IU Southeast congratulates 2010 graduates

23rd June 2010

NEW ALBANY, IN, (June 18, 2010) – Members of Indiana University Southeast’s latest graduating class – 1,046 students – became alumni at the University’s 42nd Commencement ceremony on May 10.

Twenty-one Indiana counties, six states, and 15 different countries are represented in the Class of 2010, which also includes Kentucky students participating in Indiana-Kentucky tuition reciprocity.

Students eligible to participate in the May 2010 ceremony (including those listed here) were comprised of students who earned a degree in December 2009 and those who were expected to earn degrees in May and August 2010.

More than 23,000 students have received degrees from IU Southeast since 1968. Nearly 90 percent of graduates remain in Indiana and the Greater Louisville Metropolitan region.

Included below is the list of graduates by hometown.


La Paille,Marcie A Chicago IL Cook
Wilson,Chad Lewis Fairview Heights IL St. Clair
Horn,Amiee Nicole Columbus IN Bartholomew
Schulz,Leela Nicole Henryville IN Clak
Barlow,Ernest Conway Borden IN Clark
Gertin,Christopher Mark Borden IN Clark
Klein,Sheryl Lynn Borden IN Clark
Smith,Christy Denise Borden IN Clark
Allen,Daniel R Charlestown IN Clark
Begley,Jason Ray Charlestown IN Clark
Brown,Kim Marie Charlestown IN Clark
Curnutt,Alexander Paul Charlestown IN Clark
Miller,Shannon Carol Charlestown IN Clark
Park,Nathan Robert Thomas Charlestown IN Clark
Poor,Christi Lynn Charlestown IN Clark
Ragland,Hollye Rae Charlestown IN Clark
Smith,Ashlee Shanaye Charlestown IN Clark
Spear,Jamie Heather Charlestown IN Clark
Taylor,Shawn Gregory Charlestown IN Clark
Veach,Megan E Charlestown IN Clark
Warman,Ronald Luther Charlestown IN Clark
Adkinson,Amy Jo Clarksville IN Clark
Bashaw,Lindsey Marie Clarksville IN Clark
Beck,Sara Jean Clarksville IN Clark
Brock,Sarah Elizabeth Clarksville IN Clark
Byrd,Amanda Rae Clarksville IN Clark
Caudill,Ashley Nicole Clarksville IN Clark
Clemons,Joshua Edward Clarksville IN Clark
Coddington,Casey Danielle Clarksville IN Clark
Combs,Jennifer Marie Clarksville IN Clark
Creal,Rebecca Ann Clarksville IN Clark
Crockett,Rose C Clarksville IN Clark
Davis,Amanda Leigh Clarksville IN Clark
Fultz,Nymia Justiniano Clarksville IN Clark
Hack,Alison Rose Clarksville IN Clark
Hennessey,Blaise Scott Clarksville IN Clark
Hunchman,Susan Marie Clarksville IN Clark
Jones,Sara Elizabeth Clarksville IN Clark
Leister,Amy Lynn Clarksville IN Clark
Long,Andrea R Clarksville IN Clark
McGuire,Joshua Mann Clarksville IN Clark
Morrison,Phillip Brandon Clarksville IN Clark
Ohlmann,Kathryn Ann Clarksville IN Clark
Ross,Monica Ann Clarksville IN Clark
Smith,LaKeisha Louise Clarksville IN Clark
Sutcliff,Jessica Marie Clarksville IN Clark
Vaughn,Marlana Sue Clarksville IN Clark
Watkins,Sharon Kay Clarksville IN Clark
Wilson III,Charles Thomas Clarksville IN Clark
Campbell,Bradley Blake Floyds Knobs IN Clark
Gardner,Hsiao-Ling Henryville IN Clark
La Coste,Rachel Lynn Henryville IN Clark
Armstrong,Gary C Jeffersonville IN Clark
Atieh,Khitaam Jeffersonville IN Clark
Barker,Duane Matthew Jeffersonville IN Clark
Beam,Jeremiah Cooper Jeffersonville IN Clark
Bennett,Paul Eric Jeffersonville IN Clark
Biesel,Melissa Rene Jeffersonville IN Clark
Bowling,Heather Michelle Jeffersonville IN Clark
Bradley,David A Jeffersonville IN Clark
Brown,Cameron James Jeffersonville IN Clark
Bruner,JaniDean Jeffersonville IN Clark
Cable,Jason C Jeffersonville IN Clark
Cambron,Kristy L Jeffersonville IN Clark
Chinn,Matthew Colin Jeffersonville IN Clark
Clark,Peter Allen Jeffersonville IN Clark
Clem,Jennifer Marie Jeffersonville IN Clark
Clodfelter,Lauren Kae Jeffersonville IN Clark
Conner,Jay G Jeffersonville IN Clark
Coons,Jessica Lynn Jeffersonville IN Clark
Cork,Shanta Jeffersonville IN Clark
Crawford,Jennifer Lea Jeffersonville IN Clark
Currie,Michael Andrew Jeffersonville IN Clark
Danner,David F Jeffersonville IN Clark
