Kyle Joseph Louisville KY
Martin, John Robert Louisville KY
Martin, Tiffany I Louisville KY
Mattingly, Lori Marie Louisville KY
McCamant, Christopher Shane Louisville KY
McCarthy, Keith Richard Louisville KY
McCarty, Justin Mark Louisville KY
McCauley, Jetta Marie Louisville KY
McConnell, Joshua Aaron Louisville KY
McCullum, Marilyn Elizabeth Louisville KY
McKendrick, Eric D. Louisville KY
Meyers, Ashley Nicole Louisville KY
Milby, Melissa N Louisville KY
Miles, Brianne Kiela Louisville KY
Millard, Erica Louisville KY
Miller, Jeffrey Adam Louisville KY
Miller, Joshua Louisville KY
Miller, Megan Noel Louisville KY
Mills, Christopher David Louisville KY
Minniear, Christopher Michael Louisville KY
Mitchell, Brice Jameson Louisville KY
Mitchum, Melanie Eve Louisville KY
Monroe II, Paul Anthony Louisville KY
Moore, Sherezz Nicole Louisville KY
Moore, Tracie Michelle Louisville KY
Moreschi, Justin T. Louisville KY
Morris, Sarah Suzanne Louisville KY
Murray, Mark T. Louisville KY
Myers, Whitney Lynn Louisville KY
Nauert, Kelsey Marie Louisville KY
Nault, Joel Collins Louisville KY
Nelson, Amber Nicole Louisville KY
Nelson, Chase Ryan Louisville KY
Nguyen, Khiem N Louisville KY
Nolette-Smith, Amy Rochelle Louisville KY
Norton, Andrew Grant Louisville KY
Norton, Mary Louisville KY
O’Brien, Katie Scarlet Louisville KY
O’Bryan, Kristin M. Louisville KY
Ogburn, Lisa Carol Louisville KY
Ohlendorf, Mary Beth Louisville KY
Oliver, Charles Blake Louisville KY
Owens, Charles Aaron Louisville KY
Owens, Jordan Chase Louisville KY
Ozhgikhina, Anna V Louisville KY
Paige, Andrew Keith Louisville KY
Pelumi, Kemi Biola Louisville KY
Perkins, Misty Dawn Louisville KY
Petrie, Jason Paul Louisville KY
Peyton, Katherine Elizabeth Louisville KY
Pfister, Anna May Louisville KY
Pham, Mai Ngoc Louisville KY
Poe, Margaret Bee Louisville KY
Portaro, Michelle Renae Louisville KY
Powell, Jennifer Ann Louisville KY
Prinsloo, Richard Alexander Louisville KY
Ratterman, Christopher David Louisville KY
Reyes, William Wesley Louisville KY
Rice, Bradley Calhoun Louisville KY
Richmond, Michael Allen Louisville KY
Riley, Lindsay Louisville KY
Risen, Samantha Katherine Louisville KY
Roadhouse, Michelle Lynn Louisville KY
Roberson, Brandon Edward Louisville KY
Roberts, Erin Marie Louisville KY
Rosenberg, Danielle D Louisville KY
Russell, Tamara Danielle Louisville KY
Sacksteder, Kevin Thomas Louisville KY
Schaad, Greg B Louisville KY
Schneider, Gretchen E Louisville KY
Schneider, Marinda Moore Louisville KY
Schnell, Kristina Marie Louisville KY
Schuenemeyer, Douglas Scott Louisville KY
Schultz, Mary Brooke Louisville KY
Schum, Kayla Elizabeth Louisville KY
Scott, Rebecca Mae Louisville KY
Scott, Ryan Paul Louisville KY
Scroggy, Joseph Michael Louisville KY
Seidt, Angela Heather Louisville KY
Sharpless, Brittany Nicole Louisville KY
Short, Rachel Dawn Louisville KY
Shultz, Maegan Kathryn Louisville KY
Simpson, Brittany Nicole Louisville KY
Simpson, Wesley Jarrett Louisville KY
Simrall, Diane Michelle Louisville KY
Sison, Erin Elizabeth Louisville KY
Smith, Ebone Louisville KY
Smith, Michelle Renee Louisville KY
Sommer, Melissa A Louisville KY
Sowell, Latietzia Shawnta Louisville KY
Stallings, James Michael Louisville KY
Stegemann, Katherine Haley Louisville KY
Stephenson, Michael Louisville KY
