IU Southeast announces Class of 2012

5th June 2012

NEW ALBANY, IN, (June 5, 2012) – Members of Indiana University Southeast’s latest graduating class – 1,096 students – became alumni at the University’s 44th Commencement ceremony on May 7.

Students eligible to participate in the May 2012 ceremony (including those listed here) were comprised of students who earned a degree in December 2011 and those who were expected to earn degrees in May and August 2012.

More than 24,000 IU Southeast degrees have been awarded since 1968. Nearly 90 percent of graduates remain in Indiana and the Greater Louisville Metropolitan Region.

Included below is the list of graduates alphabetically by hometown.

David Crecelius Homestead FL  
Amanda Heller Tallahassee FL
Tinisha Bowles Austin IN  
Lisa Burns Austin IN  
Kellie Gibson Austin IN  
Stephany Hazelwood Austin IN  
Amy Henderson Austin IN  
Matthew Hopkins Austin IN  
Jason Huffer Austin IN  
Brittany Sizemore Austin IN  
Christina Stone Austin IN  
Brandon Blackwell Bedford IN  
Lauren Brim Bedford IN  
Megan Bunch Bedford IN  
Keith Frentz Bedford IN  
Ashley Ingram Bedford IN  
Hope Sowders Bedford IN  
Emily Blackman Borden IN  
Jessica Cook Borden IN  
Michael Crane Borden IN  
Rachel Geiger Borden IN  
Andrew Graham Borden IN  
Jerilyn Hacker Borden IN  
Melissa Myers Borden IN  
Alex Ooley Borden IN  
Ryan Ooley Borden IN  
Jamie Roll Borden IN  
Dawn Striegel-Dillow Borden IN
Charlee Combs Brookville IN
Media Broughton Brownstown IN
Sarah Brown Camden IN
Malorie Coleman Campbellsburg IN
Megan Creech Campbellsburg IN
Brady Jackson Campbellsburg IN
Kelsey Abbott Charlestown IN
Patricia Adams Charlestown IN
Brannon Ashley Charlestown IN
Linda Balmer Charlestown IN
William Boes Charlestown IN
Stephen Bowen Charlestown IN
Bryson Chumley Charlestown IN
Jocelyn Curnutt Charlestown IN
Edward Drummond Charlestown IN
Seth Duncan Charlestown IN
Brandi French Charlestown IN
Michael Hammett Charlestown IN
Kyle Holst Charlestown IN
Morgan Hunsaker Charlestown IN
Katy Johns Charlestown IN
Laura Keith Charlestown IN
Sandra Keith Charlestown IN
Timothy Kremer Charlestown IN
Daniel Lathem Charlestown IN
Jessica Lewis Charlestown IN
Stephanie Manecke Charlestown IN
Kory McLaughlin Charlestown IN
Nicola Miles-Smith Charlestown IN
Victoria Montgomery Charlestown IN
Nancy Rivera Charlestown IN
Whitney Robertson Charlestown IN
Ashley Smith Charlestown IN
Kayla Stutesman Charlestown IN
Shawn Taylor Charlestown IN
Kaelin Thacker Charlestown IN
Kristin Wheatley Charlestown IN
Joseph Worthington Charlestown IN
Nancy Bartle Clarksville IN
Brittany Becht Clarksville IN
Jessica Bolduc Clarksville IN
Caitlin Byerley Clarksville IN
Chi Chiang Clarksville IN
Shanika Coleman Clarksville IN
Timothy Crockett Clarksville IN
Paula Downs Clarksville IN
Karla Dubois Clarksville IN
Nichole Garbrough Clarksville IN
Corey Gibson Clarksville IN
Lane Gray Clarksville IN
Bradley Hammond Clarksville IN
Christian Hogue Clarksville IN
Karen Howson Clarksville IN
Kimberly Hutt Clarksville IN
Ronald Kimbel Clarksville IN
Alexander Kirk Clarksville IN
William Kramer Clarksville IN
Kristy Jo Leverock Clarksville IN
Traataun Luker Clarksville IN
Ronald Lyles Clarksville IN
Linda McAdams Clarksville IN
Kelly Newton Clarksville IN
Aneshia Nunley Clarksville IN
Erica Ramsey Clarksville IN
Jennifer Reisenbichler Clarksville IN
Amanda Richert Clarksville IN
Lori Richie Clarksville IN
Kara Roark Clarksville IN
Ashley Roberts Clarksville IN
Alexander Ross Clarksville IN
Megan Shoultz Clarksville IN
Bethany Strunk Clarksville IN
Lottra Symonette Clarksville IN
Brandee Thomas Clarksville IN
Carey Voignier Clarksville IN
Samantha Weathers Clarksville IN
Sherry Porter Columbus IN
Jennifer Corya Commiskey IN
Steven Allen Corydon IN
Taffany Bachman Corydon IN
Hannah Bailey Corydon IN
Ginger Barton Corydon IN