Davidson,Cassandra Marie Jeffersonville IN Clark
Davidson,Matthew Clay Jeffersonville IN Clark
Duvall,Lorraine P Jeffersonville IN Clark
Duvall,Charles William Jeffersonville IN Clark
Edrington,John Jay Jeffersonville IN Clark
Edwards,Amanda Jo Jeffersonville IN Clark
Erdenebileg,Enkhtuvshin Jeffersonville IN Clark
Fetz,Synthia Marie Jeffersonville IN Clark
Flynn,Jill Elizabeth Jeffersonville IN Clark
Franklin,James Gregory Jeffersonville IN Clark
Gabhart,John Barry Jeffersonville IN Clark
Goforth,Robert Stephen Jeffersonville IN Clark
Goodwin,Kristi Michelle Jeffersonville IN Clark
Greenwell,Peggy Ann Jeffersonville IN Clark
Haleem,Aqueelah S Jeffersonville IN Clark
Hamlett,Karri Ann Jeffersonville IN Clark
Herd,Paul Wayne Jeffersonville IN Clark
Higdon,Jessica LeAnne Jeffersonville IN Clark
Jackson,Deborah Lynn Jeffersonville IN Clark
Jones,Vonda Darlene Jeffersonville IN Clark
Jones,Ryan Keith Jeffersonville IN Clark
Knight,Catherine Margaret Jeffersonville IN Clark
Kruer,Misty Rae Jeffersonville IN Clark
Lewis,Kyle Edward Jeffersonville IN Clark
Lindley,Kathryn Elisabeth Jeffersonville IN Clark
Lott,Nicky D Jeffersonville IN Clark
Mannen,Jacqueline Ramona Jeffersonville IN Clark
Martin,Jakesha Ann Jeffersonville IN Clark
Mathes,Charles Leslie Jeffersonville IN Clark
Mays,William David Jeffersonville IN Clark
Miller,Travis Wade Jeffersonville IN Clark
Morones,Jose Antonio Jeffersonville IN Clark
Murphy,Kevin Ryan Jeffersonville IN Clark
Naqvi,Adeel Asghar Jeffersonville IN Clark
Norton,Danielle Faye Jeffersonville IN Clark
Owens,Tiffany Jill Jeffersonville IN Clark
Petty,Shannon Nicole Jeffersonville IN Clark
Pressel,Morgan Leigh Jeffersonville IN Clark
Ragland,Keith Alan Jeffersonville IN Clark
Rhodes,April Nicole Jeffersonville IN Clark
Santiago,Felix M. Jeffersonville IN Clark
Schelling,Natalie E Jeffersonville IN Clark
Stewart,Amy Michelle Jeffersonville IN Clark
Sullivan,Amanda Gayle Jeffersonville IN Clark
Tash,Staci Nicole Jeffersonville IN Clark
Taylor,Kimberly Christina Jeffersonville IN Clark
Townsend,Matthew D. Jeffersonville IN Clark
Van Tilburg,Peter Alan Jeffersonville IN Clark
Walter,Sonia Renee Jeffersonville IN Clark
Weber,Kandi Michelle Jeffersonville IN Clark
Young III,Richard Douglas Jeffersonville IN Clark
Hamm,Katherine Marie Memphis IN Clark
Koeppel,Jessica Ann Memphis IN Clark
Linne,Kelly Dawn Memphis IN Clark
Newby,Nathan William Memphis IN Clark
Small,Amber Nicole Memphis IN Clark
Dean,Terry J Nabb IN Clark
Webb,Susan Nabb IN Clark
Stricker,Katie Lynn New Washington IN Clark
Marsh,Sarah Nichole Otisco IN Clark
Meador,Candace Diane Otisco IN Clark
Meredith,Justin Wayne Otisco IN Clark
Anderson,Kim Marie Sellersburg IN Clark
Bartlett,Melissa Jane Sellersburg IN Clark
Becker,Stephanie Kay Sellersburg IN Clark
Berger,Aaron Taylor Sellersburg IN Clark
Burton,Gregory Timpson Sellersburg IN Clark
Denman,Diana Stumler Sellersburg IN Clark
Elrod,Erin Anne Sellersburg IN Clark
Fouch,Bonnie Nicole Sellersburg IN Clark
Fruits,Kimberly Marie Sellersburg IN Clark
Gallant,Melissa Mary Sellersburg IN Clark
Goode,Jerry Dean Sellersburg IN Clark
Higgins,Vanessa Harmony Sellersburg IN Clark
Kaiser,Laura Anne Sellersburg IN Clark
Kane,Amie E Sellersburg IN Clark
Kynhoff,Rachel Elizabeth Frauke Sellersburg IN Clark
Mayberry,Amy Jessica Sellersburg IN Clark
Pappas,Angela Sue Sellersburg IN Clark
Proctor,Jo Ann Sellersburg IN Clark
Roberts,Brittany Nicole Sellersburg IN Clark
Rothbauer,Christopher Allen Sellersburg IN Clark
Schindler,Joshua Michael Sellersburg IN Clark
Spainhour,Jessica Dea Sellersburg IN Clark
Summers,Derek Tyler Sellersburg IN Clark
Alexander,Patrick Allen Speed IN Clark
Newlin,Deborah Gail Eckerty IN Crawford
Newton,Katelyn Camille English IN Crawford
Ranchod,Jasmita Leavenworth IN Crawford
Roser,Kristina Louise Leavenworth IN Crawford
Brose,Jennifer Lynne Marengo IN Crawford
Broughton,Christopher Duane Marengo IN Crawford
