IU Southeast hosts Midwest Artificial Intelligence & Cognitive Science Conference

18th April 2013

NEW ALBANY, IN (April 18, 2013) – For the first time, the Computer Science Department at Indiana University Southeast hosted the 24th Midwest Artificial Intelligence and Cognitive Science (MAICS) Conference on April 13-14 in University Center North.

This two day conference brought together graduate students, junior and senior faculty, and industry researchers to present and exchange ideas related to topics in artificial intelligence and cognitive science.

The MAICS Conference is held every year at universities and colleges across the Midwest with its roots beginning in Chicago.

The MAICS Conference began as a relatively small regional conference that traditionally accepted papers from all areas of artificial intelligence, cognitive science, and computational intelligence. Papers in all areas of Artificial Intelligence and Cognitive Science are accepted today. Specific paper topics include fuzzy logic, computational linguistics, automated reasoning, knowledge representation, and learning and philosophy of mind.

Presentations by well-known scientists and the broad range of topics, combined with the fact that usually only a limited number of papers are accepted, make the MAICS Conference an important event serving as a first time presentation opportunity for many graduate students. This year, the conference accepted 16 papers.

In recent years, MAICS has also attracted interest from international participants. At the 2013 conference at IU Southeast, two attendees – one from Norway and one from Australia — received the Distance Travelled Award.

The winning student paper of 2013 was from graduate student Sondre Glimsdal of the University of Agder of Norway. His paper was entitled: “Gaussian Process Based Optimistic Knapsack Sampling with Applications to Stochastic Resource Allocation.”

IU Southeast computer science professors Suranga Hettiarachchi and Ronald Finkbine served as the general co-chairs of the conference, with Valparaiso University computer science professor Michael Glass serving as the program chair.

Next year’s MAICS Conference will be held in April 2014 at Eastern Washington University. Participation of younger researchers and graduate students is highly encouraged.

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