Leighah Baxley Corydon IN
Wayneda Blank Corydon IN
Julia Brinkworth Corydon IN
Sunnye Bush-Sawtelle Corydon IN
Jonathan Carter Corydon IN
Amanda Carver Corydon IN
Elesha Corbett Corydon IN
Rachael Corbett Corydon IN
Kathryn Crecelius Corydon IN
Kelly Eberly Corydon IN
Natalie Gibbons Corydon IN
Elaine Hambley Corydon IN
Brett Huett Corydon IN
Jacob Kirkham Corydon IN
Amber Law Corydon IN
Amanda Miller Corydon IN
Matthew Myers Corydon IN
Cheryl Nushardt Corydon IN
Shannon Oakes Corydon IN
Tammy Payne Corydon IN
Breanna Rosser Corydon IN
Sarah Schleker Corydon IN
Erica South Corydon IN
Cory Taylor Corydon IN
Jennifer Timberlake Corydon IN
Chelsea White Corydon IN
Charles Wiley Corydon IN
Randi Woertz Corydon IN
Allison Wolfe Corydon IN
Robert Lewis Crandall IN
Tamara Lemen Crothersville IN
Erica Hendrich Depauw IN
Jacqueline Hamilton Deputy IN
Hilary Muldoon Deputy IN
Christopher Coyle Derby IN
Sarah Bibb Elizabeth IN
David Brown Elizabeth IN
Karen Deaton Elizabeth IN
Blake Harbert Elizabeth IN
Casey Hogan Elizabeth IN
Kayla Goodson English IN
Kayla Underhill English IN
Timothy Wilkes English IN
Tyler Blessinger Ferdinand IN
Jessica Batliner Floyds Knobs IN
Katherine Burgess Floyds Knobs IN
Courtney Conway Floyds Knobs IN
Abigail Enteman Floyds Knobs IN
Thomas Ferguson Floyds Knobs IN
Daniel Frank Floyds Knobs IN
Christina Goins Floyds Knobs IN
Stephen Hoehn Floyds Knobs IN
Brad Hollis Floyds Knobs IN
Kristina Hornung Floyds Knobs IN
Abbey Houghlin Floyds Knobs IN
Dung Huynh Floyds Knobs IN
Kimberly Johnson Floyds Knobs IN
Nicholas Johnson Floyds Knobs IN
Alden Krausse Floyds Knobs IN
Abigail Lilly Floyds Knobs IN
Rachel Martinson Floyds Knobs IN
Lauren McCartin Floyds Knobs IN
Ryan McCartin Floyds Knobs IN
Derek Mikesell Floyds Knobs IN
Leslie Mobley Floyds Knobs IN
Jacob O’Bryant Floyds Knobs IN
Scott Reinhardt Floyds Knobs IN
Kara Rodden Floyds Knobs IN
Kirstin Shields Floyds Knobs IN
Douglas Shireman Floyds Knobs IN
Lee Singleton Floyds Knobs IN
Amber Vogt Floyds Knobs IN
Katie Pruitt Freetown IN
James Condra French Lick IN
Tia Wineinger French Lick IN
Katherine Ashby Georgetown IN
Lillie Becht Georgetown IN
David Bennett Georgetown IN
Beatrice Bodner Georgetown IN
Jaclyn Brightwell Georgetown IN
Jeff Coppage Georgetown IN
Stacey Dineen Georgetown IN
Michael Francis Georgetown IN
Sara Fritz Georgetown IN
Melanie Gullett Georgetown IN
Grace Harmon Georgetown IN
Sadie Huth Georgetown IN
Courtney Jones Georgetown IN
Maacah Lambert Georgetown IN
Jessica Lincoln Georgetown IN
Matthew Mills Georgetown IN
Jayme Moody Georgetown IN
Brittany Payne Georgetown IN
Zhalda Penn Georgetown IN
Virginia Pfeifer Georgetown IN
Andrea Powell Georgetown IN
Devin Rainbolt Georgetown IN
Kimberly Rosenberger Georgetown IN
Kimberly Sills Georgetown IN
Rebecca Smith Georgetown IN
Anthony Stiller Georgetown IN
Heather Walton Georgetown IN
Rachael Webb Georgetown IN
Angela Wicoff Georgetown IN
Katherine Wilson Georgetown IN
Timothy Wolf Georgetown IN
Christopher Zoll Georgetown IN
Amanda Abell Greenville IN
James Beals Greenville IN
Drew Davis Greenville IN
Kelly Engle Greenville IN
Brandon Eubanks Greenville IN
Brandon Farias Greenville IN
Adam Fowler Greenville IN
Julee Halas Greenville IN
Brooke Hanke Greenville IN
Amanda Hill Greenville IN
Gretchen Holz Greenville IN
Joel Jackson Greenville IN
Shirley Jones Greenville IN
Amanda Myers Greenville IN
Nicholas Phillips Greenville IN
Cheryl Prusinski Greenville IN
Amy Rowell Greenville IN
Anne Smith Greenville IN
Bethany Stock Greenville IN
Denise Townsend Greenville IN
Katrina Whalin Greenville IN
Kelsey Wisman Greenville IN
Whitney Barnes Hanover IN
Melissa Bentley Hanover IN
Ann Gaddie Hanover IN
Hannah Jackson Hanover IN
Angela Whitaker Hanover IN
Megan Bliss Hardinsburg IN
Jordon Clements Hardinsburg IN
Vera VanPool Hardinsburg IN
Rachel Baird Henryville IN