Stroud,Adam Nolen Marengo IN Crawford
Lindsey,June Richele Milltown IN Crawford
Miller,Jala Lanette Milltown IN Crawford
Schrader,Tiffany Rose Milltown IN Crawford
Smith,Amanda Ann Milltown IN Crawford
Smith,Lisa Beth Taswell IN Crawford
Bartley,Jennifer Nicole Jasper IN Dubois
Henke,Terrence Robert Jasper IN Dubois
Siegel,Mary Leah Jasper IN Dubois
Allen,Chelsea Meredith Floyds Knobs IN Floyd
Bibb,Rebecca Amber Floyds Knobs IN Floyd
Bizzell,Rhonda Faye Floyds Knobs IN Floyd
Brutscher,Stephen Cole Floyds Knobs IN Floyd
Chin,Byron Richard Floyds Knobs IN Floyd
Coons,Patrick Steven Floyds Knobs IN Floyd
Engle,Gregory Joseph Floyds Knobs IN Floyd
Enteman,Amanda Brooke Floyds Knobs IN Floyd
Gay,Courtney Lynn Floyds Knobs IN Floyd
Geltmaker,Aaron Cole Floyds Knobs IN Floyd
Glaser,Paul Andrew Floyds Knobs IN Floyd
Hanka,Angela Turner Floyds Knobs IN Floyd
Heavrin,Lyndsey Michelle Floyds Knobs IN Floyd
Heck,Benjamin Scott Floyds Knobs IN Floyd
Hubbert,Julia Helen Floyds Knobs IN Floyd
Hutson,Julianne Floyds Knobs IN Floyd
Jackson,Christy Lynne Floyds Knobs IN Floyd
Johanningsmeier,Lisa Renee Floyds Knobs IN Floyd
Mc Garvey,Nancy Kruer Floyds Knobs IN Floyd
McKinley,Margie Ann Floyds Knobs IN Floyd
Overton,Meredith Noel Floyds Knobs IN Floyd
Sakel,David Alan Floyds Knobs IN Floyd
Scherer,Jeffrey Christopher Floyds Knobs IN Floyd
Shanks,Lynn Cloud Floyds Knobs IN Floyd
Sims,Dallas Ryan Floyds Knobs IN Floyd
Sprigler,Samantha Jo Floyds Knobs IN Floyd
Stocksdale,Benjamin Robert Floyds Knobs IN Floyd
Swords-Simms,Dodie D. Floyds Knobs IN Floyd
Vogt,Kaitlin Elizabeth Floyds Knobs IN Floyd
Wade,Michael Allen Floyds Knobs IN Floyd
Wilbert,William Joseph Floyds Knobs IN Floyd
Wood,Barbara Jean Floyds Knobs IN Floyd
Behr,Sarah Elizabeth Georgetown IN Floyd
Bennett,Michelle Nicole Georgetown IN Floyd
Cooper,Michael Thaddeus Georgetown IN Floyd
Cunningham,Andrea Lynn Georgetown IN Floyd
Downey,Sherry L Georgetown IN Floyd
Ferree,Katie Christine Georgetown IN Floyd
Gwinn,Allison Ann Georgetown IN Floyd
Hook,Cassandra Elizabeth Georgetown IN Floyd
Hughes,Carmen Michelle Georgetown IN Floyd
Miller,Erica Danielle Georgetown IN Floyd
Perkins,Rebecca Lynn Georgetown IN Floyd
Roll,Kristen Michelle Georgetown IN Floyd
Schladand,Jane Riely Georgetown IN Floyd
Spencer,Rebecca Michelle Georgetown IN Floyd
Teigland,Rebekah JoAnn Georgetown IN Floyd
Tripure,Dawn Yevette Georgetown IN Floyd
White,Gregory Scot Georgetown IN Floyd
Yeager,Rebecca Ruth Georgetown IN Floyd
Yeager,Kirstin Danielle Georgetown IN Floyd
Allen,Esme Ann Greenville IN Floyd
Carr,Lauren Ashley Greenville IN Floyd
Case,Audrey Dawn Greenville IN Floyd
Mumaw III,Basil Lewis Greenville IN Floyd
Nunley,Gregory S Greenville IN Floyd
Ridout,Patrick Jordan Greenville IN Floyd
Williams,Susan E Greenville IN Floyd
Mendick,Michael Milton Lanesville IN Floyd
Wilson,Blair Renee Lanesville IN Floyd
Woolley,Robert Harbison Lanesville IN Floyd
Ali,Amany Yousef New Albany IN Floyd
Alles,James Robert New Albany IN Floyd
Arrowood,Lori Rebecca New Albany IN Floyd
Ballage,David Michael New Albany IN Floyd
Bartley,Jonathon Edward New Albany IN Floyd
Bertrand,Barbara Ellen New Albany IN Floyd
Best,Erica Lynn New Albany IN Floyd
Bland,Julie A New Albany IN Floyd
Bliss,Mark Tyler New Albany IN Floyd
Brady,Karen Jean New Albany IN Floyd
Burke,Lauren Olivia New Albany IN Floyd
Burton,John Livingston New Albany IN Floyd
Clark,Sarah Elizabeth New Albany IN Floyd
Clark,Amber Lynn New Albany IN Floyd
Cline,Kyra LeeAnn New Albany IN Floyd
Cogswell,Jason Edward New Albany IN Floyd
Cook,Linda S New Albany IN Floyd
Crowe,Elizabeth Lee New Albany IN Floyd
Cunningham,Heather Nicole New Albany IN Floyd
Cureton,Aimee Brooke New Albany IN Floyd
Cureton,Dallas Eugene New Albany IN Floyd
Douglas,Mark K New Albany IN Floyd
Fisher,Dana Alexis New Albany IN Floyd
Fleming,Brieanne Alyse New Albany IN Floyd
Foster,Monica Ann New Albany IN Floyd
Freas,Sue-Ann Lisa New Albany IN Floyd
