IU Southeast English students take prizes in poetry, fiction

5th December 2012

NEW ALBANY, IN, (Dec. 5, 2012) – Ten Indiana University Southeast English students will be honored for their work in poetry and prose at the 12th Annual English Department Gala.

The gala will be held at 6:30 p.m., Thursday, Dec. 6, in the IU Southeast Library. In addition to honoring this year’s winners, the gala will also feature live readings and performances, a silent auction to benefit the English Foundation, and an open mic event.

Awards were given in poetry, non-fiction, short fiction, flash fiction, and research/report categories. Several students received multiple honors. 

First Prize:  Anonymous – “Ventura”
Second Prize:  Shannon Kleier – “Death Of A Squirrel On A Suburban Street”
Third Prize:  Karyl Anne Geary – “Reflections: At The Wall”
Honorable Mention:  Rachel Short – “Brahms In A Box”
Honorable Mention:  Christian Mattix – “Her Favorite Place”
Honorable Mention:  Shannon Kleier   – “Canary” 

Non- Fiction
First Prize:  Jonathan Carson – “The Pain of Being a Man: Fact, Fiction, and Hunter S. Thompson’s Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas
Second Prize:  Karyl Anne Geary – “Indelible Nerdism”
Third Prize:  Madison Fay Cyr – “The Girl beneath the Mango Tree”
Honorable Mention:  Jonathan Carson – “Duckbutter’s First Time”
Special Mention:  S.D. Lintz – “The Skin You’re In: The HUH Profile”

Short Fiction
First Prize:  William A. Hainline – “THE REALITY  Engineers”   
Second Prize:  Jonathan Carson – “The Final Vestment and Other Voices (Tom’s Day)”
Third Prize:  Jonathan Carson – “Sounds and Air”
Honorable Mention:  Karyl Anne Geary – “Degeneration” 

Flash Fiction
First Prize:  Karyl Anne Geary – “Flight”
Second Prize:  Jonathan Carson – “Here in the Smoking Earth”
Third Prize:  Elizabeth Gohmann – “Mama Told Me”
Honorable Mention:  Karyl Anne Geary – “Mirror, Mirror . . .”

First Place: William A. Hainline – “The Rise of the Mac Fanboy: Brand-Identification, Or Corporate-Sponsored Religion?”
Second Place:  Madison Fay Cyr – “A Special Omniscience: Mythic Structures in the Late Poems of Sylvia Plath and the Stories of Louise Erdrich”
Third Place:  Karyl Anne Geary – “From the Divine to the Damned: The Effects of Society on the Character of Morgan Le Fay”

The English Department Gala celebrates the creativity of IU Southeast students an honors the great strides they have made in writing. It is free and open to the public. Light refreshments will be served.

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