Stovall, Eric M Louisville KY
Stratton, Causandra Marie Louisville KY
Stricker, Geremy Michael Louisville KY
Stumler, Nathan Russell Louisville KY
Swift, Jennifer Kay Louisville KY
Tanudjaja, Angela Louisville KY
Tarullo, Jennifer Elizabeth Louisville KY
Tenkman, Erin Diane Louisville KY
Terrell, Andrea Lynn Louisville KY
Thomas, Beverly Elaine Louisville KY
Thomas, Jason Gordon Louisville KY
Thomas, Taniya Charmaine Louisville KY
Thorne, Andria D Louisville KY
Tice, Nicole Marie Louisville KY
Troklus, Ashley Rose Louisville KY
Tucker, Joy Miriam Louisville KY
Tugon, Kristen Marlow Louisville KY
Tunget, Robert Lee Louisville KY
Turner, Barbara Michelle Louisville KY
Unverferth, Cameron A. Louisville KY
Van Horn, Joseph Louisville KY
Van Meter, Jonathan Michael Louisville KY
Vardeman, Brittany Lee Louisville KY
Varie, Lesa Louisville KY
Vaughn, Cody Thomas Louisville KY
Veeranagoudar, Rajashekhar B Louisville KY
Venning, Cara Ceceile Louisville KY
Wallace, Alisha Jenene Louisville KY
Wallace, Brett DeWayne Louisville KY
Wallace, Kristina Lia Louisville KY
Wallace, Wa’Shara Gerton Louisville KY
Wampler, Madge Shira Louisville KY
Warren, Karriaun Marie Louisville KY
Watkins, Melissa Dawn Louisville KY
Weightman, Selene Renee Louisville KY
Welch, Taylor Ann Louisville KY
Wenstrand, Caroline Jill Louisville KY
White Jr, Richard Joseph Louisville KY
White, Daniel Patrick Louisville KY
White, Leisa Kaye Louisville KY
White, Tennille Louisville KY
Whitlow, Jutta Louisville KY
Willen, John Robert Louisville KY
Willis, Michael Gary Louisville KY
Wilson IV, John Thurman Louisville KY
Wilson, John Evan Louisville KY
Wilson, Rebecca Jane Louisville KY
Winchell, Dana Alaine Louisville KY
Wingfeld, Samantha Jo Louisville KY
Woller, Jeremy Lee Louisville KY
Woodford, Shermia Love Louisville KY
Woods, Ashmere S Louisville KY
Woods, Hanna Rose Louisville KY
Work, Mara Shannon Louisville KY
Wright, Alycia Anne Louisville KY
Yates, Robert Brandon Louisville KY
Yost, Matthew Richard Louisville KY
Young, Ashley Nicole Louisville KY
Young, Rose Marie Louisville KY
Youngblood, Chad Gregory Louisville KY
Zacharski, Michael Joseph Louisville KY
Zeppa Jr, Antonio Louisville KY
Zimmerman, Matthew C Louisville KY
Zoeller, Shane Edward Louisville KY
Zook Lucas, Erin Katherine Louisville KY
Zorn Jr, William Thomas Louisville KY
Slaughter II, Kevin Bernard Middletown KY
Robinson, Ronald A Mount Washington KY
Ballard, Chadwick Herman Mt Washington KY
Castle, April Renee Mt Washington KY
Rhea, Matthew C Mt Washington KY
Murphy, Brandon Wayne Pewee Valley KY
Olszewski, Jeffery James Pewee Valley KY
Smith, Mason Alexander Pewee Valley KY
Heck, Ryan Scott Prospect KY
Blakeman, Brittany Lauren Drechsel Shepherdsville KY
Curry, Katie M Shepherdsville KY
Doan, Megan Elizabeth Shepherdsville KY
Oliver, Stacey Marie Shepherdsville KY
Reid, Nathan William Shepherdsville KY
West, Cortney Renea Shepherdsville KY
Bongen, John Leon Taylorsville KY
Davis, Courtney Marie Taylorsville KY
Simpson, Kevin Todd Taylorsville KY
Goodin, Emily Arlene West Point KY
Vanover, Gabriel I Westport KY
Watts, Miriam Joy Shelby MT
Baker, Holly C Cincinnati OH
Schlageter, Kara Ann Clarksville TN
Cronin, Catherine Susan Willis TX
French, Tina Marie Virginia Beach VA


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