Freeman,Edith Shavonne New Albany IN Floyd
Gohmann,Gregory Alexander New Albany IN Floyd
Grover,Alison Nicole New Albany IN Floyd
Guilinger,Nicholas Delano New Albany IN Floyd
Gunterman,Nelson Tyler New Albany IN Floyd
Haas,Katie Lorraine New Albany IN Floyd
Hancock,Michael Joseph New Albany IN Floyd
Hart,Kimberly Lynn New Albany IN Floyd
Haywood,Kathryn Loraine New Albany IN Floyd
Helton,Michael R New Albany IN Floyd
Henderson,Megan Elizabeth New Albany IN Floyd
Hicks,Cecilia Ann New Albany IN Floyd
Hill,Melissa Dawn New Albany IN Floyd
Hill,Lindsay Michelle New Albany IN Floyd
Hunt,Jessica Lynn New Albany IN Floyd
Jacobs,Stacey Clark New Albany IN Floyd
Jacobs,Bethany Hope New Albany IN Floyd
Jines,Holly Marie New Albany IN Floyd
Julius,Jessica Devin New Albany IN Floyd
Karcher,Kelly Ann New Albany IN Floyd
Kellams,Lindsay Shea New Albany IN Floyd
Keown,Todd Christian New Albany IN Floyd
Khan,Sharlie Ann New Albany IN Floyd
Kincaid,Jessica Alyce New Albany IN Floyd
Lamb,Matthew Davidson New Albany IN Floyd
Lamkin,Natalie Renee New Albany IN Floyd
Mason,Angela Michelle New Albany IN Floyd
Meador,Jonathan Luke New Albany IN Floyd
Mefford,Kari Elizabeth New Albany IN Floyd
Mihalovic,Rena Sue New Albany IN Floyd
Mitchell,Jamie Lee New Albany IN Floyd
Mouser,Rose Ellen New Albany IN Floyd
Muldoon,Britney Jane New Albany IN Floyd
Ngo,Marina Minh New Albany IN Floyd
Offutt,Michelle A New Albany IN Floyd
Papineau,Lisa Anne New Albany IN Floyd
Parish,Melody Jean New Albany IN Floyd
Patel,Krupa S New Albany IN Floyd
Pemberton,Courtney Annette New Albany IN Floyd
Reid,Steve Ray New Albany IN Floyd
Richie,Jenna Marie New Albany IN Floyd
Riggins,Damon New Albany IN Floyd
Riggs,Pamela Louise New Albany IN Floyd
Rivera,Stephanie L New Albany IN Floyd
Schneider,Jeremy D New Albany IN Floyd
Seewer,Jenna Marie New Albany IN Floyd
Sever,Melvin Edgar New Albany IN Floyd
Shain,Caitlin M New Albany IN Floyd
Skaggs,Su-Muru New Albany IN Floyd
Smith,James Craig New Albany IN Floyd
Stacy,Cassandra Dawn New Albany IN Floyd
Staples,Rose Anna New Albany IN Floyd
Stinnett,Christopher A New Albany IN Floyd
Stuart,Angela Elizabeth New Albany IN Floyd
Sweet Jr,Robert Casey New Albany IN Floyd
Taylor,Benjamin Joseph New Albany IN Floyd
Taylor-Hughes,Sara Bourque New Albany IN Floyd
Tucker,Alisha Lynn New Albany IN Floyd
Wasmund,Jean Ann New Albany IN Floyd
Watson,Stephanie Grace New Albany IN Floyd
Wells,Lucas S New Albany IN Floyd
Willinghurst,Ashley Brooke New Albany IN Floyd
Wilson,Tonya Beth New Albany IN Floyd
Seng,Tara Nichole Pekin IN Floyd
Booth,Adam Tyler Sellersburg IN Floyd
DeVore,Valerie Michelle Sellersburg IN Floyd
Downing,Casey N Sellersburg IN Floyd
Schad,Deanna Lynn Sellersburg IN Floyd
Vietzke,Amber Jewel Sellersburg IN Floyd
Bahe,Adam Westley Central IN Harrison
Salings,Nancy C Central IN Harrison
Barnard,Amanda M Corydon IN Harrison
Bary,Heather Marie Corydon IN Harrison
Bates,Megan Diane Corydon IN Harrison
Beamer,Amanda Marie Corydon IN Harrison
Berry,Corey Andrew Corydon IN Harrison
Boggs,Christopher Blaine Corydon IN Harrison
Brent,Angel W Corydon IN Harrison
Cobb,Brittney Michelle Corydon IN Harrison
Goodman,Stephanie Rene Corydon IN Harrison
Gotting,Jill Erin Corydon IN Harrison
Haas,Daniel Lewis Corydon IN Harrison
Hall,Kari Jalane Corydon IN Harrison
Hoehn,Stephanie Janay Corydon IN Harrison
Kintner,Heather Lee Corydon IN Harrison
Linderman,Amber Dawn Corydon IN Harrison
Mann,Rachel Marie Corydon IN Harrison
Mathews,Cassandra Dale Corydon IN Harrison
Mc Kim,Marisa Lynn Corydon IN Harrison
Neal,Brittany Ann Corydon IN Harrison
Nushardt,Cheryl Lynn Corydon IN Harrison
Pennington,Grant Donovan Corydon IN Harrison
Phillips,Heather Ann Corydon IN Harrison
Robinson,Lonnie Howard Corydon IN Harrison
Ross,Mary Jadawn Corydon IN Harrison
Simler,William Roy Corydon IN Harrison
Taylor,Monica Kay Corydon IN Harrison
Uesseler,Rebecca S Corydon IN Harrison
Whitman,Carl Joseph Corydon IN Harrison
