Check out the newest member of the Grenadier family!

11th February 2011

Faculty, staff, and students are welcome to stop by and view the latest Grenadier to arrive on campus.

Renowned wood carver Jason Emmons created a one-of-a-kind wood sculpture of a life-size Grenadier during Homecoming weekend.  The carving is now on display in the breezeway of University Center South.

Emmons began the sculpture Friday afternoon and finished the statue during Homecoming weekend.  The statue was carved from an approximately 125-year-old oak tree grown on the IU Southeast campus.  The tree had to be removed from campus earlier this winter after it began to lose its branches and caused a safety problem for our students, faculty, and staff.

Check out additional photos of the carving at

Emmons is a world-class chainsaw artist. His work can be seen at his website.