Jennifer Barnes Henryville IN
Rachel Horine Henryville IN
Sally Staples Henryville IN
Thomas Waggoner Henryville IN
Erin Carlisle Indianapolis IN
Antonia Ross Indianapolis IN
Garrett Taylor Indianapolis IN
Brooklyn Becher Jasper IN
Lauren Becher Jasper IN
Carrie Ravenscraft Jasper IN
Cara Adams Jeffersonville IN
Shallon Alford Jeffersonville IN
Cynthia Allen Jeffersonville IN
Kari Amy Jeffersonville IN
Donald Arbuckle Jeffersonville IN
Ashley Bell Jeffersonville IN
Jessica Blythe Jeffersonville IN
Courtney Boggs Jeffersonville IN
Nicholas Boivin Jeffersonville IN
Jessica Bova Jeffersonville IN
Natalie Bronson Jeffersonville IN
Justin Campbell Jeffersonville IN
Amanda Caple Jeffersonville IN
Parketta Cartwright Jeffersonville IN
Sarah Clark Jeffersonville IN
Lyndsay Coombs Jeffersonville IN
Jessica Cooper Jeffersonville IN
Philip Crone Jeffersonville IN
Sarah Dahlheim Jeffersonville IN
Kyle Davis Jeffersonville IN
Laura Belle Davis Jeffersonville IN
Natalie Dedas Jeffersonville IN
Amy Deering Jeffersonville IN
John DiDomenico Jeffersonville IN
Allison Douglass Jeffersonville IN
Megan Edds Jeffersonville IN
Jonathan Emly Jeffersonville IN
Jennifer Evans Jeffersonville IN
Kurt Fetz Jeffersonville IN
Kenneth Fiske Jeffersonville IN
Brandon Fortson Jeffersonville IN
Kristin Frederick Jeffersonville IN
Tania Gamas Jeffersonville IN
Sarah Gay Jeffersonville IN
Pamela Gentry Jeffersonville IN
Jacob Gibson Jeffersonville IN
Kristin Gilbert Jeffersonville IN
Michael Gosney Jeffersonville IN
Emily Harper Jeffersonville IN
Todd Harrett Jeffersonville IN
Shatonna Harris Jeffersonville IN
Lindsey Heibert Jeffersonville IN
James Hinton Jeffersonville IN
Kelsea Hodge Jeffersonville IN
Devon Holbrook Jeffersonville IN
Jeremy Holland Jeffersonville IN
Brenda Hooks Jeffersonville IN
Paige Jones Jeffersonville IN
Ariel LaGrange Jeffersonville IN
Hui Liu Jeffersonville IN
Elizabeth Lockhart Jeffersonville IN
Tim Luzano Jeffersonville IN
Bradley Lyons Jeffersonville IN
Carrie McCoy Jeffersonville IN
Lee Meixell Jeffersonville IN
Robin Moody Jeffersonville IN
Elizabeth Moss Jeffersonville IN
Season Neal Jeffersonville IN
Bradley Nifong Jeffersonville IN
Stepfanie Olivio Jeffersonville IN
Amanda Pangburn Jeffersonville IN
William Paro Jeffersonville IN
John Popp Jeffersonville IN
Kourtney Priest Jeffersonville IN
Nadia Quraishi Jeffersonville IN
Nikki Rice Jeffersonville IN
Gina Rogers Jeffersonville IN
Amber Ross Jeffersonville IN
Jessica Sawyer Jeffersonville IN
Brittany Seals Jeffersonville IN
Shameka Sells Jeffersonville IN
Monique Smith Jeffersonville IN
Jonathon Stephens Jeffersonville IN
Terri Taylor Jeffersonville IN
James Tomlin Jeffersonville IN
Jessica Trevino Jeffersonville IN
Ana-Licia Turner Jeffersonville IN
Casey Ueding Jeffersonville IN
Chase Vissing Jeffersonville IN
Tiffany Walker Jeffersonville IN
Kathleen Wallace Jeffersonville IN
Aungelique Walls Jeffersonville IN
Antonio Washington Jeffersonville IN
Ann Watson Jeffersonville IN
Ashley Williams Jeffersonville IN
Sarah Williams Jeffersonville IN
Brandon Woehrle Jeffersonville IN
William Zell Jeffersonville IN
Loretta Fain Laconia IN
Chelsie Phillips Laconia IN
Alicia Barnickle Lanesville IN
Edith Bleecker Lanesville IN
Erin Boone Lanesville IN
Dawn Goss Lanesville IN
Jamie Ries Lanesville IN
Emily Sherrell Lanesville IN
Gabrielle Wermuth Lanesville IN
Keith Wright Lanesville IN
Darry Hutcherson Lawrenceburg IN
Jalyn Haughee Leesburg IN
Lindsey Richcreek Leesburg IN
Farrah Bunch Lexington IN
Alyssa Hardy Lexington IN
Lyndsay Kimmick Lexington IN
Candice Spaulding Lexington IN
Mark Bryant Madison IN
David Campbell Madison IN
Ryan Fields Madison IN
Kassondra Ford Madison IN
Rachel Getz Madison IN
Michael Hartung Madison IN
Sean Harvey Madison IN
Elizabeth Patton Madison IN
Megan Roberts Madison IN
Cheryl Scroggins Madison IN
Victoria Trapp Madison IN