Williams,Cory Lynn Corydon IN Harrison
Wolfe,Leeann Michelle Corydon IN Harrison
Harris,Sarah Ann Depauw IN Harrison
Napper,Micaela Nicol Depauw IN Harrison
Nix,Clayton G Depauw IN Harrison
Siebert,Suzanne Marie Depauw IN Harrison
Weathers,Matthew Thomas Depauw IN Harrison
Grimes,Sharon C Elizabeth IN Harrison
Hecht,April Sue Elizabeth IN Harrison
Klingsmith,Angela Jennifer Elizabeth IN Harrison
Lancia,Leigh Ann Elizabeth IN Harrison
Miller,Matthew Lee Elizabeth IN Harrison
Phillips,Chelsie Lynn Elizabeth IN Harrison
Tuell,Brittany Nicole Elizabeth IN Harrison
Conrad,Hollie Lynne Georgetown IN Harrison
Biel,William Joseph Laconia IN Harrison
Hardsaw,Joseph Blaine Lanesville IN Harrison
Hess,Audrey Nadine Lanesville IN Harrison
Nethery,Rachel Ashley Lanesville IN Harrison
Rodriguez,Alfredo Lanesville IN Harrison
Lang,Mary Deatrick Mauckport IN Harrison
Chandler,Kelsy Brooke New Salisbury IN Harrison
Rothrock,Tyson Douglas New Salisbury IN Harrison
Wyman,Jeffrey Alan New Salisbury IN Harrison
Mathes,Andrea Nicole Palmyra IN Harrison
Pruitt,Kimberly Jane Palmyra IN Harrison
Spencer,Stacy Marie Palmyra IN Harrison
Strode,Melanie D. Palmyra IN Harrison
Kays,Martha J Ramsey IN Harrison
Wiseman,Camie Deon Ramsey IN Harrison
Fee,Heather R Brownstown IN Jackson
Killey,Aimee Pauline Brownstown IN Jackson
Lawhead II,Ronald Lee Seymour IN Jackson
Overgaard,Nickolas Allen Seymour IN Jackson
Basham,Abigail Ruth Deputy IN Jefferson
Sterk,Jennifer Coleen Deputy IN Jefferson
Waller-Marsh,Hannah Nicole Dupont IN Jefferson
Dickerson,Carrie Lee Hanover IN Jefferson
Ondera,Lorraine Katherine Hanover IN Jefferson
Reynolds,Bryan F Hanover IN Jefferson
Shepherd,Michelle Dawn Hanover IN Jefferson
Cronk,Sarah Marie Jeffersonville IN Jefferson
Craig,Patsy A Madison IN Jefferson
Dattilo,Daniel C Madison IN Jefferson
Ehlers,Aaron Robert Madison IN Jefferson
Law,Lynette M Madison IN Jefferson
Liter,Bethany Marie Madison IN Jefferson
Johnson,Ashton Nicole Commiskey IN Jennings
Billings,Mark Christopher North Vernon IN Jennings
Mills,Derek Douglas North Vernon IN Jennings
Ellis,Kelli Jo Indianapolis IN Marion
Parrott,Angelina Renee Martinsville IN Morgan
Apple,William Lee Paoli IN Orange
Block,Vivian Aldean Paoli IN Orange
Cornwell,Anna Lea Paoli IN Orange
Fahey,Sean Jeffrey Paoli IN Orange
Hammond,Brandy Nicole Paoli IN Orange
Krueger,Kassandra Lea Branchville IN Perry
Jones,Leesa Jo Cannelton IN Perry
Patterson,Jessica Wrey Mount Pleasant IN Perry
Hubert,Amber Michelle Tell City IN Perry
Hall,Jennifer Mae Brooke Austin IN Scott
Lykins,Marion Wade Austin IN Scott
Allen,Christopher Todd Scottsburg IN Scott
Carter,Evin Timothy Scottsburg IN Scott
Denk,Shawn Craig Scottsburg IN Scott
Eberle,Patricia Lynn Scottsburg IN Scott
Lepper,Kayle Marie Scottsburg IN Scott
Orrill,Tiffany Jo Scottsburg IN Scott
Reynolds,Edward Lee Scottsburg IN Scott
Royalty,Susan Renee Scottsburg IN Scott
Smith,Summer Rachelle Scottsburg IN Scott
Vaughn,Tisha Leigh Scottsburg IN Scott
Wells,Holly Nicole Scottsburg IN Scott
Barr,Shonna Nichole Underwood IN Scott
Forler,Brittany M Chrisney IN Spencer
Chen,Kuan-Ting South Bend IN St. Joseph
Swan,James Richard Vevay IN Switzerland
Setters,Cari Nicole Battle Ground IN Tippecanoe
Lenn,Kyle James Newburgh IN Warrick
Hamilton,Kathy M. Campbellsburg IN Washington
Hammond,Benjamin Samuel Pekin IN Washington
Heavner,Amy Jo Pekin IN Washington
Landreth,Andrew Lee Pekin IN Washington
Pendley,Royce K Pekin IN Washington
Rathbun,Spencer Ryan Pekin IN Washington
Saylor,Christina Michelle Pekin IN Washington
Borden,Eric Keith Salem IN Washington
Brough,Lindsey Nicole Salem IN Washington
Day,Benjamin Howard Salem IN Washington
Dockery,Michael Scott Salem IN Washington
Hoskins,Terrilynn Salem IN Washington
Malloy,Duane Allen Salem IN Washington
Mead,Angela Michelle Salem IN Washington
Moore,Sherri Jean Salem IN Washington
Morris,Laura Jo Salem IN Washington