Joy Duguid Marengo IN
Jessica Elam Marengo IN
Jennifer Fessel Marengo IN
Candace Baird Marysville IN
Howard Feeler Marysville IN
Sarah Forsee Marysville IN
Cecelia Hunt Marysville IN
Chelsea Blalock Memphis IN
Janaea Campbell Memphis IN
Seth Caudill Memphis IN
Robert Green Memphis IN
Katherine Hamm Memphis IN
Emily Jackson Memphis IN
Christina Johnson Memphis IN
Heather Mick Memphis IN
Jarrod Poore Memphis IN
Tiffany Striegel Memphis IN
Alesha Huckleby Milltown IN
Julesa Polson Milltown IN
Adam Satterfield Milltown IN
Leslie Scott Milltown IN
Julia Adwell New Albany IN
Kristen Allen New Albany IN
Christian Anderson New Albany IN
Kenneth Barron New Albany IN
Miranda Becht New Albany IN
Alex Bell New Albany IN
Robin Bell New Albany IN
David Bennett New Albany IN
Shawn Berry New Albany IN
Stefanie Bigelow New Albany IN
Abagail Bliss New Albany IN
Amelia Bonnett-Bredt New Albany IN
Alan Bramer New Albany IN
Vicki Branham New Albany IN
Michelle Brantley New Albany IN
Sarah Brinley New Albany IN
Joshua Briscoe New Albany IN
Robert Brown New Albany IN
Victoria Buchheit New Albany IN
Marisa Bustamante New Albany IN
Amanda Byrd New Albany IN
Courtney Cain New Albany IN
La Tasha Calbert New Albany IN
Zachary Chapman New Albany IN
Christine Clark New Albany IN
Christine Clifford New Albany IN
Philip Collins New Albany IN
Carren Cook New Albany IN
Timothy Corbett New Albany IN
Amanda Creamer New Albany IN
Angela Davis New Albany IN
Tyla Davis New Albany IN
Aimee Dearing New Albany IN
Valerie Deaton New Albany IN
Kelsey Deckard New Albany IN
Robin Deckard New Albany IN
John Duerr New Albany IN
Kimberly Dukes New Albany IN
Holly DuVall New Albany IN
Jeremy Eberle New Albany IN
Amanda Edrington New Albany IN
Amber Ehlers New Albany IN
Owen Eiler New Albany IN
Brigitte Emmert New Albany IN
Sara Endler New Albany IN
Amanda Ernstberger New Albany IN
Beatrice Field New Albany IN
Melvin Foxworth New Albany IN
Stephanie Frank New Albany IN
Amanda Frost New Albany IN
Velislav Ganev New Albany IN
Tristen Gesenhues New Albany IN
Brad Gilley New Albany IN
Casey Ginn New Albany IN
Adrienne Ginsburg New Albany IN
Mary Gira New Albany IN
Jeffrey Goldman New Albany IN
Luz Gonzalez Hernandez New Albany IN
William Goolsby New Albany IN
Julie Graham New Albany IN
Amanda Green New Albany IN
Arlie Green New Albany IN
Jenna Gregory New Albany IN
Tyler Grodrian New Albany IN
Lori Haley New Albany IN
Lauryn Hall New Albany IN
Kasie Hennessey New Albany IN
Kellie Higgins New Albany IN
Derick Hobbs New Albany IN
Michele Hop New Albany IN
Thomas House New Albany IN
Angel Hubbard New Albany IN
Melanie Hughes New Albany IN
Austin Hunter New Albany IN
Ishwarya Iyer New Albany IN
Taylor Jones New Albany IN
Robin Jordan New Albany IN
Amber Kays New Albany IN
Kathryn Keller New Albany IN
Emily Kelly New Albany IN
Joshua Kornberg New Albany IN
Kurt Kraft New Albany IN
Kelly Marshall New Albany IN
Anthony Martinez New Albany IN
Daniel Mc Reynolds New Albany IN
Tasha McClure New Albany IN
Marilyn McCullum New Albany IN
Hillary McLean New Albany IN
Shawn McPheron New Albany IN
Vanessa Morris New Albany IN
Matthew Myers New Albany IN
Maegen Neal New Albany IN
Misty O’Brien New Albany IN
Magen O’Connell New Albany IN
Emily Ott New Albany IN
Matthew Pamplin New Albany IN
Niza Phiri New Albany IN
Michael Pope New Albany IN
Thomas Quinkert New Albany IN
Emily Reinen New Albany IN
Gregory Richmer New Albany IN
Debbie Richter-Keller New Albany IN
Ashley Robinson New Albany IN
James Robinson New Albany IN
April Romine-Wykoff New Albany IN
Sopxing San New Albany IN
Jeffrey Scherer New Albany IN
Tabatha Scherer New Albany IN
Lettie Schneider New Albany IN
Steve Schneider New Albany IN
Esther Sheets New Albany IN
Lynell Shope New Albany IN
Katherine Smith New Albany IN
Lara Smith New Albany IN
Melanie Smith New Albany IN
Stephen Smith New Albany IN
Kayla Spalding New Albany IN
Brandon Stettenbenz New Albany IN
Aberlyn Sweetland New Albany IN
Leah Tate New Albany IN
Bryan Taylor New Albany IN
Mark Taylor New Albany IN
Sara Taylor-Hughes New Albany IN
Chelsea Tudor New Albany IN
Bobbi Vassetti New Albany IN
Leen Visser New Albany IN
Thomas Wadlington New Albany IN
Jenni Walters New Albany IN
Yancey Walters New Albany IN
Jenise Wehmiller New Albany IN
Jessica Welch New Albany IN
Ashley White New Albany IN
David White New Albany IN
Marla Wilson New Albany IN
Meagan Wolfe New Albany IN
Michael Woodson New Albany IN
Melinda Wunsch New Albany IN
Sarah Yeager New Albany IN
Tyler Youngs New Albany IN
Victor Zapata Calderon New Albany IN
Karolyn Zumhingst New Albany IN
Travis Asher New Salisbury IN
Mark Byerley New Salisbury IN
Scott Davis New Salisbury IN
Joshua Eve New Salisbury IN
Anne Martin New Salisbury IN
Katie Wright New Salisbury IN
Amber Napier New Washington IN
Alex Brewer North Vernon IN
Matt Hurley North Vernon IN
Michelle Maschino North Vernon IN
Kimberly Brewer Orleans IN
Justin Meredith Otisco IN
Stephanie Robinson Otisco IN
Kathryn Edwards Palmyra IN
Lisa Haub Palmyra IN
Matthew McMillin Palmyra IN
Jason Sparks Palmyra IN
Sarah Uhl Palmyra IN
Brett Cornwell Paoli IN
Brianna Eubank Paoli IN
Patrick Mc Cracken Paoli IN
Desiree Smith Paoli IN
Shannon Mitchell Pekin IN
Steven Smith Pekin IN
Chadwick Thornton Pekin IN
Renata Vivanco-Sanchez-Wilkins Pekin IN
Scott Wolfe Pekin IN
Bryan Case Ramsey IN
Jessica Dupaquier Ramsey IN
Stephanie Bower Salem IN
Laura Brennan Salem IN
Lorie Campbell Salem IN
Rachel Carty Salem IN
Mark Davis Salem IN
Autumn Hall Salem IN
Whitney Hall Salem IN
Ashley Harmon Salem IN
Ethan Jones Salem IN
Jacob Korff Salem IN
Melissa Lamanna Salem IN
Matthew Landreth Salem IN
Holly Lawson Salem IN
Whitney Malloy Salem IN
Micah Robertson Salem IN
Amy Whistler Salem IN
Kathy Berry Scottsburg IN
Charles Bottorff Scottsburg IN
Kimberly Bray Scottsburg IN
Tristin Elam Scottsburg IN
Tiarra English Scottsburg IN
Kristina Kimmick Scottsburg IN
Amanda Lauterbach Scottsburg IN
Heather McCoskey Scottsburg IN
Brittney McDowell Scottsburg IN
Jessica Noblitt Scottsburg IN
Albert Schmidt Scottsburg IN
Hannah Smith Scottsburg IN
Jordan Taylor Scottsburg IN
George Vest Scottsburg IN
Jennifer Ashley Sellersburg IN
Michael Austin Sellersburg IN
Christina Bottorff Sellersburg IN
Kelly Bowling Sellersburg IN
Karen Bradley Sellersburg IN
Stefan Brafford Sellersburg IN
Jami Bray Sellersburg IN
Justin Burke Sellersburg IN
Gregory Burton Sellersburg IN
Vathana Chan Sellersburg IN
Amanda Chiamulera Sellersburg IN
Donald Cyrus Sellersburg IN
Daniel Davin Sellersburg IN
Bradley Denman Sellersburg IN
Diana Denman Sellersburg IN
Audrey Druin Sellersburg IN
Sally Eichenberger Sellersburg IN
Jonathan Ernstberger Sellersburg IN
Ronald Eve Sellersburg IN
Jennifer Flower Sellersburg IN
Amy Fluhr Sellersburg IN
Judy Fortson Sellersburg IN
Adriane Foster Sellersburg IN
Charles Gardner Sellersburg IN
Davona Harriman Sellersburg IN
Jennifer Harrington Sellersburg IN
John Heimer Sellersburg IN
Brittany Henderson Sellersburg IN
Richard Humphrey Sellersburg IN
Andrew Jones Sellersburg IN
Jennifer Jones Sellersburg IN
Jason Kleehamer Sellersburg IN
Christina Kummer Sellersburg IN
Emily Losey Sellersburg IN
Sheryl Meacham Sellersburg IN
Alex Mullins Sellersburg IN
Sarah Ray Sellersburg IN
Kara Schlageter Sellersburg IN
Caitlin Schoeff Sellersburg IN
Jonathan Sifers Sellersburg IN
Adam Singleton Sellersburg IN
Jerry Smith Sellersburg IN
Casey Street Sellersburg IN
Kenneth Taurman Sellersburg IN
Chastity Thomas Sellersburg IN
Larry Whitlock Sellersburg IN
William Wilkins Sellersburg IN
Amanda Wilson-Mayfield Sellersburg IN
Amanda Windell Sellersburg IN
Cayeleigh Yost Sellersburg IN
Bradley Zahnd Sellersburg IN
Trista Green Seymour IN
Amanda Miller Seymour IN
Andia Riley Speed IN