Robertson,Micah Jo Salem IN Washington
Smith,Celena Janel Salem IN Washington
Spurgeon,Kayla Jo Salem IN Washington
Turner,Amanda Nicole Salem IN Washington
Walker,Bryan E Salem IN Washington
Hankins,Paul Wayne Floyds Knobs IN Floyd
Norton,Roxanne Cox Scottsburg IN Scott
Mattingly,Jessica Renee Brooks KY Bullitt
Bohanon,David Lee Louisville KY Bullitt
Key,Melissa Dawn Mt Washington KY Bullitt
Pentecost,Nathan Mayo Mt Washington KY Bullitt
Schott,Carl Adam Mt Washington KY Bullitt
Brown,Stephene Ann Shepherdsville KY Bullitt
Compton,Christopher B Shepherdsville KY Bullitt
Crumbacker,Amy Lea Shepherdsville KY Bullitt
Kaelin,Joshua Halston Shepherdsville KY Bullitt
Kenney,Christopher B Shepherdsville KY Bullitt
Miles,Jason Matthew Shepherdsville KY Bullitt
Osborne,Sandra Lynn Shepherdsville KY Bullitt
Doan,Megan Elizabeth Shepherdsville KY Bullitt
Abell Jr,Mark Thomas Louisville KY Jefferson
Adkins,Sydney Elaine Louisville KY Jefferson
Albright,Brittany Alecia Louisville KY Jefferson
Amburgey,Jessica Louisville KY Jefferson
Ansine,Winsbert George Louisville KY Jefferson
Arend,Amber Noel Louisville KY Jefferson
Arinze,Patrick Bialosa Louisville KY Jefferson
Arnberg,Peter John Louisville KY Jefferson
Arnold,Leslie Ann Louisville KY Jefferson
Ashford,Mindy Mahoney Louisville KY Jefferson
Baker,Brookellyn Louisville KY Jefferson
Barnes,Katherine R Louisville KY Jefferson
Benton,Laura Marie Louisville KY Jefferson
Bingham,Stephanie Jean Louisville KY Jefferson
Black,Cathy Denise Louisville KY Jefferson
Blankenbaker,Emily Jean Louisville KY Jefferson
Blevins,Shawnee Lynn Louisville KY Jefferson
Block,Stephannie F Louisville KY Jefferson
Boehnlein,Jeremy Lee Louisville KY Jefferson
Bolling,Chad Allen Louisville KY Jefferson
Bosler,Anna Maria Louisville KY Jefferson
Bosley,Anna Marie Louisville KY Jefferson
Bounds,Amanda Noelle Louisville KY Jefferson
Bowlds,Melissa Anne Louisville KY Jefferson
Bramblett Jr,Barry T Louisville KY Jefferson
Brawner,Catherine Angela Louisville KY Jefferson
Broughton,William F Louisville KY Jefferson
Brown,Lindsay Clayton Louisville KY Jefferson
Brown,Katy Lynn Louisville KY Jefferson
Brown,Kenya Lyles Louisville KY Jefferson
Brown,Damon Christopher Louisville KY Jefferson
Buch,Atman J Louisville KY Jefferson
Buck,Taylor Rae Louisville KY Jefferson
Burtner,Sara Maleke Louisville KY Jefferson
Butler,Stephanie B Louisville KY Jefferson
Byrd,Jo Ann Walker Louisville KY Jefferson
Carman,Christopher Jay Louisville KY Jefferson
Carr,Anna-Marie Furrow Louisville KY Jefferson
Carroll,Randi Jo Louisville KY Jefferson
Casey,Colleen Erin Louisville KY Jefferson
Chamness,John M Louisville KY Jefferson
Cheeks,LaTonia Renee Louisville KY Jefferson
Clevenger,S Arien Louisville KY Jefferson
Coleman,Kevin James Louisville KY Jefferson
Conkling,Lauren Virginia Louisville KY Jefferson
Cook,Dara Shirley Louisville KY Jefferson
Cornell,Alicia Nicole Louisville KY Jefferson
Daugherty,Lisa C Louisville KY Jefferson
Davis,Endora Lanita Louisville KY Jefferson
DeBerry-Lowe,Sandra Lynn Louisville KY Jefferson
Denzik,Kristin Marie Louisville KY Jefferson
Devine,La Shelle Braden Louisville KY Jefferson
Dietz,Ashley Renee Louisville KY Jefferson
Doehrman,Jeffrey Scott Louisville KY Jefferson
Doheny,Michelle Lee Louisville KY Jefferson
Eftekhar,Catherine Michelle Louisville KY Jefferson
Eskridge,David Aaron Louisville KY Jefferson
Farley,Shannon Lee Louisville KY Jefferson
Fey,Hilary Ann Louisville KY Jefferson
Finch,Tammy Gail Louisville KY Jefferson
Flint-Slaton,Stephen G Louisville KY Jefferson
Flournoy,Emma Alise Louisville KY Jefferson
Ford,Heather Michelle Louisville KY Jefferson
Gambrell Jr,Bruce Allen Louisville KY Jefferson
Gardner,Jessica Marie Louisville KY Jefferson
Gassman III,William Joseph Louisville KY Jefferson
Geary,Ashley Brooke Louisville KY Jefferson
Gerton,Terrell L Louisville KY Jefferson
Gibson,Sean Michael Louisville KY Jefferson
Gilbert,Julie Catherine Louisville KY Jefferson