Adam Denney Springville IN
Robin Morgan Taswell IN
Brittene Goffinet Tell City IN
Kayla Goffinet Tell City IN
Kayla James Tell City IN
Linda Miller Tell City IN
Jeffrey Porter Underwood IN
Tiffany Criminger Vallonia IN
Aaron Groves Vincennes IN
Adam Groves Vincennes IN
Kylee Anthony Washington IN
Heather Shepherd Winona Lake IN
Andrew Jennings Bedford KY
Laura Pirtle Bedford KY
Erica Whelan Brandenburg KY
Patrick Delaney Coxs Creek KY
Kenneth Burke Crestwood KY
Kenneth Cook Crestwood KY
Emily Farmer Crestwood KY
Joseph Jones Crestwood KY
Erin Muhlheizler Crestwood KY
Daniel Allison Fairdale KY
Amanda Crawford Fairdale KY
Megan Tindall Fairdale KY
Natalie Tindall Fairdale KY
Christopher Lefevre Fern Creek KY
Nicole Althoff Goshen KY
Jeff Becker Goshen KY
David Harbin Goshen KY
Rebekah Savage Goshen KY
Irena Sokolova Goshen KY
Alicia Williams Goshen KY
Kristen Hiegel Hardinsburg KY
Erin Clark La Grange KY
Ryan Russell La Grange KY
Michael Scott La Grange KY
Lance Barker LaGrange KY
Robin OConnor LaGrange KY
Leigh Powers LaGrange KY
Ryan Rembold LaGrange KY
Nicole Morris Lexington KY
Jolie Stone Lexington KY
Ashley Adams Louisville KY
Timothy Adams Louisville KY
Nathalie Adler Louisville KY
Jennifer Adwell Louisville KY
Amory Alvey Louisville KY
Timothy Austin Louisville KY
Jennifer Baker Louisville KY
Eric Baldwin Louisville KY
Cory Barnfield Louisville KY
Roger Barrios Louisville KY
Kathryn Barrows Louisville KY
Frandy Basse Louisville KY
Tiffani Baxter Louisville KY
Allison Bekric Louisville KY
Morgan Berry Louisville KY
Philip Berry Louisville KY
Tifanie Bethel Louisville KY
Zach Bloyd Louisville KY
Ashley Bowles Louisville KY
Sarah Branham Louisville KY
Megan Bratton Louisville KY
Cristofer Brenes Louisville KY
Clinton Brill Louisville KY
Dana Brockman Louisville KY
Tameka Brown Louisville KY
Jessica Buckley Louisville KY
Courtney Burge Louisville KY
Charles Caffey Louisville KY
Heather Callahan Louisville KY
Kathlein Campbell Louisville KY
Timothy Cargill Louisville KY
Kristina Carpenter Louisville KY
Daniel Casagrande Louisville KY
Maria Castro Leal Louisville KY
Laura Chambers Louisville KY
Akisha Chandler Louisville KY
James Chappars Louisville KY
Jessica Chavez Louisville KY
Ashley Chesman Louisville KY
Anthony Clark Louisville KY
Samantha Claybern Louisville KY
Kevin Clements Louisville KY
Steven Colyer Louisville KY
Meredith Cooper Louisville KY
Warnetta Cooper Louisville KY
Gretchen Corle Louisville KY
Jenna Corwin Louisville KY
Bryan Crady Louisville KY
Christina Davidson Louisville KY
Janet Davies Louisville KY
Benjamin Davis Louisville KY
Sarah Dean Louisville KY
Mary DeMoss Louisville KY
Franziska Dietl Louisville KY
Angela Dobbs Louisville KY
Alyce Dougan Louisville KY
Elizabeth Dougherty Louisville KY
Danielle Doughlin Louisville KY
Sherry Dour Louisville KY
Andrea Downing Louisville KY
Lindsey Downs Louisville KY
Whitney Duncan Louisville KY
Lauren Durbin Louisville KY
Sarah Elliott Louisville KY
Maria Engoglia Louisville KY
Jessica Epstein Louisville KY
Amy Ernspiker Louisville KY
Amy Ernst Louisville KY
Brian Evans Louisville KY
Lacey Farris Louisville KY
Hani Fateel Louisville KY
Ramona Fauth Louisville KY
Shannon Ferrell Louisville KY
Anthony Fitzpatrick Louisville KY
Bryan Flaherty Louisville KY
Grace Flint Louisville KY
Margaret Flowers Louisville KY
Jacqueline Foley Louisville KY
Terry Foster Louisville KY
Holly Frermann Louisville KY
Jessica Geary Louisville KY
Amanda George Louisville KY
Sarah Glenn Louisville KY
Holly Goemmer Louisville KY
Dustin Goodlett Louisville KY
Barbara Goodman Louisville KY
Sarah Goodman Louisville KY
Sarah Goughnour Louisville KY
Whitney Gowen Louisville KY
Karla Graham Louisville KY
Rebecca Graham Louisville KY
Bridget Gratzer Louisville KY
Lindsey Grether Louisville KY
Mike Grisanti Louisville KY
Nicole Groft Louisville KY