Goldsmith,Melissa Ann Louisville KY Jefferson
Good,Bradley Sheldon Louisville KY Jefferson
Goodman,Theresa Anne Louisville KY Jefferson
Grant,Amanda Marie Louisville KY Jefferson
Griffin,Jack K. Louisville KY Jefferson
Grimes,Kevin Edward Louisville KY Jefferson
Guthrie,Lacey Jo Louisville KY Jefferson
Hall,Susan Ashley Louisville KY Jefferson
Hamilton,Christopher Richard Louisville KY Jefferson
Harkenrider,Sarah Iba Louisville KY Jefferson
Harrington,Carlotta Rene Louisville KY Jefferson
Harris,Jason E Louisville KY Jefferson
Harris,Simona Renee Louisville KY Jefferson
Hawboldt,Rebecca Anne Louisville KY Jefferson
Hayse,Jeffery Marshall Louisville KY Jefferson
Heacox,Kevin Everett Louisville KY Jefferson
Hedgepeth,Heather M Louisville KY Jefferson
Heiter,Patrick E Louisville KY Jefferson
Hicks,Charlita Inez Louisville KY Jefferson
Ho,Alison T Louisville KY Jefferson
Hogan,Brandon Scott Louisville KY Jefferson
Holland,Jaclyn Rae Louisville KY Jefferson
Holmes,Brian Daniel Louisville KY Jefferson
Hudgell,Renee Elizabeth Louisville KY Jefferson
Humphreys,Jordan Mallory Louisville KY Jefferson
Hysell,Christophe Michael Louisville KY Jefferson
Isaacs,Grace Anne Louisville KY Jefferson
Jewell Jr,Roderick Louisville KY Jefferson
Johnson,Kristi Lynn Louisville KY Jefferson
Johnson,Laura Sue Louisville KY Jefferson
Johnson,Katrina Marie Louisville KY Jefferson
Jolly,Michael Thomas Louisville KY Jefferson
Kasidiaris,Eva Stella Louisville KY Jefferson
Kauffman,Shannon Day Louisville KY Jefferson
Killifer,Curtis Lee Louisville KY Jefferson
King,Tabitha Nicole Louisville KY Jefferson
Klayko,Kristen Blair Louisville KY Jefferson
Kuhn,Adam E Louisville KY Jefferson
LaGro,Erin Ashley Louisville KY Jefferson
Lai,Ching-Ju Louisville KY Jefferson
Layer,Sara N Louisville KY Jefferson
Lee,Alan Wayne Louisville KY Jefferson
Lee,Chulmin Louisville KY Jefferson
Lilly,James Ford Louisville KY Jefferson
Lilly,Melanie J. Louisville KY Jefferson
Lockard,Carol A Louisville KY Jefferson
Loehr,Jason Paul Louisville KY Jefferson
Loeser,Monica Kaye Louisville KY Jefferson
Luckett,Megan Marie Louisville KY Jefferson
Mac Gilvray,Rebecca Suzanne Louisville KY Jefferson
Macaluso,Melissa Ann Louisville KY Jefferson
Mareet,Alier Louisville KY Jefferson
Marlowe,James Knox Louisville KY Jefferson
Marshall,Tiffany Dawn Louisville KY Jefferson
Mc Evoy,Joseph W Louisville KY Jefferson
Mc Gohon,Matthew C Louisville KY Jefferson
Mc Kinney III,William M Louisville KY Jefferson
McCollough,Jo Ellen Louisville KY Jefferson
McCracken,Michael Stephen Louisville KY Jefferson
McGonnell,Robert Francis Louisville KY Jefferson
McGuffin,Daniel Eric Louisville KY Jefferson
Meeks,Amber Michelle Louisville KY Jefferson
Melcher,Rebecca Renee Louisville KY Jefferson
Merrick,Patrick Tyler Louisville KY Jefferson
Minor,Brian Wayne Louisville KY Jefferson
Moraniec,Seth Michael Louisville KY Jefferson
Morris,Rodney A Louisville KY Jefferson
Morris,Wesley Reed Louisville KY Jefferson
Muller,Matthew Alan Louisville KY Jefferson
Murphy,Christie Lynn Louisville KY Jefferson
Musalgaonkar,Neha Saurabh Louisville KY Jefferson
Nall,Dana Lea Louisville KY Jefferson
Ogbe,Dyan Frances Louisville KY Jefferson
Ottersbach,John Martin Louisville KY Jefferson
Payne,Latisha Ann Louisville KY Jefferson
Payton,Jeffrey Tremain Louisville KY Jefferson
Perez,Brittany Brianne Louisville KY Jefferson
Peter,Emily Christine Louisville KY Jefferson
Pham,Kenneth K.H. Louisville KY Jefferson
Phillips,Crystal Camille Louisville KY Jefferson
Pitts,Nathan Isaac Louisville KY Jefferson
Plumb,Melissa Anne Louisville KY Jefferson
Quiggins,William B Louisville KY Jefferson
Raque,Christina N Louisville KY Jefferson
Ray,Justin Lane Louisville KY Jefferson
Ray,Anna Shaughnessy Louisville KY Jefferson
Reed Jr,Robert Ross Louisville KY Jefferson
Reynolds,Kelly Lynn Louisville KY Jefferson
Rhodes,Megan Elizabeth Louisville KY Jefferson
Richard,Brent Tyler Louisville KY Jefferson
Richards,Adrienne Lynn Louisville KY Jefferson
Riley,Kenya C Louisville KY Jefferson
Risher,Ashley Marie Louisville KY Jefferson
Robinson,Karona R Louisville KY Jefferson
Rodriguez,Jen Staples Louisville KY Jefferson
Rogers,Kimberly Marie Louisville KY Jefferson
Ruffra,Teresa Clementi Louisville KY Jefferson
Rynbrandt,Michelle Rene Louisville KY Jefferson
Saforo,Daniel Nii Obese Louisville KY Jefferson
Schmoll,Luke Martin Louisville KY Jefferson
Schulz,Eleanor Marie Louisville KY Jefferson
Schutz,Charles Matthew Louisville KY Jefferson
Scott Sr,Damon L Louisville KY Jefferson
Senn,Melanie Kaye Louisville KY Jefferson
Sexton,Christopher William Louisville KY Jefferson
Sheffield,Matthew Dean Louisville KY Jefferson
Shelley,Kyle Michael Louisville KY Jefferson
Shelton,Tiffany Marie Louisville KY Jefferson
Shoemaker,Cassandra Michelle Louisville KY Jefferson
Sinclair,Eric Lee Louisville KY Jefferson
Sinnock Jr,Richard E Louisville KY Jefferson
Smith,Michelle Renee Louisville KY Jefferson
Smith,Garnetta Sweeney Louisville KY Jefferson
Snellen,Sara L Louisville KY Jefferson
State,Stacy Ann Louisville KY Jefferson
Stedman,Amanda Nicole Louisville KY Jefferson
Stemle,Mallory Lou Louisville KY Jefferson
Stephens IV,Will Louisville KY Jefferson
Stewart,Ursula Felice Louisville KY Jefferson
Stillwell,Kimberly Marie Louisville KY Jefferson
Storner,Carey Lynn Louisville KY Jefferson
Sturgeon,Michael Eugene Louisville KY Jefferson
Sturgill,Travis Robert Louisville KY Jefferson
Summers,Cheyenne Nicole Louisville KY Jefferson
Thompson,Sara Jean Louisville KY Jefferson
Thomson,Debbie Jean Louisville KY Jefferson
Thornton,Sarah Elizabeth Louisville KY Jefferson
Thornton,John Jacob Louisville KY Jefferson
Tileston,Ashley Kaye Louisville KY Jefferson
Tinsley,Katherine Emily Louisville KY Jefferson
Toole,Jenni Dawson Louisville KY Jefferson
Tran,Mimi Louisville KY Jefferson
Veitz,Lindsay Kay Louisville KY Jefferson
Veltman,Jason A Louisville KY Jefferson
Vetrano,Steven Anthony Louisville KY Jefferson
Villatoro,Renee Michelle Louisville KY Jefferson
Vincent,Cha’Reme LeeAnn Louisville KY Jefferson
Vonderschmitt,Benjamin Tristan Louisville KY Jefferson
Wagner,Tammy Ann Louisville KY Jefferson
Wallace,Christy Michelle Louisville KY Jefferson
Walz,Paul Thomas Louisville KY Jefferson
Ward,Melissa Anne Louisville KY Jefferson
Wells,Tia Celeste Louisville KY Jefferson
White,Stephanie Louisie Louisville KY Jefferson
Wilhoite,Leah Ann Louisville KY Jefferson
Williams,Kara L Louisville KY Jefferson
Wilson,Barbara Jean Louisville KY Jefferson
Wolf,Ruth Morgan Louisville KY Jefferson
Woodrum,Bryon Andrew Louisville KY Jefferson
Young,Lauren Marie Louisville KY Jefferson
Zickuhr,Marianne Paula Louisville KY Jefferson
Halfacre,John Weston Middletown KY Jefferson
Cumbea,Tyler Jay Prospect KY Jefferson
Koontz,Rachael Meredith-Swann Prospect KY Jefferson
Wright,Christine Prospect KY Jefferson
Toppass,Joshua Raymond Shelbyville KY Jefferson
Abell,Karie Lee Guston KY Meade
Devine,Daniel C Coxs Creek KY Nelson
Minzenberger,Jacob Wayne Buckner KY Oldham
Bright,Brian Todd Crestwood KY Oldham
Gohlinghorst,Cheryl Lynn Crestwood KY Oldham
Page,Emily Marie Crestwood KY Oldham
Whitley,Sara Anne Crestwood KY Oldham
Williams,Amber McGlothen Crestwood KY Oldham
Fletcher,Christopher Ray Goshen KY Oldham
Boles,Jennifer A LaGrange KY Oldham
Starr,Kelly Anne LaGrange KY Oldham
Stone,Adam Wade LaGrange KY Oldham
Watts,Katherine A. LaGrange KY Oldham
Carmouche,Caitlin Ann Pewee Valley KY Oldham
Hood Sr,Steve Christopher Pewee Valley KY Oldham
Gumlaw,Steve James Prospect KY Oldham
Harbin,Jaclyn Suzanne Prospect KY Oldham
Harris Jr,Russell Blake Prospect KY Oldham
Nikolich,Laura Nataly Prospect KY Oldham
Young,Tammy Lee Louisville KY Jefferson
Artman,Craig S Merrimac MA Essex
Kist,Kelly Ann Hamilton OH Butler
Paris,Meghan Rae Tiffin OH Seneca
Davis,Tamara Jeanette Millington TN Tipton
Minton,Amber Marie