Janice Gross Louisville KY
Cara Guy Louisville KY
Lauren Hahn Louisville KY
James Hall Louisville KY
Sheri Hamilton Louisville KY
Krista Hanke Louisville KY
Kayla Hardin Louisville KY
Ashlee Harding Louisville KY
Stephanie Hayes Louisville KY
Sharon Hayman Louisville KY
Joseph Hayse Louisville KY
James Head Louisville KY
Dawn Hedges Louisville KY
Todd Helm Louisville KY
Toshia Henderson Louisville KY
Lindsey Henley Louisville KY
Allison Henry Louisville KY
Ronald Herp Louisville KY
Jennifer Herps Louisville KY
John Hickey Louisville KY
Michelle Higgins Louisville KY
Ryan Hilpp Louisville KY
Katelyn Hogan Louisville KY
Sarah Hoke Louisville KY
Ashley Hollis Louisville KY
Mark Holzknecht Louisville KY
LeeAnn Horan Louisville KY
Ashley Hornek Louisville KY
Yeun-Wen Hou Louisville KY
Ebony Howard Louisville KY
Kimberly Howard Louisville KY
Leonard Howard Louisville KY
Jerrye Huber Louisville KY
Lindsay Hudson Louisville KY
Montica Husband Louisville KY
Elise Hyde-Ferrell Louisville KY
James Isaacs Louisville KY
Lauren Jackson Louisville KY
Felicia Jamison Louisville KY
Modou Jobe Louisville KY
Jessica Johanboeke Louisville KY
Darrick Johnson Louisville KY
Kathryn Jones Louisville KY
M Jones Louisville KY
Michael Jones Louisville KY
Theodore Jones Louisville KY
Carol-Ann Jordan Louisville KY
Steven Kaufman Louisville KY
Sean Kettring Louisville KY
Thomas Kiel Louisville KY
Young-Won Kim Louisville KY
Ellen Kimball Louisville KY
Caroline King Louisville KY
Mark Kirby Louisville KY
James Klein Louisville KY
Jillian Kopinsky Louisville KY
Shelby Koppel Louisville KY
Cielle Kovac Louisville KY
Megan Kuhl Louisville KY
Nicholas Kurzendoerfer Louisville KY
Joseph La Duke Louisville KY
Elena Labzin Louisville KY
Eric Lambert Louisville KY
William Lamont Louisville KY
Kathryn Lawrence Louisville KY
Chulmin Lee Louisville KY
Kristina Lee Louisville KY
James Lesshafft Louisville KY
Jason Link Louisville KY
Christopher Little Louisville KY
Tracie Little Louisville KY
Kenneth Lofald Louisville KY
Jacob Logsdon Louisville KY
Jennifer Lorick Louisville KY
Tyler Lusebrink Louisville KY
Hunter Luthi Louisville KY
Talisha Lyle Louisville KY
Lindsey Lyvers Louisville KY
Tracy Madryga Louisville KY
Crystal Mains Louisville KY
Annie Malka Louisville KY
Adam Maple Louisville KY
Michael Mason Louisville KY
Andrew Matheis Louisville KY
Krol Mathias Louisville KY
Amanda Mattingly Louisville KY
Amanda Mc Coy Louisville KY
William McClanahan Louisville KY
Bianca McCollister Louisville KY
John McCoy Louisville KY
Jared McCubbin Louisville KY
Daniel McDonald Louisville KY
Jason McKee Louisville KY
Kyle McNay Louisville KY
Trista Meade Louisville KY
Jessica Merrick Louisville KY
Carmen Merrifield Louisville KY
Ji Won Min Louisville KY
James Minor Louisville KY
Annette Mtangi Louisville KY
Josh Mullin Louisville KY
Lynette Murphy Louisville KY
Brock Neal Louisville KY
Blake Neumann Louisville KY
Dilruan Nicholas Louisville KY
Kalee Norton Louisville KY
Thomas Olges Louisville KY
Matthew Osborne Louisville KY
Dana Osoffsky Louisville KY
Laura Osterhoudt Louisville KY
Lalit Pareba Louisville KY
Chelsea Parman Louisville KY
Christopher Pass Louisville KY
Amber Paul Louisville KY
Ashley Phenix Louisville KY
Shannon Phillips Louisville KY
Devin Phinney Louisville KY
Misty Piatt Louisville KY
Whitney Pieterse Louisville KY
Erik Pilgrim Louisville KY
Lauren Poole Louisville KY
Andrew Pope Louisville KY
Justin Preece Louisville KY
Karen Probus Louisville KY
Beverly Raley Louisville KY
Leah Ramey Louisville KY
Craig Raque Louisville KY
Safiyyah Rasool Louisville KY
Stephanie Rea Louisville KY
Matthew Reid Louisville KY
Amanda Reynolds Louisville KY
Whitney Reynolds Louisville KY
Beth Rice Louisville KY
Rachael Rice Louisville KY
Shaconya Richardson Louisville KY
Gabriel Riggs Louisville KY
Tammy Riley Louisville KY
Tress Riley Louisville KY
Sydne Roberts Louisville KY
Jenna Rodighiero Louisville KY
Brooke Rohrs Louisville KY
Kimberly Roseberry Louisville KY  
Danielle Rosenberg Louisville KY  
Sheila Ruffin Louisville KY  
Lesa Ryan Louisville KY  
Neda Sadeghian Louisville KY  
Jodi Santora Louisville KY  
Whitney Sauer Louisville KY  
Lauren Saxton Louisville KY  
Gregory Saylor Louisville KY  
Rachel Schardein Louisville KY  
Jamie Schenck Louisville KY  
Marinda Schneider Louisville KY  
Jennifer Schonschack Louisville KY  
Sadie Scott Louisville KY  
Brenda Sharpe Louisville KY  
Patrick Shawler Louisville KY  
Lysa Shepard Louisville KY  
Cheryl Shuffitt Louisville KY  
Stephen Simic Louisville KY  
Dennis Simon Louisville KY  
Lauren Skarda Louisville KY  
Tiffiani Slaughter Louisville KY  
Abigail Smith Louisville KY  
Amy Smith Louisville KY  
Jardin Smith Louisville KY  
Kara Smith Louisville KY  
Todd Smith Louisville KY  
Joseph Spaulding Louisville KY  
Justin Spayd Louisville KY  
Shaina Steward Louisville KY  
Emily Stewart Louisville KY  
Stephanie Stiles Louisville KY  
Stefanie Stolz Louisville KY  
Christopher Stout Louisville KY  
Meagan Strange Louisville KY  
Julia Streble Louisville KY  
Geremy Stricker Louisville KY  
Margot Stricker Louisville KY  
Gui Stuart Louisville KY  
Megan Sturgeon Louisville KY  
Leo Sullivan Louisville KY  
Lori Tanner Louisville KY  
Christy Taylor Louisville KY  
Sarah Taylor Louisville KY  
Andrea Terrell Louisville KY  
Andrea Terry Louisville KY  
Holly Terry Louisville KY  
Megan Terry Louisville KY  
Aisha Thomas Louisville KY  
Abby Thompson Louisville KY  
Taniya Thurman Louisville KY  
Airiel Tolbert Louisville KY  
Resjohna Tomblin Louisville KY  
Melanie Trusty Louisville KY  
Kimberly Tumey Louisville KY  
Robert Tunget Louisville KY  
Rylan Tymensen Louisville KY  
Elizabeth Vasquez Louisville KY  
Michael Vaughn Louisville KY  
Stephanie Veech Louisville KY  
Troy Vincent Louisville KY  
Xiaorong Wang Louisville KY  
Amanda Warren Louisville KY  
Jessica Washer Louisville KY  
Melissa Watkins Louisville KY  
Megan Weber Louisville KY  
Samantha Weissrock Louisville KY  
Kathleen Welch Louisville KY  
Jennifer Wentzel Louisville KY  
Richard Westerfield Louisville KY  
Rachael Wheatley Louisville KY  
Jaime Whitaker Louisville KY  
Lindsay White Louisville KY  
Sean White Louisville KY  
Tennille White Louisville KY  
Emily Wickerham Louisville KY  
Laneka Williams Louisville KY  
Shari Williams Louisville KY  
Tristan Williamson Louisville KY  
Michael Willis Louisville KY  
Matthew Wilson Louisville KY  
Joy Winebrenner Louisville KY  
Pamela Wirtzberger Louisville KY  
Patricia Wright Louisville KY  
Ashley Yoerg Louisville KY  
Christopher Young Louisville KY  
Sarah Zech Louisville KY  
Chen Zhou Louisville KY  
Chadwick Ballard Mt Washington KY  
Amy Bradbury Mt Washington KY  
Stephen Cain Mt Washington KY  
Jaymee Clemens Mt Washington KY  
Nicholas Cravens Mt Washington KY  
Regan Girot Mt Washington KY  
LeAndra Greenwell Mt Washington KY  
Kari Haney Mt Washington KY  
Meaghan Kincer Mt Washington KY  
Tiffany Madison Mt Washington KY  
Jessica Marschke Mt Washington KY  
Marvin Conti Pewee Valley KY  
Emily Wiesemann Pewee Valley KY  
Ashley Felt Prospect KY  
Dennis Hillen Prospect KY  
John Sherman Prospect KY  
William Vittitow Prospect KY  
Sara Austin Shepherdsville KY  
Samantha Brown Shepherdsville KY  
Sheri Mulliniks Shepherdsville KY  
Kenton O’Neil Shepherdsville KY  
Derek Stankiewicz Shepherdsville KY  
Donnajane Tipton Shepherdsville KY  
Heidi Storie Simpsonville KY  
Jami Feeney Mansfield OH  
Nicole Holman Houston TX  
Christina Harpster Auburn WA  
Eman Al’Araj Amman Jordan
Sunju Kwon Seoul South Korea
Sharon Finley      
Lucas Fitzgerald      
Michael Petry      
Addie Williams      
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